C.O. Summer Vacation Travel Tips!

No visit to scenic Yellowstone National Park is complete without a stop at the “Old Floof-ful” geyser, so nicknamed because it erupts like clockwork every six hours, which coincidentally is also when Old Floof-ful gets out for meals and walkies.

Let's just say that my tummy ain't the only thing rumbling around here.

Uh, better stand back, Carmen G.

The Cat at the Fax

The Cat at the Fax sighed a pendulous sigh,
“If my fax won’t go through, I think I’ll just die!
This job is a bore, this task unbelievable,
There’s just one fax for all Accounts Receivable!”

“I’m definitely not having lots of fun that is funny!
The paper keeps crinkling!  The toner is runny!
‘PC Load Letter’?! What the #$@& does that mean?
I can’t comprehend this infernal machine!”

“And when it does work, it spits pages of spam,
For MLM seminars staged by Sam I Am.
If I didn’t need this job, I know just what I’d do,
I’d teach this contraption thing one or thing two!”

adorable kitteh wilber faxing

With apologies to Dr. Seuss, Mike Judge, Office Max, sender-inner Kat T. and anyone who likes poetry in general.

Welcome to Baskin-Slobberins

May I offer you a sampling spoon?  Our featured flavors today are Kibble Ripple, Nea-paw-litan, French Poodle Vanilla, and Rocky Ruh-Road.




Your “Qanuk” has such a cute face, “crazyface.”

This Job Sucks, But in a Good Way

According to the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere, two red panda cubs were abandoned by their mother, so zookeepers at China’s Taiyuan Zoo found a replacement: A dog owned by a nearby farmer.  Thanks to the milk of this generous pup, two endangered cubs are growing up.



Party Crasher!

Excuse me, sir… this buffet is reserved for guests of the Flutzermann wedding.  I’m going to have to ask you to leave now…


I thought you were checking invitations, Misty C.

My God, It’s Full of Cute

Turn your computer into a Cute Command Console with Wall of Fluffeh, a YouTube mashup by sender-inner Philip M. Don’t stare too long, though, or you’ll experience a cute, ahh, rapid pressure buildup… a cute, ummm, sudden debilitating capacity shortage… dang, there’s just got to be some short, catchy term for this…


Play Him Off, Avant-Garde Composer Video Splicing-Together Keyboard Cat!

And now for something completely different: A video recreation of Arnold Schoenberg’s three-part Drei Klavierstücke, an early piece of “atonal” music, a term that means “sounding like cats wandering aimlessly on a keyboard.”

You can see all three videos here, along with a list of videos used, side-by-side comparison of the cat version to a real recording, and generally more proof than you’ll ever need that humans have more time than they know what to do with.

It’s, um, very deep, Ian F.

Look! There’s a Space!

“G’wan, punch it, before somebody else grabs it!  What are you waiting for — a blessing from the Pope?  I swear, if you had even one ounce of initiative, you wouldn’t still be assistant manager at 42, you’d be a podiatrist like your brother… the man I could have married, I’d like to remind you!”

Ya know, I don't think that radar detector is conspicuous enough...

I don’t think that radar detector is conspicuous enough, J.R. S.

Wear Him Off, Keyboard Cat!

Now that Keyboard Cat is ready to play itself off to the Dusty Shelf of Internet Memes (say hello to Numa Numa Kid, won’t you?), relive its glorious fifteen minutes in the “Three Keyboard Cat Moon” t-shirt, a parody of the “Three Wolf Moon” t-shirt, thus cloaking your torso in an endless self-referential vortex of kitsch.


He Followed Me Home, Can I Keep Him?

Pleeeeeease, Mom?  I promise I’ll take care of him, and clean up after him, and help him with his geography homework, and buy him video games, and get him into good schools, and teach him to drive, and start a trust fund for college, and…

Picture 097

Awesome babysitter, Alex B.


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