Hide and Go Squeak

“… nine hundred and ninety eight, nine hundred and ninety nine, one thousand!”

“OK, did all you mice find a hiding place? Good, now stay there and let me sleep.”

We’d let a cutie like Isabella find us every time, Jessica C.

It’s Winter in July!

As we swelter and simmer in triple-digit despair, let’s cool off with this video of a pup engaged in a spirited game of Fetch the Sled.

Wow, the 4-H Program on this Campus Must Really Be Hardcore

Says CurlygirlKathy: “I was walking through town in Northampton, MA and came across this sight. Only in a crazy town like Northampton would there be a place to park your cow while you go shopping!”

But I Don’t Want to Go in the Dollhouse, Mommy

It’s… it’s dark in there, and all the furniture’s too small for me, and this one doll — the really old porcelain one in the blue pinafore? — when you’re not looking, she draws a line across her neck and goes “kkrrrricccchhhh!”

Kiki can come play house with us anytime, Shirley M.

Tonto Senses Danger!

“Hmm, kemosabe. Herd of cats stampeding this way… two, mebbe three miles due south… and it doesn’t actually help when you press my ear to the ground like that.”

Whoever heard of a herd of cats, Heidi B.?

Psycho(analyzed) Kitty

How is this cat feeling? If you’ve got an opinion, we’ve got a job for you. As part of a research project, Tagpuss.com shows pictures of cats and asks you how each cat feels. Kind of like “Am I Hot or Not?” as conceived by Sigmund Freud and Garfield.

Photo credit: Karamellzucker

Another Round?

Our new Rule of Cuteness is on a roll, with these two yin-yang baby raccoons, submitted by AnimalAdvocates.us, big wheels in the wildlife rescue business.

Crazy Rocky’s House of Used Carpet!

Yes, friends, come on down to Crazy Rocky’s House of Used Carpet! Choose from acres of styles, cut pile, dog pile, even gomer pile, at prices so low, they’re a steal!

Help for the Cuteness-Impaired

Amazing as it may sound to loyal readers like yourselves, there are people whose emotional development is so stunted that they cannot recognize Teh Qte.

This is potentially hazardous, as they may naively attempt to snorgle creatures that are not cute, such as mongooses, tarantulas, or saguaro cactus. It is wise in these cases to label cute items until these people become familiar with them.

Photo credit: am4ndas

Tomatoes: That’s How it Always Starts…

Oh, sure, it seems like innocent fun at first; just a few strategically-placed tomatoes, what could it hurt? But soon you’re on to the harder stuff: Eggplant, lemon-peel sculptures, lettuce, mini-yous. Then someone makes a blog of it!

Emily M. shared more pics at this link, and wants you to know they satisfy Rules of Cuteness 2, 6, 11, 12, 20, 22, 26, 41, and 44, plus 100% of your daily requirement of Niacin, Theramin, Unobtanium, and <jerrylewis>Ribo-FLAY-vin!</jerrylewis>.


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