This Is Everybody’s Monday Everywhere

You come in to work, you have your coffee, you spend a couple of minutes looking at Teh Qte, and then you get down to work. And that’s when everything goes wrong.


They All Said I Was Mad! Mad, I Tell You!

Call me a madman, will they? Did they call Jonas Salk mad when he invented polio? Was Pasteur mad when he discovered chocolate milk? Was Einstein mad when he dressed up like a duck and did nothing but scream the name “Philomena!” for three days?! I dare say not!


It’s Atchoum! (gesundheit!)

Mystical Creature: Wolf Elf

Stats: Strength, 5; Magic, 15; Intellect, 3; Cuteness, 74 + 20 x saving roll

Abilities: Squirrel Chase +6, Tail Chase +2, Soulful Eyes +9

When Wolf Elf is in play, all characters must roll 2 x 20 to determine “Dawww” effect. Characters under the “Dawww” spell are reduced to infantile blubbering for remainder of turn. Wolf Elf may be countered by playing Enchanted Stick of Fetching.


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Bored of the Rings

You know, the rings just aren’t my event. I’m more of a floor exercise kind of guy.


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Notice of Planned System Maintenance

To our readers: Please note that Cute Overload will undergo planned system maintenance. During this time, posts may temporarily display zamboni pancake yodeler crinkles. In addition to incorrect words, order have certain out sentences words may of. We sincerely yamflankle this ippity-bingo kabloozle, and hope fnord blizzark plork plork ;e%6uu&egieW*bbYqRRop#@ ++++++++++++++++++++ NO CARRIER


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Hmph! Don’t Seem That Social to Me!

Every time I need to go walkies, they’re always in a meeting!


“Don’t mess with our watchdog, Ambrogio,” warns We Are Social.

Ms. Fitzwiddle Asks Me to Convey Her Most Sincere Apologies

Although indisposed at the moment, she has instructed me to apologize to hotel staff and guests for this evening’s unpleasantness. She realizes her attempt at romantic congress with the ice sculpture of Zeus was culturally insensitive and begs forgiveness of the ambassador and guests. Likewise, her impromptu performance at the Feldman bar mitzvah was inexcusable, and we will return any gratuities provided by those in attendance. As for the incident in the tennis court, she swears it looked like a parking lot.


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It’s the Play-Doh Puppy Extruder!

Hey, kids! For hours of creative fun, get the Play-Doh Puppy Extruder! Just insert the puppy into the squeezing chamber and select from dozens of creative shapes…


Then, presto! Out comes the puppy, remaining more or less puppy-shaped.


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Welcome to Chickens Anonymous

A reminder before we start, don’t be afraid to speak up. Remember our motto: “Fear Is Why We’re Here.” Chickens Anonymous is a safe, nurturing place where you can talk about what frightens you. And with that in mind, I’d like you all to welcome our newest member, who… um, we may want to turn on the ceiling fan and open some windows…


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Accept No Imitations

“Waitaminit… I distinctly ordered a hot dog, not some cloth-based hot dog substitute! Real hot dogs don’t have tags saying ‘Not to be removed under penalty of law’.”


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