Tower of Will Power

So! You think you are strong because you can balance a treat on your nose?! Now submit to the ultimate test of Zen mastery — the Milk-Bone Jenga Tower! Hai!


The Wrong Place to Unwind

We ferrets like to play hard, and sleep hard, too. One minute, we can be romping around, tra-la-la, and the next moment — thud! — out like a light. And depending on where you pass out, that can be dangerous.

Case in point: A good friend of ours fell asleep in Grannie’s yarn, and when she woke up, she’d been knitted into a lovely scarf. Not that it was all bad, though; she’s been worn to some very fancy parties.

Alison, Michelle & Brianne know a thing or two about romping: “My room mates and I just attached a new bell to our ferret’s collar because we like to know where she is when she’s out romping around. This afternoon we heard the bell stop so we went to go find her — Guess who we found asleep in the yarn bin?”


Mmmmm (sniff, sniff), he went with the mesquite charcoal this time, good choice…

(sniff, sniff) Is that a whiskey sauce he’s using? (sniff, sniff) No, it’s tomato-based, but with too much vinegar, that’s what confused me…

OK, time for the first flip… (sniff, sniff) Ooooooh yeeeeaaahhh, that’s heavenly…

Pass the napkins, Carmel C.

This Ain’t No Kiddie Coaster

There’s a terrifying new thrill at Mousieland Theme Park this fall: Marmie’s Revenge! Ten tons of twisting, twirling tubular track, with an added surprise — a ravenous, razor-fanged, mouse-eating marmie!

And just when you think you’ve escaped, brace yourself for… the Loop of Doom!

Stephanie K. writes: “These pictures are of my family’s cat Sassy amidst my younger brother’s K’NEX structures.” And here’s a full view, so we can appreciate how cool Stephanie’s brother is:

Like, Woof

So like, what I’m expressing here is: Dog doesn’t need your corporate fascism, Mister Businessman. Dog has no use for your unhip grey-flannel-suburban-split-level-claims-adjusting-7:53-from-Hartford mental prison, baby.

Dog just needs to be free, y’know? Dog needs to, like, spill his martini once and a while, because that’s real, that’s truth. That… is… what… life… is… maaaaaaan.

Groovy chick Tina D. hits us with: “This is my poodle Emmett, badly in need of a haircut, posing with a new piece of artwork that my fiance and I plan to hang in our living room.”

The Streamlined World of… the Future!

Here at the Cute Overload Observation and Testing (COOT) facility, we’re building the pup of tomorrow today. Our high-speed wind tunnel subjects snouts to extreme air pressure, resulting in dogs that are sleeker, faster… or in this case, just goofier.

Alexandra R. says: “This is my dog, Emma. We live in Boston, Massachusetts and hadn’t left town in about six months. She normally hates the car; I can’t even run to the store with her so driving up to Maine is never fun (four hours). I think that she craved the fresh air so much because her jowls were flapping in the wind the entire time. I was lucky enough to get this snap of the happiest dog on the planet.”

Spy vs. Spy

Alone in the remote shadows, Spy Kitten watches his high-profile target. Years of rigorous training have made him a master of concealment, undetected by anyone…

… or so he thinks.

And now, Jason W. with a true tale of survival: “This picture is of my brother’s cat that he just got the other day when it rode in the engine compartment of a car for 45 minutes to where the people were going. My dad found it and my brother adopted it.”

Hovering Room Only

When Hurricane Irene blew into Virginia, she rudely sent the region’s hummingbirds into hiding. But when the coast was clear, they buzzed back for their nectar rush.

We Found the Problem with Your A/C

Yep, turns out you had a puppy blocking your vent. That’s also the source of that flapping sound you’ve been hearing.

Someone Clearly Didn’t See “Wall-E”

Because if this cockatoo had, he would have remembered its most important rule: When you see a laser spot on the ground, don’t grab it — run like hell.