Paging David Dyer! Your puppy is on CNN!

Cnn_5David, your puppy is shown at the beginning of a segment on Cuteness on RIGHT NOW! To see it, go to the homepage of CNN, and on the right-hand side is a link called; "Watch: Does cuteness count? Awwwwwwwww … yes" (I did not make that up.)


If you click the link, you’ll see a streaming movie of a segment that appears to have aired on CNN. Also pictured are Chris B.’s pug, Jenny H.’s St. Bernard, Cory and Melinda’s cat, YayHooray’s teacup cats, Sarah S.’s pugs, and K. Akagami’s hamster! All shown with Outkast’s "Hey Ya" playing in the background. Peeps, tell your animals to get their autograph pens out.

And Hello! Homepage of CNN!


Special thanks to Schnilary "Eagle eyes" Nelson for pointing this out.


Sleeping here, my cheekon your chest—no greater bliss—well, except poopingKris_twyman_1Thank you for the photo submission, Kris T. and apologies to the original Anonymous writer listed here.

Holy Expletive!

Bloggies_yo_1Cute O is like, totally nominated for 4 Bloggie awards! This is officially Out Of Control™. You really have done it this time, People. We’re nommed for: Best new, Best topical, Best American and Best Friggin’ Weblog of the year! HOLY CRAPULENCE!

You know what to do! [Holding precious kitten in front of your face as a distraction]

Vote! vote! vote!

Happy! Kitty! Bunny! Pony!

Like Gwen Stefani’s “Love Angel Music Baby” album, the “Happy Kitty Bunny Pony” series is also meant for those with a “Fatal Attraction to Cuteness”. The cover art reminds me of 1930’s wallpaper, but has some modern design inside too. The book follows all things cute from the 1930’s to present day, with a running commentary. Cute imagery + commentary—hmm, sounds kinda familiar! [shifty eyes]There’s also a spiral bound journal and a plastic purse for note cards & envelopes. Both include stickers to close the letters. Redonk!Happy_books_1Happy Kitty Bunny Pony : A Saccharine Mouthful of Super CuteHappy Kitty Bunny Pony JournalHappy Kitty Bunny Pony : Plastic Purse Note Cards

Fat coat with a little guy

It’s the opposite of Chris Farley’s ‘fat guy with a little coat!’ Ahn.Judanne_copyThanks, Judanne. ;)

Rule of Cuteness #15: Disproportionate ratio between relative ear to head size

Let’s just make this rule official and stop messing around. This guy is totally otterlicious—note teeny webbing in hands.


This is "Snowdrop" the otter, from the Dartmoor Wildlife Park in Devon, UK. He needs 120CCs of milk STAT!


Thanks for the tip, Lyssa B.!

// AMENDMENT! Due to the Great Jerboa Conflict of December ’07, rule #15 has been amended to include OVERSIZED ears as well as small ears. This amendment shall be named The "Burton-Oakes Corollary." Thanks to Rule-Amendment Sender-Inner Kim B-O. //

Actu-owl size

That pun was so bad this site deserves to be torn to SHREDS!And why is this owl cross-eyed? Dizzy from his own Cuteness™ perhaps?Picture_12Hey—I just had a great idea—what if you printed this photo out, cut out the owl face, taped it onto your own face, and went about your daily business? Try it Monday morning at the office!

Mon-kee-kee, mon-kee-kee

Thanks to alert readers Amy F., Marlene W., Erin T., and Jade W. for sending in thees little perfect monkey…



Moooooom! stop it!

Snoooooork![tongue slather]Picture_11_2

‘Sup, my bitches?

What?Pandaintree1Thank you,


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