Moments later, the mouse’s tail was seen dangling out of the cat’s mouth

But for now, aren’t they cute? Former foes, having a tender, whisker-entangled moment. High BEF on the mouse.




Plumpness is almost always cute. Sure, this bird is sitting next to his own crapulence (the branch poop!) but look at him! He’s out of Snow White for God’s sake! His teeny beak can open just enough to chirp the tiniest “bok!” before he flies off to pick up your Princess sashes at the dry cleaner.

Rule of Cuteness #4: more than one species of baby flopping around is cute

The color coordination is irresistible, and the low-down camera angle just accentuates the fact they are not much larger than the blades of grass they sit on. *But* I give them an 8.5—no paws are up, and there is the BEF on the bunny (Beady eye factor)



Rule of Cuteness #3: An Inquisitive Look

Oh, AND putting your paws up. Why don’t you just shoot us?


Thank you, Victoria S.

// original photo removed at the request of the owner //

Rule of Cuteness #2: Looking helpless is cute


they are also abiding by rule #5, which is that cuteness in numbers can jack up your rating significantly.

Paws + nose, a good call


Rule of Cuteness #1: Putting a Paw Up is Cute


No! Not the small ear to head ratio!


He’s so money and he doesn’t even know it. A perfect example of the tiny ear to large head ratio — instant cuteness points.

An Ice Cream Stick Shower Sponge, People!

Look—this is getting ridiculous. We know the Japanese simply kill us when it comes to Cuteness. But do they have to MASH it in our faces like this? I supposed so. I submit to you, the Ice cream stick shower sponge. Up against which you are powerless. Just try and avoid clicking on this link. I dare you.


Goodbye, cruel world!

As if she were jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, “Goliath” the Hermit crab shows her out of the box thinking with this stunt. Crustace-a-licious. Submitted by extremely alert reader Shelley!


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