Equines Representin’






Look! He’s like, part old man (warbly neck, teacup and doiley in background) and part puppy! (prosh snout, glossy eyes) He’s ideal in every way!


Submitted by the famous Spanish illustratress Charuca !

Happy Valentines Day to you

Happy valentines day to you…


Must…get…to milk!

I’m… so… tired, but I… must…. reach… bottlecap…of  milk! [naps for a moment]

[pulls self up] ehn! must, reach…. delicious… milk!


must… not fall…in!

Robert Seber, you are a genius.

Leesten to thees, my Babies

Rufus, of "Feets!" fame, wrote in recently, asking if he could send out a special note to the "Luzadies". I’m not sure what he means, but he wanted me to have this photo accompany his "Note of Dee Love".

"Luzadies," Rufus writes, "You know I haf been thinkingk of you seence my last veesit on the site." [swigs a muzzle full of Brandy] "I haf been keeping your lovely faces in my mind, even een my dreams, seence I sleep so moishe. Ladies, I send you my love—dee love off a thousand Ee-talian greyhounds. I weesh you—no, don’t speak—[paw covering your mouth] dee best for dee Valentine’s day…You deserve eet."

Then he snuck under the covers again. Go figure.


Tom and Claire, you better hide heem, or he might get napped! Oh, and Happy Valentines Day 😉

Big “ZZZ” and lil’ “zzz”

What can I say? This photo makes me feel all snuggly and tie-tie.


Purrrs and Love, (as my third-grade teacher used to say) David S.!

Back to the Monday grind

That weekend was waaaaaaay to short. Maybe some coffee will wake me up.


Props to Bumpoowilly!

Oh, he did *not* build that

Hey BoingBoing! Thanks for the nod! It appears as though James Horecka built a puppy monorail. You read that right! Where these puppies are "going" is not important right now. Just look at them!


Thanks for the quick reporting, Matt H.!

Cubby cubbin’ it, ya’ll

I’m sure ya’ll have seen this one, but I just had to post an official pic. Peeps down at the San Diego Zoo had two lion cubs, of which "Koza", below, is one. Unfortunately, his twin died.To encourage social behavior they introduced a Mastiff puppy for Koza to play with. The photos are very sweet.


Big thanks to Wendy "Hot Coffee" D.

Snake on Thumb

Snake_on_thumb_1‘MK Ferg’ (looooove that name, I could say it all day; ‘Ferg!’) sent inthis delightful teeny snakie-kins. It’s a Pueblan Milk Snake! And it’sanerable.

Hint: if you click on the photo, you can see the snake smile. Also, I tried to make this photo as close as possible to actual size.