It’s Not What You’re Thinking

Unless you’re thinking my friend here has developed a severe case of Species Identity Disorder and now thinks he’s a Shetland Pony and insists I ride him around the room all day. Then it is what you’re thinking.




Heads, You Win

Discovery of a rare two-headed cat has scientists baffled! “The poor thing only has one tail, and both heads keep trying to chase it,” notes researcher Humbert Banderpooty of the Institute for Last-Minute Caption Ideas in Oslo.

Via tanjila ahmed.

The C.O. Guide to Word Origins

In 17th century Europe, superstitious peasants believed that the sins of a village could be cleansed by placing a cat on a goat and driving it from town. It is from this custom that we derive our modern-day term catgoatscapegwanscramenating.

Mutual Back-Scratching Society

When you’ve got an itch you just can’t reach, it’s good to have a friend who can.


Via Animals Hugging.

Top This, Mrs. Butterworth!

From our “Foods Too Cute to Eat” department, we bring you TigerTomato, creator of intricate pancake artwork. On second thought, Mrs. Butterworth, don’t top these pancakes — we like ’em just as they are. Even more videos on TigerTomato’s YouTube channel.

Mail Call!

This kind and dutiful old dog knows how to please Mr. Postman — by carrying the mail from the curb to the house. (And if any checkup reminders from the vet’s office happen to get lost in the bushes… well, these things just happen.)

Ooh, Sorry ‘Bout That, Mate

Didn’t see yas standing there! You know how it is with us ‘roos — aces on the straightaways, bloody awful brakes. Anyway, your mate here’ll call you an ambo, gotta run, ta!


Via Imgur.

Advanced Human Hand Gestures, Lesson One

Having mastered single-person gestures such as the peace sign, the thumbs-up, and the “it’s up there in the exact middle of the ceiling” gesture, you are now ready for two-person gestures, such as the celebratory high-five.

To begin, face your partner and raise your paw so that it is about even with your face. This serves as the invitation to the high-five gesture. Your partner should then return the gesture and strike your paw with light to moderate force.


Via Niusnews.

“Octopussy”! No, Wait — “Cathulhu”! Wait…

“Yeah, that’s right, Comedy Boy — go ahead and make your little jokes, while I lie here with these eating machines clamped onto me. Just remember — I’m the one who toilet trains them, and I know where you leave your slippers at night.”


Via Imgur.

Ultra Double Bonus Rule 46 Extra!

As you may know, Rule of Cuteness #46 states: Whenever two animals curl up in a yin-yang position, it’s cute. And when the animals let you make a “siamese twins” joke, it’s extra cute. And when the photo was taken in Thailand (formerly Siam) by Flickr-er Andrea Schaffer, it’s ultra double bonus cute!