But I’ve Never Been to Costa Rica!

C’mon, whaddya say? There’s plenty of room for me if you ditch those shoes. Heck, you’ll only need the sandals anyway. And then you can stow me away in the stowaway compartment — that’s what it’s there for, right?


“She wanted to come too,” explains Redditor loz_brewer.

Dreaming of You, Valentine

Dearest valentine, I love you so
Please be my love forever
I’ll hold your hand each time we sleep
And share our dreams together


Via Reddit.

I Love Working From Home

This is the life. No annoying boss poking his head in my cubicle, no childish office politics… just peace and quiet. Well, except for my emotionally needy human, who keeps interrupting email time to play fetch-the-stick…


Via Karen Baijens.

As It So Happens, I Do Enjoy Bananas

That was a very astute deduction on your part, I must say! Spot on! Quite the sharp-eyed observer, you are! Are you perchance employed as a detective or in some similar profession requiring skill in the empirical arts?


Via Geoff Shuetrim.

I Love the Classics

Right now, I’m reading David Copperfieldmouse, the gripping Victorian tale of an orphan who is abandoned at birth, adopted by strangers, kidnapped by ruffians, shipwrecked at sea, menaced by sharks, kidnapped by different ruffians, pursued by wolves, kidnapped from the second ruffians by the first ruffians — and that’s just chapter one!


Via polimaslo.

The All-Seeing Floating Puppy Head Answers Your Burning Love Questions!

Greetings, Cute Overloadians! It is I, the All-Seeing Floating Puppy Head, sage, seer, and expert in the mysteries of lurve! For your humble offering of a cookie, I shall advise you on your most vexing love problems, provided they’re mostly legal! Ask away! Alas, the All-Seeing Floating Puppy Head must leave the body of NTMTOM (whose relationship advice you do not want, trust me) and return to his own dimension. Farewell!


You Nose I Love You

They look down their noses at us two
And say we’re too diverse
But dog and cat can share love true
For better or for worse


To me, our strange forbidden love
Smells sweetly as a rose
We may not see eye to eye
But we do see nose to nose


Bottom photo via Reddit.

I’m Tired of Winter!

Can it be spring already?


What Manner of Wizardry Is This?

Eager for my daily constitutional, I open my front door and find… another door! And yet, though it appear solid, it is but a powdery substance that yields to my very touch and freezes my delicate nose! Gadzooks!

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

I can’t help having luxurious, full-bodied fur. I owe it all to nature — and to DogPoo™, the shampoo made just for dogs. I DogPoo once a day, to keep my coat silky-soft, with the unique fragrance only DogPoo can provide.


Via Reddit.


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