Just add stripes.

This Kodak moment was brought to you by San Diego Zoo.


An RSS Slideshow!

BIG props to Matt Rowe and his custom Cute Overload RSS Slide show. It’s like a series of sushi boats going by, and you can chose your favorite. You must subscribe!


Look Mom, no ears!

I can’t heeeeeeeeear you! I have no eeeeeeeears!
la la la la la la la la


Lil’ Head submitted by Michelle Enemark ;)

Get it on

C’mere, Bebe! "Caught in the act" was bravely submited by Annukka Matilainen. Looks like it was found on Funpic. Thanks so much!


Just kickin’ back with some kernels

I don’t know what’s more amazing—that this hamster “Baruchito” looks like he’s sitting at the table eating (See Cuteness Rule #6) OR the fact that he has his own website with his “girlfriend” Julita where he speaks in first person. damn!


Domo arigato to Javi Lavandeira (owner of Baruchito) and Paulo Ordoveza, alert reader.

Together, we shall keeeeell heem!


Moochas gracias to Kay, in Buffalo, MN. Yes, Kay, it’s very cute!


Lil’ 4-pounder Ruthie grabs a sunbeam.


Brilliant submission, Megan!

“C” is for Cookie

…and It’s good enough for “Desdemona”, a bunny and cookie thief. Photo by Kem Sypher, winner of the 2004 Oregon Humane Society’s photo contest. Submitted by Bens, who wishes us all a Merry Pigmas.


Looks like the blog issues may be solved

Annnnnd, we’re backk! [Radio host voice] For…now!-Meg

Sorry folks, Big Issues with the Blog

As you can see below, none of the recent images are posted. They should be restored by this weekend. Did someone pull the plug over at TypePad? Don’t be hatin’!



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