Son, Get That Out of Your Mouth.

I know where it’s been and it’s not good.

Good advice, Sam R.


What the Duck?

Where my chicks at?  [head tilt]

Looks like you have a handful, Luke.

Celebrate a Squirrel!

Let us all take a moment to appreciate squirelly-ness.

Be they small…


ground dwellers…


tree dwellers…

or flyers,

whoever they are, love your local squirrel, today. They’ll thank you for it!

Thanks for the submissions Milo, Sophia P., Robyn R., Pat J. and Harry D.


I just can’t do them without my coffee.

Get this pup his cup, Keianne B.!

People of Earth, I Am Your Master Now.

You may call me Your Overload Overlord.

Fave Frame™

Thank you Sara P. for finding us our Francoir Langur Monkey Master.

Check Out These Crazy Pants!

When asked about his fashion choice, Harry said, “I found these on Carnaby Street and just had to have them. I think I saw Bjork wearing a pair just like mine. They are very in, right now.” Winter is almost over, friends. Get yours soon before supplies melt.

Photoshoot by Emma.

Definition Snout: A prolongation of the head.

That’s what I’ve got! G’day, mate, I’m a echidna or spiny anteater, if you prefer. I don’t mean to big note oneself, but I have spiny spines, grow a pouch, lay eggs AND nurse my young…

I live in Australia where I dig in anthills and termite hills and bog in bities with my long sticky tongue, housed in my enormous snout. Well, that’s all from down under for now, have a bonza day!


World traveler, Martin M., thinks marsupials are cute! Also, thanks Merriam-Webster for the great def.

Arrested: Charged with Interspecies Snorgling

Buccho Francis Saucereyes, you have been accused of spooning with Catty Cat McCaterstein. You are a Canine and she is a Feline. What say you?

“She made me do it. I was just minding my own business, when she came up right behind me and Snorgled!”

Catty Cat McCaterstein, how do you respond to Mr. Sauceryes?

“Whatever, man. I love him. I’m not ashamed. He’s all warm and soft.”

Mr. Saucereyes?

“Yes! Yes! I did it. I am genetically wired to feel guilt. I thought it was bad and tried to deny it, but I do love her. I snorgled right into her with…INTENT!”

Very well, then. The C.O. Court finds you guilty of Interspecies Snorgling in the 3rd degree. We sentence you to life…a lifetime of snorgling! We’re just yankin’ your chain! Snorgle on, friends!

Thank you, Sara G. for bringing this important case to our attention.

I Have Fashion Sense

The insides of my ears match my blanket.

This makes me feel qualified to tell you that maybe you could put a little more thought into your outfit. You know I love you, but this concerns me. Have you seen my brow wrinkles?

It must be hard to have a fashionista pug, Angela S.

Notes From Base Camp

Having rested overnight, our team of rugged trekkers decide to explore the uncharted territory.

Filled with both excitement and apprehension, we brave the great unknown in the spirit of adventure.

It is Glorious!

Thanks for documenting the expedition Grace E.