Does This Outfit Make Me Look Ewok?

It looked really cute on the hanger, but now I feel like I should be accessorizing with a spear.

May the force be with you, Teresa K.


A Gift To Last

Looking for something special for that someone special? Well, look over here, because we have a gift idea for you!

Say, “I love you for a lifetime” with a tortoise present. Look at this satisfied customer.

Is your sweetie picky? Need something more aquatic? No problem! Turtles are long-lived water lovers.

Brought to you by the Turtle and Tortoise Council, Ant and Keith M.

Lotus Has Pipes, Peeps!

Not since Michigan J. Frog has there been a performance as stirring as this up and coming star’s latest concert. Lotus started the show with some classics; our favorite was a very bluesy and soulful rendition of “I Fall to Pieces”. The act ended with the more recent “Firework” and blew this audience away. Even with a 4 minute standing ovation, Lotus would not grace us with another song.

Much like Frog, her concerts are done for an audience of one. When another person comes into the room, it’s crickets. For some reason, her voice doesn’t record, no matter the machine or program. But, you can believe us, Lotus sings. Really. We’re totally not crazy. We always refer to ourselves in plural.

Update 4/24/12: And because you asked for it, Mouf-hance!

Sure, Cam, we believe you.

Wherever I Go, He Goes

My Buddy and me!

I love the idea of this great dog bringing his pal everywhere he goes. It immediately made me think of the old “My Buddy” jingle. There are probably a lot of pertinent ad jingles and slogans that would work. Tell us which work for you.

This pack (including the bear) spotted on 5th Ave in NYC by Kristen.

Lounge Lizard Don’t Care

where he lounges. You got some decorative iron work? He’ll lounge there. You got garden art? He’s gonna lounge all over that. You got a fence post? It’s already been loungeded.

You have scaled new heights, petitealien!

Bandit Puppy Finally Apprehended

After a long puppy hunt, this desperado of adorable-ness has been brought into custody. Bartholemieu, a.k.a. Beau, is accused of eliciting ear shattering squees and joy induced heart explosions. He will be brought up on charges of cuteness in the third degree and will likely be found guilty based on this photographic evidence.

He’s captured our attention, Dela!

I Got Your Back

Instead of being like one of those long and boring emails that tells you what it is to be a good friend, let’s just show you.

Thanks for sharing your friends, Marcie H.

Cone O’ Plenty

of stuffed animals! Man, if you have to be stuck in a cone, isn’t this the way to go? By the looks of this face, the answer is yes.

Another great submission by Ant. For more stuffed animal cuteness, visit Animals with Stuffed Animals.


Welcome back to everybody’s favorite game show! The producers have noted that this game is getting too easy – last week almost 7,300 votes and 63% of you guessed correctly, a guinea pig. So, this week we have made it very difficult. The picture below is a of an animal’s face,but we rearranged all of the pieces to really throw you off.

Let’s see how you do.

I wasn’t kidding about it being difficult, was I? Well, let’s see if we can help you piece it together with a hint from our special guest, “Hi! I am super playful and funny! I live in a den and will stay there until I’m about a month old. When I’m all grown up, I’m about 4 feet long including my tail. Is it time to play, now?”

Have you voted? If you are ready to see the answer, scroll down.

What a cutie! If you guessed b. otter pup, you are correct. This week’s program brought to you by Ant. See you next time we play WHAT! IS! THAT?

I Feel Weighed Down

Ever get that feeling like something is looming over you? Even though you slept all night, do you still not feel rested?

Yeah, me too.

This picture definition of Monday by