Jeesh, Who Knew Maru was Such a Whiner

Interesting. I always pictured him sounding like Vincent Price. Go figure.

Thanks, DaChickenLady! See more Maru here, as if you don’t know already.


Ongoing Heat Wave Continues to Swelter All

“Watch it, Mildred! If you’re not careful you’ll step in one of them bunny puddles and end up with disapproval all over your shoe!”

Radiating disapproval, Kristin H.

The Ironically Named Mrs. Peacock Witnessed Much at Tudor Mansion

I don’t care who you just killed with a wrench in the Billiard Room, Mrs. White, because I just walked in on Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet in the *ahem* Lounge, and quite frankly I’m gonna need to borrow that wrench to gouge my eyes out.

Game over, A.Q.F.L.! [Another of Ant’s Quality Foraged Links].

Lift From the Knees, Boys

I think it’s safe to say that when the forklift lifts him from the inexplicable leopard-print duvét, a motorized scooter will be waiting on the floor.

The adorable Hefty McSinch Sack forwarded by Julie B.

The Overlook Hotel’s Other Sinister Presence

Forget the Twins, this ghastly beast will kill you softly.

Heeeeeere’s Feline, Ane B.

Little Richard Moll was a Bit of a Punk

Hello? I believe I requested watermelon with the seeds? How else am I supposed to target the sparrows?

He best watch out for blue jays, Anna M. Photo by Leesia Teh

The Fur Comes with an Elastic Waistband

Betty! Fetch my muumuu! I gotta roll myself to the TV to catch “Judge Judy”!

Moo, Tina K.

Mutiny on the HMS Beagle

Let’s be clear: I’m the captain of this vessel, and what I say, goes! If you agree to this term, then by all means feed me a piece of bacon, climb aboard, and…prepare yourself for the most exhaustively relaxing sail of your life.

My God, that floating gull is coming dangerously close! Collision imminent! Reel in the jib and prepare to come about!

I asked you to pull in the jib, passenger! Perhaps you’re aren’t fluid in “I’m-Smarter-Than-You-And-You-Will-Do-What-I-Say”?

Fine. Discard my ingenious system of levers and pulleys and revert to your rudimentary paddle, you smug imbecile! But know this: I shall revert as well, and you will soon find yourself settled among many, many “accidents”.

Oscar was a winner, Leanne D.

The Bob Ross of Dioramas

Today we’ll be working on “The Bobbsey Twins: The Talking Fox Mystery”. First, we’re gonna take this very happy little tree and attach it to our shoebox…

Frieda is industrious, Anastasia E.

Well, This is Humiliating

Here I am sitting in my high chair like any other rabbit, and nobody bothered to tell me that I have food on chin?

No bib, Ethan I.? And lovely photo stylings, Chief Sister.