Happy new year! [noisemaker sound]

2006 is gonna be gwaaaate [say in Homestar Runner voice]
Thanks to “Butters” bunny and Natasha.


Snailio flipbook

Dah-bee-doo-da-da! [Snail scattin’]
1_1Say what!?
2_1But… I…
7Dah doo doo doo doo whee, whee, whee [more scatting]

A thousand thanks to Sean Bires (were you like, making out behind the High School bleachers when you noticed this?)

Oh Mah!

Matt Mah’s pet Hammie chills out against his wheel and his cage. Nice composish!


Paws as legs–genius!

Maggiecowgirl1_2Listen up people, this is important. As recently as last Halloween, the team of experts at C.O.H.Q. noticed a startling trend. A trend…in Dogwear. Specifically Dog Halloween Costumes that managed to captivate on-lookers like no other costume. What’s the new technology? It’s so simple, we couldn’t believe it ourselves–front paws that mimic human "legs".

Allow us to show you exhibit A; "Cowgirl Maggie". She looks absolutely fabulous, and looks only mildly annoyed!

The lil’ faux arms take us leaps forward in Pet Fashion. Then there is the dog costume Mona Lisa, shown as Exhibit B below. You simply can’t beat the Collie’s nose + The Krispy Kreme Donut Guy outfit.


Pearls_1 Knit


Pearls_1 Knit


Died and gone to heaven

You’ve died, you’ve gone to heaven (God let you slide on that shoplifting incident) and you’re sitting in the grass near your Heaven House, with a perfectly mixed Long Island Iced Tea, and this beautiful little pup comes trotting up to you. Can you feel it?


Thanks to David Dyer 😉

This sucks

Dood. I can’t go out, this sucks. No cruisin’ for me tonight—ya’ll go ahead…”Tripod?”—that’s reeeeeal funny, Punk.

Bravely submitted via email, by Laura Shaffer!

Rule of Cuteness #10: If you haven’t grown into your feet yet, it’s cute.

This bunnilicious photo of “Elliott” was found on Flickr, by a Heather W.


Teeny, tiny, tired

I know, I know, we don’t have enough cute damn birds on the site. I keep hearing about that and the lack of piglets. Do you know how hard it is to find a suitable cute piglet for this site? Do you people know I have a full time job? Well at least one problem is solved; thank the lo’ for Ms. Kay Webster, who submitted this teeny, tiny, tired Bummingherd. So prosh.