They’re just enormous kittens, really

Lorrrrp. Glorrrp.


One last late-night Doorly bit, and I’m off to bed.  It’s laaaaazy time.  ‘Night, peeps!


Some Days, Only Duckies Will Do

Make way for Mama Mallard and her intrepid fleet o’ bebeh boids.



It’s been the sort of day that demands ducks.  Yes, yes, I know it’s a teensy photo, but wait till you click on it.  And if the long view still isn’t enough, I’ve got even got VIDEO for ya.  Lookit ’em go!  This is what it’s all about, peeps.  (Er… quacks?)

Holiday Cookie Inventory

OK let’s see… we’ve got the Pfeffernusse all done, the Snickerdoodles are in the Tupperware, the Spritz batch is racked & cooling for another 30 minutes, the Springerles were packed yesterday… um hon, where’s the Klipspringers?

two Klipspringers resting

…hehe!  Trick question.  Love ya.

These little dudes are also at the Henry Doorly Zoo, and they most certainly pwn j00.

PS — no gingerbread this year, sweetie.  We’ve got too many computers already.  😉

Haw haw haw.

[tapping one spindly toe]


This fine, sassy Laughing Kookaburra lives at the Henry Doorly Zoo, in Omaha.
Yep, that’d be Nebraska.


Just a reminder, peeps… this is it, right here, the feline washcloth, the kitty loofah, the interspecies sandpaper scrub-brush that we’ve been taking about with this question.


Click on the photo for the C.O.X.C.U. just to make things abundantly clear.
Any questions?

Nice droplet, Lord Kalvan!  (Everybody say Hi to Princess Hank!)

We Are Your Couchmasters


Well met and well come to the court of Blue Couch, capital and seat of power for all of Living Room.  The protocols are as they have always been, fair pilgrim:  There will be no sipping of precarious liquids.  There will be no hogging of blankets.  There will be no licking of hineys.  And above all, this court will brook no blasphemy.  We need hardly mention that transgressions will be swiftly dealt with.  We’ve got eyebeams and by golly we’ll use them if we have to.

Offerings of the chewy fish and crunchy peanut variety will, of course, be graciously accepted.

You may now rise.

(NOTE — that’s Willow "the Pillow" Wabbit and Aslan P. Lion, aka "Mr. Bounce" up there.  We wuvs dem.)

What ARE they talking about?

GlossOK.  Hi.  This is Theo.  I seem to have been promoted.  W00T!!

So, here’s a sad truth:  While I am a geek, what I know about building web pages amounts to diddly x squat / bupkis (***ERROR: Division By Zero).  I’m hoping y’all will bear with me while I monkey around with TypePad’s “Compose a New Post” interface, here.  Anyhoo.

With the assistance of Meg and CuteOverload reader Anna Grace, I’ve compiled a rough table of the more common Cute-Isms that have cropped up in the posts & comments round these here parts.  I also threw in some less-common entries because, what the heck, sometimes you just gotta take liberties.  And it was a slow day at the office, and I was having fun.

Again: I’m not a WWWizard.  However, plenty of other folks here are, so the formatting just might improve quite a bit in the coming days.  But for now, without further ado, here they are, the fabulous entries of the shiny new CuteOverload Glossary! Yay!!!  [waves arms around a la Kermit the Frog as the curtain opens]

(I hope you’ve got a little reading time on your hands)

Please note that there should be a permanent link to the Glossary appearing soon in the left-hand margin, under “MORE! MORE! MORE!