They Say You Catch More Flies With Honey…

… which reminds me, I just love your new hair color, that honey blonde color really suits you, and that dress is so flattering, very chic, and those shoes, where did you get them, they’re divine!


Secrets of Professional Magicians

It’s the classic stage illusion: A dapper magician saws his assistant in half. But did you ever wonder how the trick is actually done? Thanks to our hidden camera photos of “Garbonzo the Great” unloading for a recent performance, we now know that the assistant is already in two pieces to begin with! Bet you’re kicking yourself for not seeing that sooner, am I right?


Via Reddit/Imgur.

And Now, a Romantic Interlude

A cloudless sky warms the sands of Puerto Macaca as you stroll wistfully along the shoreline. He said he’d meet you here, here where you first met, here where his soft gaze melted your heart, here where he promised never to leave. But now he is gone, and your sad eyes trace the horizon, heavy with hope.

But wait! A lone figure appears in the distance. Can it be him? Giddy with anticipation, you race across the sands, the wind urging at your back. Yes! It is he! Don Pedro Diego de Blarflsnarghth, your dashing handsome lover, has returned!


Via Jelly Dude.

Ratatouille II: Catwalk Boogaloo

Disney/Pixar has announced a sequel of sorts to their hit film “Ratatouille,” in which a rat secretly helps a Parisian busboy become a five-star chef. In the new story, a lizard helps a shy waitress realize her dreams of becoming a supermodel by operating her like a puppet.


Via Mandy.

It Depends On What Your Meaning of “On” Is

(First they give me the t-shirt then they tell me to put on the t-shirt and so I put the t-shirt on me and then somebody tells me no that’s not right I’m supposed to put the t-shirt on not put it on me and now I’m confused. This whole “language” thing, I dunno…)


Via Pete G.

Modesty Kitten to the Rescue!

Do you have a dog with no sense of shame? (Or, to put it more succinctly, do you have a dog?) Have no fear, Modesty Kitten is here!

Just right - Imgur

Via Reddit/Imgur.

Corner? No.

Lame-o baby bib? Apparently yes.


Via kezee.

Wide-Eyed in the Sky

Here’s Amelia Rose Earhart, namesake of the famous aviator and former traffic reporter in Denver, Colorado. If there’s a fender-bender slowing traffic, Amelia’s there to tell you about it…


… that is, if her co-pilot would stop circling over the five-dog butt sniffing pileup at the dog park.


Via Reddit.

Oh No, It’s Emo Hippo

“(Alone… apart… adrift in a world that doesn’t understand me. Tormented by body issues that ravage my self-esteem, surrounded by patronizing adults who look upon me like some misfit creature… And if that wasn’t bad enough, this kid is blocking my view of the ice cream cart.)”



Blue Screen of Death, Meet Blue Can of Cat

Among the less-anticipated changes in the recently-released Windows 10: The Recycle Bin has been renamed to the Litter Box.


“Gio supports recycling,” says sender-inner Timothy R.


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