First of all, this image is called “Stan after blow dried.jpg” which is hilarious. Second, WHO could name a prosh pup like this Stan? Did he come out carrying a briefcase? I’d like you to meet the rest of the litter, this is Larry, Reginald, and Barbara.

Sure, Stan has a high Beady Eye Factor, but he’s the cutest baby Pomeranian of ALL TIME. Stan owns you!Stanafterblowdriedf_1UPDATE: Wee Expressions Pomeranians have a new website. 1/21/06


The following cute-as-all-heck bird was submitted by alert reader Shelly to We greatly appreciate her expert submission. Her albino cockatiel Malena adores the special spa treatment of wading in popcorn or cornchips.

Sports section, Master!

Another example of cuteness rule #6, Mimicking Humans is always cute. Do you think he’s going to have a cup of tea with his Sports section? Diggin’ the bone sweater!


Props to alert reader Jessica!

Awfully Fawn’d of You

So a baby fawn is found on the front doorstep and brought inside to rest up, with a cuddly Ridgeback. You’re welcome, Merry Christmas.

Baked On, Caked On

This baby seal, stolen from the The Solomonia blog, is almost ready for cookin’, after rolling himself in herbs and crumbs.


The Paws up can kill you — Don’t look!

The power of “Señor Lopez” puppy of Bellingham Washington is quite overwhelming! He will stop at NOTHING to own you! he will raise his paws inquisitively, look extra fluffy, all in fresh grass. Damn him! Damn him and those extra large paws he rode in on! Who does he think he is!?

About to scale Mt. Bernard

Bok, bok bok, let’s see, I got mountain climbing shoes, check, bok, cramp-ons, check. Who’s gonna spot me on the ascent?

Muchas gracias to alert reader Jenny Huangfu.


Super special thanks to The UK Gower Bird Hospital who also seem to specialize in fine baby weasel care. One day this little dude will be released to the wild, where he will scamper away, look back, then scamper some more.


Alert reader "Karen Fields" tried to pretend that she wrote Cute Overload to "submit photos of her bunny". Funny, looks like the "bunny" submitted HERSELF! You’re not fooling anyone, "Karen".


Follow this lemming!

I would gladly follow this cute lemming to my deeeeeeeeeeath! (fade to thud)



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