“Like, totally Bok!”

So then I was all "bok!" and she was all "Bokeee!", and I was all, "no bokking way!" and she was all "bok." and I was all "GET OUT—you did not just bok!" and she was all "bok."


Al? seen my jacket?

Obvy, the kids were rokkin’ out [amp in background] when "Oscar" decided to climb into Alberta’s jacket. Was the music *that* bad? the dog is like "Dude, I can’t take it! it was a simple chord progression, and you effed it up!"


Thank you, Alberta! ;)

Japanese anime secrets—REVEALED!

Hold on to your raccoon-furred, tail-swingin’ caps, People, the Cuteness meter just blew up!

Courtesy of Ms. Stephanie R., we present "Ezo Momonga", the flying Japanese squirrel. Apparently every single anime artist in Japan has seen this site, since this little guy is obviously the epitome of all Japanese varmint-esque characters. I mean, look at him!!! And listen to what he’s saying!

[rustling] "I shall swoop into your lives—and CHANGE THEM FOREVER!" [say in Japanese accent]



[jumps off branch] "Ehnn!"


"I shall now BURROW MYSELF INTO YOUR BRAIN and you shall COME VISIT ME DAILY ON THIS SITE!" [cracks a small snack on the tree trunk]

"Oh, yeah."


Photographed by Seiichi Meguro.

Dude, I’m Audi

So dude, thanks for having me over—your Superbowl parties are always great. [high five] I gotta get home—I got a thing. Yeah.


So, yep, I’ll just be onnnnnnnnn muh way. Late!


:) Ben T.!


Supercat_1 Don’t worry, Lois, I’ll save you!

Click the link for the full effect with sound

Here’s the entire set of stills, from Junku’s photo set on Flickr.

Thanks for submitting, Holi D. and Becca. Thanks for nagging me, Theo. [geesh!]


"Plantgirl" writes in that her son found this bébé duckulence. He’s anerrrrable! Well, basically any little animal that can fit in your hand is adorable. Hey, I think I smell another Rule coming on!


Hiding from the comments

Hmmm, I don’t see any comments in here! Zzzz.


Thanks, M.S., courtesy of Livejournal

It’s PuppyBowl II time, People

Oh, they do _not_ have a kitten half time show. That’s fantastic!

Today at 3PM EST, courtesy of Animal Plizzanet, PuppyBowl II is on. I think their logo might be the best part. I mean look at this thing! Awesome.

I _love_ that you can vote for Most Valuable Puppy. AND each pup has a stat card.

Only one question remains: Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? [say in Adam Sandler voice]


i love you, egg


Hi folks, there appears to be the possibility for some users to get a virus when visiting the iloveegg site. I did not get a virus when I looked at it multiple times, but perhaps it’s a PC thing and not a Mac thing, not sure. Boo, viruses! I am removing the link to the site. Thanks to those who commented and Nong, Christophe and Alexander for writing. 

You can still see the movie other places; namely here!


This is the most ridiculous thing ever; the iloveegg.com site. There appears to be no real purpose to the site other than professing love for eggs in the form of wallpapers and movies.

You gotta see the lil’ movie.[Warning! this song will get in your head, and ping pong around!] I highly recommend singing it out load to annoy your housemates.


Oodle doodle! Thanks for sending, Melody D. and Amber C.!

Now that’s what I call a Crum-pet!*

King Charles musta dug these pups bigtime to have them take his namesake. When I opened this email from Tanya L., I ‘oohed!’ in an English accent even. I guess it was more like: "eeeeeeehw!"

This is Zoey:


Do you think the English know about rule #13?


*Yes, that was the wust pun evah! [say in English accent]


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