Eye of the Tiger

Risin’ up, back on the streetDid my time, took my chan-an-cesWent the distance, now I’m back on my feetJust a kitten and his will to surviiiiiiiive!Minewexerciseinstrutor_1Huge props to Cori and Melina ;)

New Year’s resolutions

1. Check your weight regularly
2. Exercise
Thank you Peyton for the chinchilla picture, and Emily for finding the incredible swimming piglets at Everything Isn’t

Rule of Cuteness #13: “Juicy” eyes and noses

…are instantly cute. I submit to you; “Chicken” the Pomeranian. A delightful little fellow, who travels by purse, and delights everyone he meets with his 5 pounds of energetic fluff. He’s the perfect example of a wet nose and eyes. You can almost hear him as he’s whisked away—”Listen, I’ve had it with the close-ups—this show is over!”Chicken_1[Click the image to see the glisten!]Chicken2Thank you, Mary and Daveeda!

Everybody needs a mushroom…

…especially if they also double as fridge magnets.MushroomsThese little ‘shrooms will get you high on cuteness without all the unpleasant chemical aftereffects.Mad props to alert reader Raeanne Pollard, who found these treasures at Fuzzy Town.


[singsong voice] I’m dee Kutest Kitten in dee World™ and I OWN you! la la lee [end singsong]Cleaningtime_1Thanks, AmazingCatCollection.com ;)

Rule of Cuteness #12: Floppy Limbs are Cute

If there’s one thing I know, it’s everybody loves a friendly, floppy, fuzzy limb. We just want to reach out and grab it for some reason. Why do we do that? It may relate to Rule of Cuteness #2; look helpless. Does a floppy limb look ‘helpless’ and need ‘support’? Who knows.DuoLike, check out this floppage from Laura Richmond’s family hamster and “Porkchop’s” lil’ tail from Jen Mulson:

Smile: You’re on an underwater camera

BlowfishIt must be good to be a puffer fish.Found in an anonymous open web directory, so unfortunately we don’t know who to credit.

The Ultimate in Chirpy Birdyness

Eastern_phoebe…and now that the high-pitched squeals of cuteness worship have died down, you may be interested to know that the official name for this species is Eastern Phoebe (Sayornis Phoebe). We at Cute Overload pride ourselves on highly educational and informative content. Discovery Channel has nothing on us.This magnificent picture is only a small part of Professor Bill Eddleman’s wildlife photography portfolio.

Cat Bath™

I hate you


I hate you


I looooooooove you [gargling purr sound]


Alertly point out by Kora Manheimer!

The Science of Cute

The New York times reads Cute Overload? Could it be? Regardless, you gotta read this article, just posted in their science section. Free Log-in required (come on, you need one, it’s the Times for Crissakes)

Go to article


***Addendum: So many alert readers sent this in, thank you. Especially Mr. Brett Lider.


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