Lil’ 4-pounder Ruthie grabs a sunbeam.


Brilliant submission, Megan!

“C” is for Cookie

…and It’s good enough for “Desdemona”, a bunny and cookie thief. Photo by Kem Sypher, winner of the 2004 Oregon Humane Society’s photo contest. Submitted by Bens, who wishes us all a Merry Pigmas.


Looks like the blog issues may be solved

Annnnnd, we’re backk! [Radio host voice] For…now!-Meg

Sorry folks, Big Issues with the Blog

As you can see below, none of the recent images are posted. They should be restored by this weekend. Did someone pull the plug over at TypePad? Don’t be hatin’!


Honey? Where’s the iron?

Special thanks to Wendy Nelson whose “Mom sends her emails with animals in them” Suuuuure, Wendy. Is that why you’ve logged 15 hours on this site? We can check that, you know.


Read between the lines!

Do you need me to turn it up?

You made our day, Exotic Nutrition and alert reader Sarah “mewp?” Ogburn!

Which side is up, again?

SealThis, and many, many more melt-inducing pictures can be found in LiveJournal-Baby Animals.

Hedgehog croquet anyone?

Bring your own flamingo! Moochas gracias goes to Geenge for this perfect little specimen.

Cute Overload.com blows up on Boing Boing!

Boingboing The "Directory of Wonderful Things" picked us up. And it’s the best thing to ever happen to the site. "Visiting the site is like taking a happy pill." Agreed! Check it!


Snailio Iglesias

To all dee girls I’ve lofed beforrrrre! Who traveled een and out…my Dorrrr! I’m glad you cam a-long…I dedicayte dis song… to all dee girls I’ve lofed…. beforrrrrrrr!

Thanks, Nada!


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