It’s Hrothghar, Chihuahua of Destiny!

[Cue jaunty marching music: ♫ HRUM-pum-pum-pumpity-PUM-pum-pum… ♫]

Highwaymen, beware! Blaggards and knaves, take care!
For a hero roams the forest with a might beyond compare!
With his faithful St. Bernard, he is always on his guard,
Fighting evil and injustice with a proud and piercing stare!

For this brave and bold chihuahua
will not fail his finest howah,
And he’ll make the cowards cowah
With his mighty Yap of Powah!

So sing his praises from the rocks and from the tallest tree,
He’s the Wa-Wa of Des-tin-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I feel safer already, Ant.


Kitty Wigs — THE BOOK

If you loved Kitty Wigs the wig product, you’re going to love Kitty Wigs—THE BOOK! Now in its second printing.

It’s Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs. A must-have for your coffee table! Written by Julie Jackson, author of Subversive Cross Stitch, and photographed by Jill Johnson.

Never gonna give you up

Congratulations! You found some hidden cuteness!

Credit: Little Bunnies by jpockele

Never gonna let you down

Lucky you! Here’s some more hidden cuteness!

Credit: Funny Kitten by Tela Chhe

Never gonna run around

Can it be? Still more hidden cuteness?

Credit: Running happy puppy by Tambako the Jaguar

and desert you

Too bad!  No hidden cuteness here!