Pugses Wear Red

Their eyes look blue,

but, really, they are just glad to be near you.

Winston via Ebba B.’s tumbler


Spoon Fed


This tiny Spoon-billed Sandpiper chick is the only species of bird born with a spoon shaped beak (thank you BirdLife International).

Via BuzzFeed

ResQte Rap

Put your paws in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care!

Fave Frame™

Sent in by Allie G., presented by Pet Collective

My Mom Is NOT a Cougar!

Not that there is anything wrong with being a cougar.

Photo by Sean Gallup of Getty Images.

Could We Be Beamed Over?

Hey Bella?

Yeah, Bentley?

Just a few more inches and we’d be in the sunbeam.

Would that require us to move, Bentley?

Yes, Bella, it would.

I wish Bella and Bentley could get comfortable, Cassandra!

Blanket Statement

This bat is the cutest bat we’ve ever seen.

The lazy ear (or as commenter Theresa calls it, “Jeffrey Leonard One Flap Down”), the long and fuzzy muzzle with boopable black end cap and the giant shiny eyes more than qualifies it to be a major player on this website.

Via BuzzFeed

Why Isn’t It Working?

I am logged on.

Image by Mexico/Reuters

Chugga Chugga




And just because you asked for it, Cute Overload Extreme Tongue Close Up!

Honey the pug via PBH2

Sleep Pondering

Conscious thought can be interrupted by distractions; the squirrel twittering outside, the sound of kibble hitting the bowl, the smell of sunshine.

That’s why I prefer to do my philosophical thinking while unconscious.

Super Bonus Cute Overload Extreme Toebean Closeup

“This is a pic of our little man, Davis. We love him so much, so, of course we think he is the cutest thing on earth.” We agree, Kristyn K.!

Uh Oh!

Here comes Sheila!

Better tuck in and finish up. Sheila’s always hungry…and bigger than me.

This delightful wallaby was photographed by Alex T. at Healsville Sanctuary, Australia.