Cats ‘n’ Racks—it’s official

Ow! A third submission for a new “Cats n’ Racks” category arrived. It’s now an offical category! As ‘Tracy B’ noted, “It doesn’t get any rackier than this. :)” ha!


Blonde Brew

"Drink! Drink! Drink!" [say in frat guy voice]


Jason S. and "Yin" hang out pre-Oktoberfest for this photo. Awwwwwwwwwwsome, Dude!


Two-toed Preciousness

Brianna W., you really outdid yourself. I mean, we get your average mellow sloth photo, but this is a refined piece of genius. And two photos at that. Despite the significant B.E.F. and ‘Kilroy was here’ look, these little dudes are awesome. Thanks!



Good things happen when you go thru the Mailbox

Look at these sweet chat icons that "Anno Superstar" created out of Cute O imagery. I mean, what could be better than prosh imagery and the Cooper Black typeface?* Way to GO!

;) Click here for large versions of the icons ;)


*OK, *maybe* Hobo Bold, but Cooper Black rulez. Thanks, Anno ;)


What’s cuter?! We need to know! Announcing the latest in Cuteness Technology, the “CuteTracker.”Check it out now on the left side of this page.Brought to us by our friends Gina and Jon and at Thank you both!

The force is strong with you, Hami-wan

[Yoda voice] Beady Eye Factor… High with you, it is.Kinoko_jedi_2Press too hard do not, Jedi eyes… pop they will! [end Yoda]Kinoko_fingerkiss_1Thank you, Cat and “Kinoko”!

Teeny bun bun

I don’t know *what* this bunny is covered in, perhaps he was sleeping in cotton nest, but he’s anerable! (yes, that’s ‘adorable’ without the hard ‘d’ sound.)Lucy_dayThanks, Lucy, D.!

I’m not as think as you drunk I am

…oh, and pass the Nip, yo.What?! [paw up incredulously]Pass_the_spliff

Fly Me to the Mooooon

Tanja Askani, thrice-time feature on Cute O does it again with her adorable chick photo. Thank you for sending this in, Donna K.Donnakirdahy_3Listen_1Take a listen to this little chick’s song!

It’s like a cute version of The Godfather

Remember in The Godfather when the dude wakes up with the horse head in his bed? Well, this was much cuter. We had the pleasure of pupsitting for “Rufus” (which we immediately adapted to “ROOFEES!”) for the weekend, and he was a total delight. The entire weekend, I couldn’t do any work—nuthin’. All I could do was stare at little Roofees and his little tiny eyes and touch his ears. The amount of staring got so ridiculous that I barely took photos, I just stared at him. What a beautiful animal. The best part was that he liked to sleep in too, ’til like, 11.RoofeesSo, it get’s to be late on Sunday night, and I realize I haven’t accomplished a thing but staring at this puppy all weekend long, so I sneak out of the room to work after Rufus goes to sleep. I come back 2 hours later and this is what I see:FeetsPerfect! And I thought I was Slugerella. Thanks to Tommy and Claire for the quality Rufus time.


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