Quick! Let’s scurry!

OK, first of all, this is one awesome photograph, Emily M. It’s really beautiful—kinda along the lines of Died and Gone to Heaven. Can’t you imagine that you’re in this field, and this teeeeny bunny comes up to you, and she’s all; "Come with me! I’ll show you the secret bunny burrow—we’ll be safe there! But we must hurry!"



This is like, blowing my mind, man

Whoa. This is too much man!

Could this be little "Cheesedoodle" all grown up? AND looking at herself on Cute Overload?

No waaaaaaaaaaaay, man!


Nice Hello Kitty on the monitor, Mabel and Megan W.

It’s hard to say goodbye

Here’s to all the great pets out there, and how sweet they are to us. Here’s to Abby [raising glass] the little gal who passed away today but was a joy for 15 years! Look at that little tail go.


XOXOXOX to Tracey M.

My warsher!

No I will NOT let you open the washer. My precious kitten thong undies are in there.


Christina R., way to GO!

Au Naturale-er

Remember this little dude? Well, he was caught sleeping outside, too. This time, even *more* relaxed if that’s even possible. I know you New Yorkers can’t even imagine it right now, but Spring is here!


The note sent along with this photo was terrific—the author claimed to ‘snarf up puppy adorableness’ whenever possible, and swears she’s not a "necro-puppy-philiac" [only sending in photos of puppies sleeping] Hey, we’re uh, with you, Jan W.!

Sears Buntrait Studio

"Ok now, back foot out slightly, ears perked—hold it right there!"

//image removed at photographer’s request//

Some professhe photographer must have taken this photo—check the quality of the subject, background and composishe! The bunny’s stylist must used a blow-drier for extra puffiness—A+!

Thanks Eric W 😉

Before and After





Love the wet pawsitude. Thanks so much Richard "Richrad" !

Peeky McPeekerson Jr.

Hey, how did that kitten get on my grandma’s floor? [Best linoleum pattern Evar!]


Christina R., beautiful job.

Dude, have you ordered Hedges ’06 yet?

WHO is the GENIUS that came up with this!?

Many thanks to Ellen C. for alertly pointing out the Hedgehogs ’06 calendar has "hit the stands". It’s brilliant! Thanks, Hoglets.com!


Rule #5, in full effect

Chihuahua14Alert reader Oliver sent in a link to a treasure trove of imagery. Irecognize two image posts from this site/photographer. Remember theselittle dudes? They’re on this site with more cute images of them.

And this little guy, who _is_ rule #5, is ALSO on the site. So, proper crediting is due to one "E-Michael" and his fine contributions to cuteness. Domo arigato. Here is the entire gallery!