You May Remember Us From Such Films As…

Let’s See What’s Happening in the Lunchroom” and “We Have Reached Critical Mass.” Now you can enjoy us in our latest film: “Large and In Charge!”

Fave Frame™

You’ve done it again, Keith H.


For Your Consideration

Before attention

During attention

After attention

Eevee the Shiba Inu wants to be petted always, Tim C.

Coati Pie

Do you know the coati? These little darlings are in the raccoon family and can go down trees head first.

Usually lots of lady coatis hang out together in what is called “bands” (We’re coming to your town! We’re gonna party down!)

Gentlemen coatis hang out by themselves (I’m Mr. Lonely).

Alex T. takes a snorftastic photo.

Needful Things

A nap

Lip balm

A Babysitter


Our needy friends in order of appearance; Speedy the kitten sent in by Muffy M., sable antelope by Sean G. of Getty, Buffy and babies sent in by Wendy E. and bear by Alex T., Field Guide and Hyaena Specialist.

What Do You Mean?

I AM smiling.

Now my feelings are hurt.

Brooklyn T. says, “Just a quick note to say your site is the bright spot in my day. Thank you for spreading the joy! My little guy’s name is Fellini and he is the absolute SWEETEST!” Thank you, Brooklyn, for the “sample of his squeezable face.”

I’ll Be Watching You

Every sleep you take

Every move you make

Every vase you break

Every fresh step you take

I’ll be watching you.

Tom (the cat) and Milo (the dog) are a hit, Ashlee!

Fetching Fashion

Not to be left out, pups are taking the runway by storm!

Buzzy spotted these Couture Canines on The Frisky. Turns out they are the subject of a new book by Paul Nathan called Couture Dogs of New York. Where else but The Big Apple?

Get all the gossip from the Fashionista interview with Mr. Nathan, including who had sex on set!

Clog in the Machine

Hey! Larry! Hand me the Jet Rooter 3000. If we get this cleared before Happy Hour, the nuts are on me, pal.

Via Attack of the Cute

If Life Was a Beach…

I would live to the fullest!

I’d roll in stinky seaweed.

I’d chase the whitewashed waves.

I’d lift my boopable nose to the breeze,
squint my eyes,
stick out my tongue
and inhale.

“Squee Bear, at the beach…sand-covered nose and that awesome Doggie Style
 Smile.” – Adriane M.

Six Reasons Why Pets Are Better Than Dates

Pets snuggle with no ulterior motives.

You expect your pet to sometimes smell funny. You worry when your date does. Conversely, your pet seems to enjoy it when you are especially malodorous, whereas your date does not.

Your pet doesn’t mind so much when you wear matching outfits.

Your pet doesn’t care if you have put on a few pounds, have some extra hair in weird places or if you’re wearing those holey sweatpants. Some dates expect you to step it up.

When you give your pet dinner out of a bag, can or crisper drawer, they act like it is French cuisine.

Your pet will always be happy to see you and will act like it’s been an eternity since they saw you last. If your date is not happy to see you, get a different date. Better yet, get a pet.

In order of appearance: YoYo by Tiffany F, Hank “Hanky Panky” the Tank by Michael and LaTricia P., Mourka by Frank and Anna T., tiny tortoise by P, hungry bunny by Gary and Brenda and chinchilla in waiting by Newhell.