Hedgehog croquet anyone?

Bring your own flamingo! Moochas gracias goes to Geenge for this perfect little specimen.


Cute Overload.com blows up on Boing Boing!

Boingboing The "Directory of Wonderful Things" picked us up. And it’s the best thing to ever happen to the site. "Visiting the site is like taking a happy pill." Agreed! Check it!


Snailio Iglesias

To all dee girls I’ve lofed beforrrrre! Who traveled een and out…my Dorrrr! I’m glad you cam a-long…I dedicayte dis song… to all dee girls I’ve lofed…. beforrrrrrrr!

Thanks, Nada!

Merry Pigmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas, courtesy of alert reader and pet photographer Tammy, and her guinea pig Titania.Titaniamerry2005

Crochet Morsels

Delectable yarned morsels, lovingly sewn by M. Patrizio, as seen on Flickr and her delightful online store. Click on ‘Sold’ to see more options.


Tribbles: fact or fiction?

PiggiesIf, after seeing this picture, you still have any doubts about the existence of this fascinating species, get more evidence at http://www.baselbietermeerschweinchen.ch/. And don’t believe them when they say it’s just guinea pigs–we all know it’s a conspiracy to cover up the tribble breeding program.In the meantime, please seal all the exits and protect your cereal boxes.

Small furry critters + crockery

= Magic Formula for Devastating Cuteness (TM)?(Note: The cuteness effect is directly proportionate to the quantities of critters/kitchen implements pictured. Disclaimer: must be identical for maxumum cuteness effect. This formula is void where prohibited by law).

It’s all about the fluff

…and the flattering angle.This little gem was discovered in the forums section of Wurzeltod by way of Google image search.Baby_chinchilla6

Can you say “iCute”?

Alertly pointed out by Karen Anderson, some genius over at Neiman Marcus got out their Beddazzler for some ridiculously fantastic ear buds for your iPod.


Peeky McPeekerson

Bravely following the “Rules of Cuteness”, namely, an Inquisitive Look is Always Cute™, Mr. Peeky McPeekerson, care of Mark Groak, graces our presence.