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Is That Your Halloween Costume?

I’m not sure what you’re going for, it looks like the “sexy Buzz Lightyear” costume with a bit of the “sexy wine bottle” costume, topped off by the wig from the “sexy Donald Trump” costume, but whatever it is, it sure is sexy!*


Via * Note: Actual “sexy” Halloween costumes for 2015. Hork.


Hollywood Halloween Happenings!

Hitting all the hot Halloween parties tonight are the stars of two of Tinseltown’s biggest film franchises, Bark Vader and Supermutt…


Via Swallowtail Garden Seeds.

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

Watched Dog

I… I can’t put my paw pad on it, but I have the strangest feeling that dozens of beady little eyes were staring at me right now.


Micha the Boxer Puppy, via Andrew Bone.

Inspected by Number 27

(“Let’s see… side tread depth acceptable… stitching uniform across entire shoe… However, I’m picking up a faint odor of moldy cheese mixed with armpit sweat. I’d better send this one back and alert the production line.”)


Time to replace those Odor-Eaters, Michael B.

Menagerie of Horrors!

‘Tis that time of year, when strange beasts prowl the night. Beware the venomous Boscorpion Terror!


Take care, lest ye meet the horns of the gruff Woofy Mammoth!


But these horrors pale in comparison to the most hideous of all…


Photos via Petful.

Rock on, Panda Dude!

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re getting nowhere. Live the dream!


Via Ministry of GIFs.

Ghost Toasties?

My favorite! Just let me in, and I’ll start goblin them down!


This bakery is Selby’s favorite haunt, notes Atsuko M.

Oh Good, You Brought a Knife

I saw this guy on the porch here, just staring at me. Wouldn’t tell me what he was doing here. So I attacked him in self-defense in advance. So now that I’ve softened him up for you, he shouldn’t give you any trouble.


Via Imgur.

Bring it, Goldilocks!

Me and my three bears are ready for you!


Via Max Goldberg.

You Guys Watching the Dog Show?

Oh, man, I love the dog show! Yep, if there’s one thing us dogs like, it’s a dog show, am I right? Best thing about a dog show? None of those stupid cats you two love to beat up all the time! Nope, just red-blooded dogs, the way nature intended! I love being a dog!


Meow — er, woof, Mercedes M.