#TBT: 9/18/2006: Headaches? Puffy Eyes? Sick of those Boring Sleep Masks?

It’s time to recycle yer old United Airlines napping mask, People. Check out “Warm Whiskers Eye Pillows.” Warmed or chilled, these ani-pals will soothe you… (And entertain your friends to no end.)

You’ve GOT to be kidding me, sender-inner Clayton R. Do you have your PAWS ON THE PULSE* or what. The redonkulousness continues at Dream Essentials


The best part is under the photo, it’s all: “May we suggest complimenting your purchase with a warm whiskers neck wrap?” UH, YES! YOU MAY!

*I did NOT just say that.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

#TBT: September 11, 2006: Just what IS B.E.F.!?

Beady Eye Factor? Broccoli Eating Factor? BOTH!? [Worlds Colliding.]


#TBT: September 4, 2009: Bacon Saved!

Just when you thought the interspecies snorgling action could go no further, we witness the very finest Mail Online has to offer. The tiniest bacon:


Rhodesian Ridgeback and piglet action submitted by Marilyn T. over at The National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog (HEARD OF THEM!?)

#TBT: August 28, 2006: Disapproving Kittens

These kittens are not pleased. How! How have you not pleased them!?

Thanks, Caroline L.

#TBT, August 21, 2008: “Say “Zeeeeeeeee”

[And this was WAY before “Photobombs” and “Selfies.” Those were the days. -Ed.]

Hey Ed, get a LOAD of these stoopid Landcruiser types!

Although, we do look… kinda awesome…

[head tilts to side to check out mirror]


Amy K., Say ‘Hi’ to Nairobi for me…

#TBT, August 14, 2009: “What are ‘Tocks’?!”

Many of you write us and ask the infernal question;

Q: “What are ‘tocks?”

A: Round, blobbular anatomical areas at the end of an animule. Like this!


There must be another name for them, Yeijin S.

#TBT: 8-7-2009: THIS JUST IN: A peeg in a crocheted hat

Just in time for Friday Happy Hour, it’s Balbinka the Guinea Peeg in a yellow crocheted hat. I hope you’re happy now.



And P.S., Check out this hilariousness with the ‘Victorian filter’ too:



As ushe, thanks to Pyza for her fabulousness in pocket pet photos.

Redonk: The 2015 Cute Overload Calendars Are Here!

After a year hiatus (hey, had to raise the babies a bit, give me a break) and a lot of work from YOU, our fine, fine, contributors, we’re pleased to announce…

The 2015 Mini Calendar!

and its Big Brother…

The 2015 Wall Calendar!

You can also order at Calendars.com!

Goes great on lawns on all types!


My photo isn't in it, so I'm outta here.


At a compact but mighty 7″ x 7″, the mini calendar is perfect for those outrageously small cubes your tyrant bosses love to stuff you into. We’ll even toss in BONUS MONTHS of September 2014-December 2014! You can start using it REAL SOON! Be the envy of ALL your co-workers and friends.



Or, if you’re feeling Large and In Charge– go Big Bigger Biggest with our 12″ x 12″ 2015 Wall Calendar!



Both versions feature High Quality Cute that had to pass our stringent standards! These make THE perfect gift for the Cute Fan in your life. Go ahead! bulk order! Do eet! Get all that pesky holiday shopping OUT of the way. In the summer.


2015 Mini Calendar

and the…

2015 Wall Calendar

Can be yours… tuhday!


#TBT: 4/3/10: Pocket Bun Warmer

Sure you’re warm, but are you WARM ENOUGH? Wouldn’t an extra degree or two of heat make your couch-potato-ing that much better?

In these cases, you should really try…a POCKET BUN!

Christine S., you’re making us feel all warm inside.

#TBT: 2-19-2008: What? I do ALL my video shoots in the bathroom

Wrinkles McWhinersons is all “Get me down, I gots me some bidet water to slurp!”

Thanks for the bonus yipping action, Cass.


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