Cute_dogMany folks have sent in this adorable dog that looks like a panda. Insane in the membrane.

Oh, you think the world revolves around you?

For Charlie, it does.What bed will Charlie pick?What does Charlie do the minute he gets home from vacaishe? Can Charlie snake a popcorn kernel off the table?What prosh face is Charlie making today? Answer below.011306All these questions are answered, and then some at Thanks to Megan Hendrix ;)

You can send us this owl any time!

OwlIf there was a casting call for Pigwidgeon, this guy would be a winner.Our thanks and virtual chocolate frogs go to Paul, who submitted this tiny fluffy (feathered?) wonder.PS. If you don’t know who Pigwidgeon is, you haven’t read your Harry Potter books carefully enough. Shame on you.

Puppy with the flu

Looks like the “flu bug” caught up with Puppykins here. But he _looks_ so healthy. Plush microbes sold at ThinkGeek!210f124Thanks, Bleeding Orchid!

Paku! Paku!

Apparently, there is a tradition in Japan of photographing this particular toy Panda—and sharing the photos online here. Of course we had to share too.Aoi1051E0015195_0292248_2Ishirozaki051_1Nikki06711_1Shimoyama0211_1Sora0062_1Tokoshimoyama0061_1Tokoshimoyama1211_1Tokosuyama0112


Adorable designs in plush dolls, purses and animals from LoobyLu ;)44917736_628695fbf7

The site that started it all…

Teacup and toy People, this is the site I first started gawking at—it’s hours of entertainment. It’s the first site that had me coming back for more and more ridiculously fantastic pup photos. It’s also where Paris Hilton and Jessican Simpson bought Tinkerbell and Daisy, respectively.If you can get beyond the awful sea of text to the galleries, it’s worth the trip! Delightful pups.Page46

Dood! We’re gonna have a sleepover, and an’ a pillowfight, and stay up late and watch movies and eat popsicles and …zzzzzzzz

Abby_kuaAbby Kua, you’re a genius!

Cuteoverload gets props on MSNBC “Test Pattern”

Msnbc"…animal photos so adorable that even a hardened Marine may dissolve into baby talk."

Ah-huhn. [head/neck rotation] (Scroll down the page.)

Extreme close up!

Is this what a mouse sees seconds before being (licked and) eaten?Img_2724Click for an even larger image!Img_2692_2Alertly pointed out by Sparky, from the Shisso blog.


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