Meet Oscar: World’s Worst Compulsive Liar

Nope, can’t say I have. Perhaps this “Bruno” you’re searching for ran off with that talking penguin I keep seeing ’round these parts. Yeah, that must be what happened.

Hi, I’d like a double-decker dog with a side of ridiculous, Luisa C.


Beaver Fever?

After one advertisement’s simple phonetic error, thousands of disappointed ‘tweens suddenly realized they would not experience “Bieber Fever”.

Make that baby beaver fever, Amber.

Garfield and Heathcliff Come to Dinner

Look, I’m about to open the door; so prepare yourself. We’re about to dine on a lasagna served on a hubcap.

Better lock your car doors, Maddy T.

Take it from the top. Again.

Girls, you are NEVER going to make the Cheerios with this routine!!!


Sue Sylvester will be disgusted, Ed P.

everyone… just… back… away… slowly…

He’s been fed, so he most likely won’t randomly attack. Then again, this one’s completely unpredictable; so please proceed with caution because “Jakey” La Motta‘s a real beast.

I hope you have body armor, Daniel S.

Oh yeah, the neighbors must love this.


“Let’s welcooooome bachelor number one!”

Hi, my name is Skittles and I like dining on crustaceans by candlelight, being clingy, and unicorns.

This little guy is one of eleven potentially new species found after a deep-sea expedition off Canada’s Atlantic coast. To read more, head to National Geographic. And as always, thanks to Marilyn T. for sending us these gems.

Worst. Remake. of Little House on the Prairie. Ever.

Mary…? Laura…? Run down to the creek and fetch your Pa and Mr. Edwards for supper!

Mrs. Olsen and Nellie would never stand for such crap, Mischa M. Original photo here!

March of the Penguins

Young Magellanic penguins, these days – no respect for their surroundings.

Like adorably awkward steamrollers, Anthony B.

Meow Noir: All Cats are Gray in the Dark

Detective Barnaby Frisky knew it was the opportunity of his career. The killer had finally made one wrong move, and he knew exactly where to nab him. The only problem: Frisky was a virtual prisoner under Gloria Whisker’s  debilitating beauty.

The killer’s name is Smoke McCloud, Susan B.