Blue Screen of Death, Meet Blue Can of Cat

Among the less-anticipated changes in the recently-released Windows 10: The Recycle Bin has been renamed to the Litter Box.


“Gio supports recycling,” says sender-inner Timothy R.

Princess Pricklepants, Pirate Queen!

Now gather ’round, me swabbies, for we’ve got a tale to tell
‘Tis the tale of Princess Pricklepants, who ye’ve come to know so well


Seems she’s become a pirate queen and terror of the seas
Aboard the rogue ship Fisher-Price, to plunder as she please


‘Tis sender-inner Steven B. knows full her daring story
So go and read parts one and two, as she sets sail for glory


Bring the Kids! (They Like Kids)

Looking for a next-level miniature golf challenge? Then you’re ready for Gristly Golf, the most dangerous course in the world! See if you and your family can survive 18 death-defying holes full of landmines, trap doors, snake pits, poison darts and more! NEW for 2015 — Randomly-placed tigers!


The Quest for the Carrot

In a world… full of magic, monsters, and møøse… one bunny… must complete a heroic quest… From the visionary artists who brought you “Assassins Squeed,” comes a journey like no other… “Epic Bunny’s Adventure.” Now playing in a space below this paragraph near you.

In a world… where websites play cute videos… One Andrew Y. sends them in to us.


Ladeez an gennelmen, it’s the mystical color-changing puppeh! Changes from black to gold right before your eyes. It’s amazingly abricadorable!


My Toy Ate My Hamburger!

As part of McDonalds’ attempt to lure back customers, the fast-food giant has announced sweeping menu changes, including all-day breakfast, a new dollar menu, and for kids, the Unsettlingly Altogether Much Too Happy Meal.


Via VKmag (some pics at link may be NSFW)

That’ssss Jusssst Sssssick

Since he was never fond of his mother, Stanley Sidney Samuel Saperstein Slytherton Snake took unique inspiration from the adage “step on a crack, break your mother’s back.”



Man’s Best Fan

Shane is a folk singer for four-legged folk, and when he gives he pet pibble Doogie a private concert, it’s music to Doogie’s ears — especially when the lyrics include “cookie,” “outside,” and “pee.” See more Doogie on Facebook.

Miracles! Of! Science!

After years of development and billions in tax dollars, scientists at the US Defense Enhanced Refraction Projects Agency (DERPA) are proud to announce the creation of the Stealth Sock, which renders the wearer’s foot entirely invisible.


Via Catasters.

Are You a Next-Level Cat? Take this Quiz

A next-level cat responds to unusual situations in novel and unexpected ways, challenging the tired paradigm of feline behavior. Let’s test your instincts with this quiz: Your human has recently introduced a new dog into your home.


“Chloe is not impressed, she has seen all kitty’s tricks,” says Stefania B.


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