Virus Update: Possible Squishage?


Sorry for all the trouble in the past week. It appears we’ve finally identified the source of the Windows Trojan. After scouring our site content, mistakenly investigating some of the ad providers, we still couldn’t find anything. Still reports kept coming in, so we knew it was still there. It turns out, it looks like our hosting provider system configuration had been compromised and was periodically serving up a page with an embedded JavaScript Trojan within a File Not Found page. The error triggering that 404 has been resolved and we’ve notified our provider. Once we hear back from them, we’ll do a final update, but for now we think we’re back to the QTE.

Windows users, please make sure your browser cache is clear if you’ve visited the site within the past week and make sure you always run good anti-malware solutions. Mac users, you’re free and clear, as usual.

If you’re still seeing problems, please email


CO Discovered by /. Nerds

OMG! Like the emotionally stunted Slashdot Fanboys (pictured below) have totally discovered Cute Overload. W00t!


Since they’re all l33t hax0rs, who are smarter than all of us combined, we should relinquish the comments and let them debate:

1. Why Microsoft sux!

2. Why you are so lame for not encoding your music to Ogg Vorbis.  What a luser!  You probably listen to Britney anyway, so what’s the point.

3. Why Jerry Taylor is, like, a total dick.

4. How you should delete Windoze and install FC5.  It’s like totally easy to use.

5. Some endlessly stupid circular argument that got started because one of their egos is as delicate as a butterfly fart.

So everyone put away their My Little Pony dolls and pop an Anime disc in your DVD, because the comments sections are going to be worthless until the Slashdot Effect passes.

Then again, if you’re really nice and bat your eyelashes, you can probably convince one of these guys to fix your WiFi connection.  (You, like, totally should be running WPA2 security.  *snort* *snort*)

And for every Fanboy that buys a t-shirt, we’ll set you up on your first date.  LOL!

Rufus stops by for a bite

ROOFEES is back. While his Mom and Pop were out on a dinner date, Rufus got a little "mungry" (‘hungry’ in Mongrelspeak) and decided to do some chomping on his babysitter—Van Gogh-style. It was a delightful evening.


CUTE CLOSE UP™ (Imagine with "Aiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!" scream in background)

Like, chizzomp!

Did Someone Say Rufus?

Sparkster here again, with a CO Exclusive™.  Rufus rooms with a coworker and makes regular appearances at my office.  How bitter is the wife when I get to see scenes like this every other day?  Pretty bitter…  Ha!  Take that, wife!

I explained to Rufus how popular he is on Cute Overload and managed to secure this interview.  He gave me 10 minutes.


S: Rufus, what are you training for right now?

R: Bark, bark, bark!  *cough*  *cough*  Sorry, about that.  I’m in deep training right now trying to drop some critical pounds in preparation for kicking some serious dog ass in the park.

S: Right, right.  That Pit seemed to be, uh, "frontin’" the other day…

R: Homie, don’t try to talk street.  You sound like a jack ass.  Anyway, you’re talking about "Francis."  He scraped the inside of my leg the other day and thinks he’s a playah, but he ain’t.

S: That’s heavy.  How are you training?

R: Oh, yeah…  You’re talking about the Rufus Program.  The Program is rock solid! The Program is sound!  See these muscles?  See them!?  Go ahead and squeeze!  That’s pure muscle, baby!

S: OK, I’m feeling like I need an adult here…

R: Whatever…  Here’s the program:

1. Maniacal Office Run
– Run around the office at breakneck speeds for no apparent reason.
Reps: 5/day

2. Prancing
– Take extra high steps to work those quads.  Shows everyone else who’s the dog (man).  Also really important for those shorts endorsements.
Reps: All day

3. Garbage Can Stretch
– Stretch over a garbage can and put your head down as far as you can.  Burn, baby, burn!
Potential Bonus: Snackables!  Mmm…
Reps: 3/day

MB: Impressive.  So I noticed some iPod ear phones.  Rufus, what’s on your iPod?

R: It’s called a dogPod.  Anywho, Survivor is of course on heavy rotation.  I’m also a big fan of Quiet Riot and some early Black Sabbath.  Oh, and Britney…  I’m *all* about Britney.

MB: Great stuff!  So what about these rumors about you and Ms. Champion Eclipse Envy O Sportingfield?

R: Look…  We just had coffee.  That’s it!  And in case you hear differently, I’m all man!  Not that you will, because all we had was coffee.

R: This has been great, but I’m late for a meeting with my agent.

MB: Uh, right.  Thank you. Rufus.

Do you mind? I’m trying to take a dump here…


In what is likely going to be my last post ever, Meg let me write about Knuckle, who clearly has deep seated hostility issues toward owner Anna that haven’t been resolved despite years of costly dog therapy.

Grumbled Knuckle, "stick my nose in the carpet… They were symbols of affection, I tells ya! Symbols! It’s not like I can go out and get a Hallmark card! At least I didn’t bring you a dead rat like the goddamn cat did! And let me tell you a little something about that precious cat. He licks his butt before jumping into bed with you… There, I said it.”

(Ed. Note: The names of “Mr. Noodles” and “Linda” were used as a placeholder in the original post. The post has been updated to reflect the correct names)

Vote and we’ll send you a brand new puppy


Greetings, all.  Sparkster here.  This is the first post the wife has let me do and of course it’s only to shamelessly beg you all to vote for Cute Overload in the 2006 Bloggies!  The voting booth closes in less than two hours (10PM EST), so get your vote on!

The 2006 Bloggies

(Oh, and that was my "green" head in the Rufus picture. I had a t-shirt over my eyes to keep out the light.)

From the desk of: The CI Security Department

Animalpeopledogpolicewallfrisk_1Cute Industries (CI) has a 27-step verification process to ensure you get not only the most adorable, but most scientifically valid Cuteness™ on the Internet. Yet despite the hundreds of highly trained Cuteologists, massive verification process, and ISO-9001 certification, sometimes we make mistakes. Today, just such a mistake occurred. A person by the name of “Kelly Harrod-Lui” submitted a picture of a mouse ostensibly caught in a toner cartridge claiming the photos came from her office. During step 13, one of our patented Cuteness Fraud alarms was tripped. Special Agent Ivana Tinkle, a member of the CI Investigative Department, contacted the submitter and determined the submission was indeed valid and the submission proceeded through the process. The NSA identity verification during step 27 passed and the post was released January 12, 2005 at 19:11:03 PM PST.It was a fraud.Fortunately, our ever vigilant Cute Overload Army quickly caught the deception and notified us. The CI Emergency Response Team was immediately activated and the offending information was sanitized. Coincidentally, Special Agent Tinkle was found dead late tonight, having accidentally choked to death on 2,500 Marshmallow Peeps. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ivana and her family.Cute Industries would like to offer our sincere apologies to Campagna, McGroarty, kelly, Uriel, Chell, liquidnight, kat, suzy, benjamin, Vale and any other members of the Cute Overload Army who might have been traumatized by this incident. And whereever that Cliff-Claven-voiced mouse is, may he rest in peace.We salute you,The Cute Overload Security Department