One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Don’t worry! You belong. This is the stand on one leg club and you are an honored member.

Via Reddit


But…I Want to

She won’t play anymore. Is she tired? Can’t you make her play with me?

Sender-inner Aimee B. tells us that the young Wheaten is Ella and the worn out Wheaten is Lady.

I Got You

Look into my eyes. That’s right. Now, listen carefully. We are gonna run around like crazy and then tackle each other and then run around some more. You can do this. Go on three..are you ready? One, two…

Tazz the pup and Pippin the kitten by Hannah W.

Best Snack Ever

Take two marmie kittens and slap a tabby betwixt ’em for a most delicious sandwich. Don’t you think you deserve a heaping helping of fuzzy love?

Josh N. serves us up another artful entre’.

And Hold for 10

Trainer Kitty is a tough task master but will whip you into shape.

Paul and Bean shot by Katie S.

And Toto, Too?

Toto can go anywhere. Heck, Toto can even do a mean Dorothy impersonation!

You know what else is cool about Toto? Toto can frolic in a field of flowers and not fall asleep.

Being this cute is kinda tiring, though. Toto takes a well deserved rest on a cool wooden floor.

Jessica E. says five-year old Toto the cairn terrier is “the love of our lives!” Photo by Jessica H.

Anakin Strikes Back

This is a picture of Anakin, 
our little boy, with his new friend Lambie. Anakin recently finished a 
round of chemo, and his hair is finally returning! (Unlike most dogs, he 
actually lost his hair.) My husband, Matthew, took the picture of 
Anakin. Anakin is a very special little boy. I’m hoping he’s cute enough 
for our favorite blog”

Krista S., he’s cute enough. He’s smart enough. And doggone it, people like him. Fast and happy recovery to you all!

Better Gear Up If You Wanna Keep Up

Lt. Snuggles has two speeds.

Just about to go real fast…

and going real fast.

Lt. Snuggles’s agent, Amy S., tells us, “He’s a 3-year-old spoiled Yorkie who loves being cute, chasing birdies and sneaking bites of kitty roca when Mommy isn’t looking. :)”

Mabel Shocks Dorothy

Dorothy, honey, you need to dump the chump and get your grove back. Find some young thing and use ’em up ’til there’s nothin’ left but a dry husk.

Mercy, Mabel! What’s gotten into you?

Photos by Martine G.

Some Things Never Change

Like Zoe’s love of bowls.

I want a bowl chair, too, Benedicte T.