Ze Fraaawhnk!

Zefrank_title[singsong] We got another shoutout! We got another plug!

Ze Frank, an old hand at this interwebs funnyment biznez, and de facto honorary inductee into ze Order of ze Outrrageous Frawnsh Occent, finally crawled out from under his rock recently stumbled upon our little creation here, and promptly plugged us in his own blog dealie.

Check him out, peeps!  He’s got toys, he’s got Annie the Cat, he’s got duckies, and he’s even got his own Daily Show.  OK… not THAT Daily Show, it’s just "the show with zefrank", all modern & ironical with the modesty lowercase, y’know.  But don’t get me wrong, sports racers; it’s good stuff.

This is Theo, link-happy as ever, signing off.  I’ve got some moves to try out.  Happy Valentine’s Day, you magnificent bastiges!


It’s Time For InterSnorg™

Sidebar_20070112Whuff.  OK.  Theo here.  I’ve just gone back through EVERY SINGLE CUTE OVERLOAD POST from the beginning of time, and re-categorized the whole ever-lovin’ load of ’em.

"Why?" you ask.  "Don’t you have better things to do?"  "You know they’ve got meds for that now, right?"

Fair questions all.  To the latter two, I say "no" and "yes" and "shush".  😉

As to the first question, well, here it is, at long last, our newest CO category:

Interspecies Snorgling

YAY!!!  Enjoy, Peeps.

In the Heart of the Birthday Jungle

Bright shapes curled, lay, and sat between the cushions, leaning against the table legs, clinging to the rug, half coming out, half effaced within the camera flash, in all the attitudes of puffy abandonment and delicate despair.


Another call in the kitchenette went off, followed by a heavy rumble of the floor under my feet. The cake was being served. The cake! And this was the place where some of the yelpers had withdrawn from, stampeding for the most frivolous of foods.


“The howwah! The howwah!”

(with apologies to Joe Conrad)

Danish Bunny Steeplechase

If that title doesn’t have you saying "Wha huhh?" then just watch this clip:

Lookit ’em go!

More information (in English!) available at KaninHop.dk.

(Thanks to Theo’s Schmoop for the adroit use of the keywords "SHOW BUNNIES JUMPING" on a recent YouTube search.)

[insert outsourcing joke here]

Really, though, all low yukkery aside… this kind of international cooperation helps everybody, don’t you agree?Tux_pawz

This is Chaandu Pottu ("Cha" as in "cha-cha" with the "a" extended; "d" pronounced soft like "th" in "the", with very little emphasis on the "u" in both words)… also known as Bindi Spot, Esq.  Spot lives in Kochi, Kerala, in South India.Tux_mouf

Many thanks to Subhangi for providing the photos & pronunciation.  (That’s her elbow under tuxie-boy, btw.)

Clusterphobes Beware

Where’s Jack?? Is Ninja Jack hidinks?
[flat silence]

C’mon boy!  Come out where we can see him!  Oh wherrre can Jack be??
Put the camera away and we can talk.
Jack Jack wants to come out where we can see, so Jack Jack can samplesome the bourguignon that Mommy’s got marinating, when it’s beingdinnertimes!
[exasperated sigh]


OK, let’s get one thing straight, lady: You blog this, and the laundry basket tastes vinegar vengeance, got it?
Ohhhh there’s my Jackie booooyyy!!!

Heh.  Thanks, Finn.  (There’s "mountain fresh" bleach in the hall closet.)


OK peeps the WHOLE DARN WORLD is jealous of the Monterey Bay Aquarium today.


OMG, snoozin’ baby otter paws… there’s a whole slideshow, too.  Check it out!


(top otterling) (listening closely) "…Something strange about this pillow."
(otter underling) "Uh yeah, it’s got your HEAD on it." (rolls eyes)

Can you imagine being the lucky zookeeper who gets to play with baby otters??  [headspins]

That rabbit’s dynamite!

OK, this isn’t exactly cute, but… well, see for yourselves.

And here I was, thinking it was CATS you had to watch out for.

This video’s all over YouTube, FileCabinet, LiveJournal blogs, etc.  I got the link from Mon Schmoop Cherie, though. (Um, for clarity, this is Theo, filling in on a Friday morning.  Heh.)  So if somebody can point me to the original source, I’ll happily credit ’em.  Happy Friday!

Reality-Casual Friday

Greets, Peeps.  Happy Friday!  Theo here, slapping up a quick mindbender in between Meg postingks.  It’s been a long week.  I’m all done with facing stark tedious reality head-on.  Ees now tyme for… ze SURREAL.

I picked these two little lovelies out of the submissions to "What’s Cuter?" …the morphing is my own dastardly design.  It was a bit eerie how well they fit together.




Kimchee took this photo at the Atlanta Zoo.  The C.O.X.C.U. warpage is my fault. 😉

(EDIT — corrected the photo credit.  Wups!  Sorry, Kimchee… am an eediot today…)