Tribbles: fact or fiction?

PiggiesIf, after seeing this picture, you still have any doubts about the existence of this fascinating species, get more evidence at And don’t believe them when they say it’s just guinea pigs–we all know it’s a conspiracy to cover up the tribble breeding program.In the meantime, please seal all the exits and protect your cereal boxes.

Small furry critters + crockery

= Magic Formula for Devastating Cuteness (TM)?(Note: The cuteness effect is directly proportionate to the quantities of critters/kitchen implements pictured. Disclaimer: must be identical for maxumum cuteness effect. This formula is void where prohibited by law).

It’s all about the fluff

…and the flattering angle.This little gem was discovered in the forums section of Wurzeltod by way of Google image search.Baby_chinchilla6

Can you say “iCute”?

Alertly pointed out by Karen Anderson, some genius over at Neiman Marcus got out their Beddazzler for some ridiculously fantastic ear buds for your iPod.


Peeky McPeekerson

Bravely following the “Rules of Cuteness”, namely, an Inquisitive Look is Always Cute™, Mr. Peeky McPeekerson, care of Mark Groak, graces our presence.


Nice rack!

A very alert reader Julia Rose sent this delectable kitten photo. Holy composition!


Where’s MY Budweiser endorsement?!

Sent in by Mr. Jared Nied, who claims he just wants to ‘snuggle’ with this tiny lizard—Hey Jared—newsflash, it’d be nothing but Crushed City® if you snuggled him. But maybe he could nestle in your eyebrow? That might be the ideal place to carry him.


Don’t make me turn this car around

Kids! Calm down and stop biting each other!
Big props to alert reader John Tantalo ;)

Is it wrong to want to SQUEEEEZE a kitten?

Honestly, HOW CAN YOU AVOID IT when the KITTEN LOOKS LIKE THIS? This photo, alertly pointed out by reader Mr. Ben Wolfson, is another fine product of Bless ’em.


This just in: The rare “KittenFrog”

This looks suspiciously Photoshopped, but there is no rule against that, is there? Big props to Michael Eggers, who alertly sent in this photo of the amphibious "KittenFrog", rarely seen with the naked eye.


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