I Love it When a Friendship Just Works

"Yeah, me and Allie are like, total BFF, because we have this understanding, see.  She always gives up the sunny spot when I walk into the room, she never complains when I use her for a pillow … yep, she knows who’s boss, and I totally love that about her."

(... right, and I'll be leaving you a little thank-you gift in your dog food later.)

See, that’s the key, Katherine N.—balance.

My Little Mashup

I wuuuvvv you, My Little … Alien?! Meet Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen, whose Deviant Art gallery gives "My Little Pony" a gothic, pop-culture makeover.  Some ideas are naturals, like "My Little Princess Leia,"  batting her eyes at "My Little Stormtrooper."

Aren't you a little prosh for a stormtrooper?

Others call for a little mental adjustment, like "My Little Batman," to say nothing of "My Little Joker."

Kiss my Bat-butt, evildoers!

… but nothing can prepare your doomed soul for "My Little Cthulhu," a real labor of Lovecraft.


I love the way your So-Soft Submishe™ feels, Erica H.

The Heroic Adventures of Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer!!1!

By Kyle McBlarghle, age 6

OK OK, this is the story of the amazing Captain Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer (da-da-da-DAAAAA!!) who travels around space saving good people from the evil Baron von Nuffenstuff!  First, our hero crash-lands on an alien planet in his Space Adventure Pod — NEEEAAAAWWWMMM!  CRASH!!!

OH NO!!!1!  Our hero is ambushed by the Interplanetary Space Army!!!  PTEW PTEW PTEW!!!  There’s too many of them, I surrender!!! says Rick!!  Hah hah we will take you to our leader and he will kill you, say the Army Guys!!!!

Oh please mister Army Leader don’t kill me because I am the famous Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer (da-da-da-DAAAAA!!) and I need more Power Seeds to fix my Space Adventure Pod!!!  Why didn’t you say so, I will send a scout to show you where are all the Power Seeds!!!1!

Um, why do you have to ride on my back??  Because I can see better and because it’s more funner, that’s why!!!  OK, here are the Power Seeds, gotta go, byeeeeeee!!!!!

Wow, he sure left in a hurry, I wonder … OH NOOOOO!!!  Baron von Nuffenstuff!!!!!  Yesss, you fell into my trap, Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer (da-da-da-DAAAAA!!) and now … YOU WILL DIE!!!!11!!!1!  BAH-HAH-HAAAAHH!!!!

Will our hero survive??  Will he get killed by Baron von Nuffenstuff and his deadly Laser Spear???  Will we ever run out of photos sender-innered by Arlette????  Don’t miss the next thrilling episode of Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer! (da-da-da-DAAAAA!!)

Space Cowboy, Freeze!, Specimen Found, Oh Noes!, What!?, originally uploaded by powerpig.   

Let Sleeping Dogs Cry

"ehrn … robot tentacles … wait … arghh … can’t escape, floor made of Crisco … stop, don’t … not the chicken, not the chicken, NOT THE CHICKEN! … gasp … toothpaste, leiderhosen, Richard Simmons … why am I covered in maple syrup?! … I’ve got to warn Batman about the pomegranates …"

No more garlic Milk-Bones before bedtime, Dan K.

Not Tonight, Honey…

"I have a headache and I’m tired and I have to get up early and I’m not in the mood and I’m still upset about that time in 1993 when I asked you if those Capri pants made me look fat and you had to think about it before answering ‘no.’  So I am now activating the Wifely Force Field of Solitude — BZZZT! — and you can go sleep on the couch."

Uh, hudey?  Goth my thongue stuckth to the forcth field, here.

Jeez, Tatyana S., what’d I say?

I Am Soooooo Disappointed in You

"(sigh …)  What am I going to do with you?  I leave you alone for just ten minutes and all heck breaks loose!  Well, you’d better straighten this out, starting by fixing the broken window … AND putting out the fire … AND getting back every last bit of the missing plutonium … AND rounding up all the flesh-eating zombies … AND plugging up the hole in the space/time continuum …"

... and I suppose this whole stock market thing is your fault, too.

I feel guilty just looking at him, Kerry W.

Cute Overload is Brought to You by…

…Heinz Ketchup and French’s Mustard. Whether on hot dogs and hamburgers, in your favorite recipes, or as the crowning touch in a classic chipmunk, lettuce and tomato sandwich, nothing beats the all-American tastes of Heinz and French’s.

Hot Lunch (D92), originally uploaded by powerpig.

Bon appétit, Arlette.

Shop Smart. Shop Cute-Mart.

For all your ooh-ing and aah-ing needs, shop Cute-Mart!  We’ve got puppies by the pound, and kittens by the kaboodle!  Sample our Hammies on Rye in our deli section, and take home some fresh-baked Disapproving Buns! This week’s schpecial: Schnauzer, $2.99/lb.

Man, I HATE it when they mark me down.

Bleen-up on aisle four, Jennifer L.!

Breaking News Bulletin!

MEYRIN, Switzerland — More troubles befell the Large Hadron Collider, buried beneath the Swiss-French border, when a trio of puppies were sucked into the particle stream through an air intake and were accidentally fused.  Although the puppies appear to be healthy, doctors caution that certain activities, such as fetch-the-stick, may become more complicated.

... and number twos?  Seriously, you don't want to know.

Can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, Jenny J.

Chloe and Marigold Get a Massage and Body Wrap

"… and so he comes home from work and he’s, like, BAM! right on the couch with the Playstation, and it’s like I’m just not feeling validated in this relationship anymore, you know?"

"Honey, you just need more ‘you’ time!  Get yourself a new hobby, like scrapbooking, or that new towel boy … or maybe take a pole-dancing class, it’s supposed to be really empowering."

Wait, what was the part about the towel boy again?

Is this the same spa where they spank the kitties, Jill V.?


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