So I Assume All of the Other Superhero Costumes Were Rented, Then?

By day, mild-mannered Wiley leads a seemingly normal life…

But whenever Wiley’s ultrasonic ears sense injustice and danger…

He transforms into his crime-fighting alter ego, Breadman!

See more Wiley at Critter Camp! Thanks, Beth R.!

C.O. Laundry Tips

Remember to separate puppies and toddlers before washing. Both tend to run like crazy, and will blend into each other if washed together.

Via Reddit.

Say, Are You Guys Goats?

Well, howdy! I always wanted to meet some goats, because I’ve never seen a goat before, seeing as how I’m not a goat n’all. Hey, don’t you goats get bored, stuck here on the farm all the time? See, I’m totally not a goat, I can go where I want, so I don’t know what that’s like. But hey, I’ll bet you goats are warm under all that wool, am I right? Day like this, I’d have to put a sweater on or I’d freeze my hooves off… um, I mean fingers. Because I’m not a goat. Well-p, think I’ll mosey into town…

Via Modern Farmer.

I Had That Dream Again

First, this nice lady gives me a dog biscuit, and then another and another, and then I’m covered on dog biscuits and I can’t move. What does it mean?


“Something that I stumbled upon today. Looks like Oscar has it made!” says Nicole F.

And Now, a Hamonica Solo from Blues Legend “Hamblin’ Jack” Puxney

Oh, I woke up this mornin’, went a-runnin’ in the wheel
Said I woke up this mornin’, went a-runnin’ in the wheel
And I keep a-gettin’ nowhere, can’t escape the blues I feel…

Bless Me, Father, For I Have Whapped

OK, so last Monday, there was some loose change on the counter, and it was really shiny, so I whapped it. And Tuesday, I saw this lady, and she was wearing this really shiny earring, so I whapped it.

And then I whapped a window display of crystal stemware at Macy’s, and then I whapped a sales associate and two security guards, and the booking officer at the police station and saaaaaaaaay those are some shiny beads you have there…

“Dear CO, I got a new microwave, and Minnie loves the box!” says kibblenibble.

Live from the International Slapfighting Semifinals!

… and as we begin round two, it’s clear that the American, Cliff McBleargh, is simply no match for the superior skill and aggressiveness of reigning champion Jacques Blacque of East Pugistan…

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Mysteries of the Exotic Unknown!

Reachable only via a 13-day trek through scorching deserts, leech-infested swamps, blustery snow-capped mountain peaks, and the produce section of the Hog Wallow, Arkansas, Wal-Mart, the remote paradise of Whaddi-Doodah is home to the amazing Giant Hounds of the Hebrides, used chiefly for transportation.

Photo from Mashable via Christi Addison.

The Aliens Have Landed AGAIN!

These are even freakier than the last ones! They have horns, silly grins on their faces, and big empty sockets where their eyes should be! EEEEEAAAAUUGH!

Via Pixel Addict.

Milestones in Cartoon Science

The development of the now-famous portable hole was fraught with missteps. Early experiments played havoc with space and time, causing test subjects to emerge in random places and/or eras. By 1947, however, researchers at the Acme Institute perfected a hole that allowed passing through a wall to the other side.

It’s Magilla Glub Glub, from Nathan G.!