Au naturale

He’s totally smiling too. Can’t you picture him sliding off the couch in slo-mo?


Submitted by alert reader Emma.


Cute featured in The Sun newspaper

  The_sunLook! an online exclusive in the Features section of The Sun, the most sold paper in the UK. They provide an "Idiot’s Guide to sending in a picture." Only, it’s sending it to THEM! OK, Sun, it’s ON!

Sun_2, you complete me

Snaked from, home of the best kitten battles on the Web. Gracias. Muchas Gracias.


Ebony and I-vor-ee

…live together in perfect har-monee, side by side my piano
oh lord
why don’t weeeeeeeeeee?


Thanks to M. Wade Nichols for the submission…




Brilliant reader Leslie Tedles submit this photo.

There’s a “Space Glenda” too…

CoverThis just in! Renée French has been confirmed as the creator of the “Glenda,” the cartoon logo for the Plan 9 Research system from Bell Labs. (Also used On this sweet book cover.)

Renée also goes by the pen name “Rainy Dohaney” when illustrating fabulously cute children’s books like “Tinka” on the right. Merci, Renée. Spaceglenda37Hineysm_1

Odd fellows

Knitter extraordinaire Jess Hutch makes the cutest lil’ knitted objets. How cool are these “Odd Fellows,” below? They’d be a nice suprise in your roommate’s shoe as he hurries to get ready for work.
Oddfellows_jess_hutch_1Oh, and check out these knitted robots (Just like Grandma used to make.) ***12/27/05 Addendum: Jess Hutch’s fabulousness originally pointed out by alert reader Charley Darbo.***

Spotlight: Reader comments



this kind of thing RUINS….nay…. UTTERLY DESTROYS the institution of marriage. most religions clearly dictate that couplings on 70s style floral print bedsheets are to be between a married man and woman. this is why hurricanes are nastier, tsunamis more frequent, and americans still allow their chocolate bars to have wax in it. i, for one, am sorry to see this kind of wanton animal nookie-uality being condoned. sigh.

Posted by: IHatetoast | Dec 19, 2005 at 12:38 PM


Genius photographer Tanja Askani captured this teeny bunny tongue for us all to enjoy! Way to go, Tanja.


For maximum enjoyment, click on the photo for a larger one!

Baby head phones

I hope you all had this in your stocking today… Because you *need* a baby chicken wearing iPod headphones.Relax_bear_hifiHuge kudos to Spiral and Circle