Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Baby

Photo by Petteri S.


Is It Summer Yet?

I’m ready for some dog days, ya know?

Photos by (in order of appearance) istolethetv, Andrew M. and Sookie

Bleh. Mondays.

Let’s all stay under the covers and dream of bunnies.

Photo by Aaron L.


You’ve Never Felt So Happy at Such Grand Disappointment

Buzzy sends in the best thing I’ve seen this year by Ze Frank displayed on Laughing Squid.


Another Way In Which Cats Rule

They are aloof; they are intelligent; in recent days we’ve learned how some of them are clearly superior.

Now we have incontrovertible evidence that they can do command based tricks.

Sent in by Buzzy – who says, “soon cats will rule the world and that really scares me cuz I’m allergic” – found on Laughing Squid.


Robot Dogs Will Save the Day!

Operational right out of the box – just flip the switch! (Bostonbot and Hoverpup sold separately.)

They’ll pick up around the house, light your way with all-spectrum laser orbital lobes, power clean your smelly shoes with our patented and powerful scrubbing hydrostat, rescue the cat when she gets stuck in the tree AND MORE!

Order today! SOLD OUT.

We gotta get us some o’ them, Jason L.


Height = Superiority

Guy the kitty demonstrates the physics of hierarchy to Gretta the miniature dachshund.

There’s no shortage of hilarity here, Haley N.


Some People Have a Birthday Today

Johnny Cash – famous singer and songwriter – was born on February 26th.

So was Olympic Gold Medalist, Jenny Thompson – she won gold for swimming real fast in ’92, ’96 and 2000.

And then there’s Skippymom – Cute Overload regular commenter and all around great person.

Happy Birthday!

Photo via the webs


The Tiniest Palm Reader

The answer is cloudy.

Ask again later; after I’ve slept on it.

Via Flickr user Sophia P-G


Me Bad?

Poor little pups! Etiquette is hard.

Pure comedy gold over at dog shaming.