Chief Puppeh Officer: Goose!

Where's my mocha, damn it!?!?

My name is Goose and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve accepted the position of Chief Puppeh Officer at Cute Overload. Meg has graciously given me the use of Sparkster as my lackey, I mean, assistant, so any typos or spelling errors are his fault, natch.

A little about me.  I am of Italian Greyhound descent and am of blue coloring. Anyone who says I look “grey” will be immediately fired. Although I’m only 13 weeks old, I have had most of my shots and bring a wealth of experience to the organization. As a bonus I just had a recent stool sample with no parasites! At the top of my list to focus on, cut wasteful spending. (I’m looking at you, Sparkster…)

Additionally, I’ll spend a good part of my day seeking out cozy sunbeams, whimpering for attention, napping, trying to find the most toxic substances on the floor to eat, napping, chewing on electrical cords and leather goods, napping and finally pooping in closets and other out of the way places. Surprise!

You’ve got to keep the staff on their toes…


Sneak-a-peek at Future Theo

We’ve been running the Cute Overload Supercomputing Center’s “Super Cuteputer”, based in Japan (natch), overload in an attempt to visualize Theo in his new life. Normally, dedicated 24/7 to finding the scientifically cutest content in the universe, we’ve reallocated 1,075 Snorgaflops to creating this rendering of Theo in his new job.

As you can see, there was a major problem. The computer mistakenly rendered Theo in a Private’s uniform, when he’ll actually be a Specialist.

Photo credit (we think) goes to SugarBush Squirrel, who is all kinds of patriotic.

Sea Porker

Vince, by way of our friends at National Geographic Traveler, captured this ultra-rare encounter with the fabled Sea Pig.

Out looking for a mid-afternoon snack, the sea pig was heard to remark, “you wouldn’t believe how buoyant I am…”

Would you mind rubbing this sand off my snout...



Thanks for the tip, Chief Researcher Marilyn T. Vince L. took this shot near a small key famous for the “swimming pigs.” To capture this clear image Vince said, “I had to lure this pig into an undisturbed area with its favorite food: fresh watermelon.”

And in the blue corner…

[Try as I might I couldn’t come up with anything funnier than their commentary on how Zeek loves his wrestling mask – every time I look at that picture it cracks me up!]
…weighing in at a stripy 15lbs, from Redondo Beach in sunny Cali-for-neye-aye, it’s…Nacho Zeek!
[image: NachoZeek.jpg from Merf and Len]
[hovertext: Yes, it is true – I am NACHO!]

Llllet’s get rrrrrrready to snooooooooorgle, Merf and Len.

[Sorry – drawing a blank here. I’ll sleep on it and see what develops.]

Alien V – The Snorgling

…wherein Ripley’s cat Jones, rescued from the Nostromo, becomes a host for an altogether floofier form of Alien.

No chest-bursting (it’s a PG cert, folks!), just an awful lot of furberts—less HR Giger and more HR Pufnstuf.


Movie is now playing (and lying around showing off its belly) at local theaters.


See you at the movies, Ana and Scooter!

Bob Meowly

Rise up this mornin, then I napped in the sunny spot,
Three little birds, pitch by my doorstep
So I killed them, and put the bits in your shoe
This is my present to you-hoo-oo.


According to sender-inner Jada, "Rasta-Kitty" Pickle has just One Love—a big bowl of ‘nip and mellowing out to some classic Reggae cuts to Satisfy His Soul. Movement of Jah kittehs…mon.

CO on the Can

One of our favorite things is to browse Gizmodo and see detailed photos of shiny new Appleness. Coming in close second is browsing sites and seeing mention of Cute Overload.  Imagine our joy at seeing Cute Overload *on* a shiny new Apple MacBook Air *on* Gizmodo!  …I’m feeling faint…


Is that small bathroom-sized trash can?  Is that toilet paper, which is often disposed of in a, whaddyacallit, a toilet?  Is that a toilet bowl brush you might find near, you know, a toilet?

Oh, gross!  Where do you draw the line, guys?  In the future, please view Cute Overload at the appropriate place and time, which is AT YOUR OFFICE DESK while on company time.

You just couldn’t wait, could you, Jason Chen?

Scrub-a-dub-dub in a nasty tub-a-dub-dub

Oscar the Boston Terrier didn’t sign up for this “bathing” program, but he’s still disappointed at the lack of attention to his nails.BostonRyan, looks like you’re keeping it clean (everything except the tub, that is).

Google Hearts Us, They Really Do!

You had us at "hello," Google.  You had us at "hello…"


It turns out that we’re among Google Engineer’s favorite blogs.  Googlite Mike Knapp even made a button for us so you can quickly add Cute Overload to your Google Reader list.

Of course, by reading Cute Overload via a RSS reader you’re quite literally taking food (ad revenue) out of our mouths, but we’re reeeaaallly lazy too, so we can’t blame you.

We heart you too, Google.  In fact, we use Google Apps to run the place.  Well, only Mail, but that’s another conversation…

For Sale: Condo in Up and Coming Elm Tree

Real Estate speculator/Sender-Inner Ann W. told us about this great little open house:

“Oh, I didn’t see you there.  Just tidying up before the open house starts at 2PM.”


“You look like a discerning buyer and is today your lucky day!  Having taken out a zero-down, interest-only, jumbo balloon mortgage to fund this party pad (Burrow Savings & Loan *assured* me I was qualified), I’ve coincidentally decided to move to my country den in the Appalachians and let go of this beauty.  Please come in…”


SML Listing Details:

  • 0.5 sq ft studio condo in trendy suburban neighborhood.
  • Hardwood floors, walls & ceilings!
  • Full climate-controlled nut cellar [does not come with nuts].
  • Entrance zoned for Flying Squirrel take off and landing.
  • Includes one month old nest bed from Design Within Reach.

Priced to move before the onset of Winter!
(Photo by DJCandiDout on DeviantArt)