What are YOU looking at?

And that’s an “emperor penguin” chick to you, thankyouverymuch. Our imperial majesty are not amused.Fluffy


If you guys aren’t gonna invite me over, fine, I’m gonna sit here with the white plastic neck supporter. Whatevs.

Props to Chris Beradi!

We just give and give and give

The team of experts at Cute Central™ studied the following Instant Message® icons extremely carefully for maximum impact. The fine doctors discovered that upon use, message recipients experienced catastrophic head explosion only 89% of the time. Eleven percent had dry mouth.
Download AIM_icons.zip

Homework: How many rules of cuteness does this image follow?



Those aren’t pillows!

Priscilla, of the Cancilla family, is ready to lick your hiney.


One reader writes; “Dear Casey” [say in Kasey Kasem voice]

Pencil_2Dear Ms Cutey McBloggerperson:
I am a guy. A straight guy. And I have to admit, this cute stuff is fantastic. It has to stop. You should be ashamed of yourself. Collecting all the cuteness on the interweb into one place is dangerously reckless and negligent. Sure you make it easy for us, but did you ever stop to think? What would happen if the internets broke? Prolly I think all the cuteness would build up on your server until it essplodes! Think of the children!
In conclusion I think there are a number of ways to address this Serious Issue:
Distributed Processing: I’m not sure what it is, but I think They used it to find aliens. I don’t know if they were cute aliens.Puppies: They actually go on any list I make, it’s just luck they’re appropriate here.Synergy: Management Catchphrase. Focus on Success!Variety: Keep ‘em on their toes, challenge ‘em. Throw up a pic of a big block chevy, an airbus, or even a lava monster.Congressional Committee: Not very cute. Let’s hope they don’t catch wind of this.

Otter pile

The writer feels that any additional editorial comments for this picture would be entirely superfluous.AscocubsWhen you, discriminating readers, have recovered from the euphoria induced by this picture, you can go to Brooksfield Zoo for more of the same.

Free shoe shines

Good prices and limited biting.



Thank you to Kaila and the Pom owner, who’s name I cannot find as I wade through email…

Rule of Cuteness #8: You’re cute if your furniture doubles as a meal

Mmm, delicious recliner… This Frodo-Footed hamster, (obviously his BHF is “Baruchito”) alertly submitted by Heng Joo Seng. Heng Joo, you outdid yourself.



Stay with me people—usually ‘cute’ and ‘amphibious’ don’t go together—but this teeny froglet is absolutely prosh. Check out his tiny tail and transcluent fingers. He’s like a tween, he’s still got his baby tail, and his voice is changing! Riiibbles!
Sally Harper, you’re a genius!


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