Pupshoe vs. catshoe

Which one is more uncomfortable?Dogshoevs.Catshoe_1


C’mon, Baruchito!

It’s come to our attention that Baruchito the Hammie could use some good thoughts heading his way. As one commenter on Baru’s site said so perfectly: “C’mon, Baruchito!” pull through, little guy…20051113flan_in_her_new_bed1

Thursday slump

Dude, I can*not* go out this weekend, I am BEAT! But I’ll try and rally.Kumanoko_flickrThank you, Kumanoko-san [bow] (You must click this link to see mini Hamster paw on Broccoli piece!)

You CAN’T HANDLE THE CUTE (according to CNET ;)

Cnet_newscomYou can’t handle the Cute! At least, that’s what CNET.com is saying. "so sugary sweet that it will melt the heart of even the most cynical readers."
Check it out fer yerself!


Added a Tip Jar

Server_bills_1Hi Peeps,I added a Tip jar, because our server bill is going to be in the gazillions of dollars. The traffic for this site is officially Out Of Control™ and we’re looking into ways to serve up The Cuteness™ in the future. Al Gore and I are working on it. Please consider the tip jar, but only if you’ve had impeccable service ;)Thank you,Meg

New Kitten Swiffers®

For one low, low price, this roving pack of kittens will clean your floors. Act now, and we’ll give you a FREE Hamster WetJet Duct Cleaner™ and Pomeranian Shoe Shine™!Mike_3_1Thanks, Mike 😉

Chez Hole

Mr. Hole: Sugar, that was great.

Mrs. Hole: Chicken Kiev has always been your favorite, silly. More tea?

Mr. Hole: Please. Do you think Jessica will call tonight?

Mrs. Hole: No, she’s got her sorority thing at school. Prolly not.

Mr. Hole: It’s tough living in the empty nest sometimes. I miss her.
Hon, why is the fridge twice as tall as the door?

Mrs. Hole:

Baby—go to sleep.



Darrellyn S.—you’re the best.

Paging David Dyer! Your puppy is on CNN!

Cnn_5David, your puppy is shown at the beginning of a segment on Cuteness on CNN.com RIGHT NOW! To see it, go to the homepage of CNN, and on the right-hand side is a link called; "Watch: Does cuteness count? Awwwwwwwww … yes" (I did not make that up.)


If you click the link, you’ll see a streaming movie of a segment that appears to have aired on CNN. Also pictured are Chris B.’s pug, Jenny H.’s St. Bernard, Cory and Melinda’s cat, YayHooray’s teacup cats, Sarah S.’s pugs, and K. Akagami’s hamster! All shown with Outkast’s "Hey Ya" playing in the background. Peeps, tell your animals to get their autograph pens out.

And Hello! Homepage of CNN!


Special thanks to Schnilary "Eagle eyes" Nelson for pointing this out.


Sleeping here, my cheekon your chest—no greater bliss—well, except poopingKris_twyman_1Thank you for the photo submission, Kris T. and apologies to the original Anonymous writer listed here.

Holy Expletive!

Bloggies_yo_1Cute O is like, totally nominated for 4 Bloggie awards! This is officially Out Of Control™. You really have done it this time, People. We’re nommed for: Best new, Best topical, Best American and Best Friggin’ Weblog of the year! HOLY CRAPULENCE!

You know what to do! [Holding precious kitten in front of your face as a distraction]

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