Just can’t get out of bed

Honey? Could you bring in the bon-bons back in here?Where’s the remoooooooote?I’m sooo tired, I can hardly watch t.v.Honey? Blind Date’s on! Oh, I’ve seen this one.


Thanks José


Can’t talk. Sleeping.

We couldn’t resist posting another view our our Hammie friend who sits on the lettuce Recliner. He’s just begging to be dipped in sauce and eaten.
Once again, thanks, Heng Joo…

Rule of Cuteness #9: Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially

Exhibit A, People!


piles of kudos to Sarah Serata 😉

By popular demand…

What’s cuter than a fluffy baby panda? Why, sixteen of them! To make up for the temporary but glaring omission of baby pandas from this critically acclaimed blog, we give you cuteness x 16. The first one is "Butterstick" of the Smithsonian National Zoo Park.



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Stealing covers is like, wrong, man

Look man, you’re like, entitled to your opinion, man, but I have to sleep here too. Stop stealing the effing covers. Don’t take advantage of me just because I’m the Cutest Bun-Bun™ of all time. Don’t you think I know that, Pal? Just gimme some blanket, I gotta big day tomorrow.


Tiny, fluffy white kudos go to Rachelle and her boyfriend.

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Paris Hilton is looking at this post saying—”Dammit! I shoulda known better than smuggling in that damn monkey. Naming it ‘BabyLuv’ wasn’t such a great idea either.”

Thank you, Murray!

What are YOU looking at?

And that’s an “emperor penguin” chick to you, thankyouverymuch. Our imperial majesty are not amused.Fluffy


If you guys aren’t gonna invite me over, fine, I’m gonna sit here with the white plastic neck supporter. Whatevs.

Props to Chris Beradi!

We just give and give and give

The team of experts at Cute Central™ studied the following Instant Message® icons extremely carefully for maximum impact. The fine doctors discovered that upon use, message recipients experienced catastrophic head explosion only 89% of the time. Eleven percent had dry mouth.
Download AIM_icons.zip

Homework: How many rules of cuteness does this image follow?