#TBT: 06/18/06: Bunroo?

Like this bun, my ears perked up when I saw this too. People, I should just close this website down now after this photo. It really cannot be topped.

As usual, we’re having our asses handed to us by the Japanese, with this gem. Introducing the Rabbits Purebred & Outfitters shop in Osaka, Japan. I can’t read a THING on the site, but went to every page anyway. Maybe some Japanese readers can enlighten us.

[Bowing head in the direction of] Emily G.

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#TBT: 06/11/2008: What Am I, Your PLAYTHING?

Do you think you can TICKLE ME any time you WANT!?

OK OK, you can. I got nuthin.

Stubbular submishe, Sender-Inner Sehar S.!

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#TBT: 06/04/2007: Our New Chick-Kons

Bosley, your wish is our commandHey Peeps,
Please meet the newest additions to our family farm, 2-day old behbeh cheecks: Sally, Millie and Rose (from left)

Sell it girls, SELL IT! [rotating camera around subjects in annoying way]

They have to live under a steakhouse-style heat lamp fer like, 2 months before they go to their sweet outdoor crib. So far, they’ve tried to; 1. sleep in their water dish, 2. read the newspaper under their feet, 3. peck each others eyes, 4. step on each other’s necks while napping and 5. LOOK ANERABLE.

Check out their Charleh’s Angels pose below:


Nice photo, Paddles!

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#TBT: 05/28/2006: Insta-Pants

Ever notice when bunnies and cats sit up they have instant “Pantaloons’?

Submitter Debbie C. wants to know if you have. Here’s her Photostream…

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#TBT: 05/21/2007: Bok! Cuteoverload Bok! [Say In Bird Voice]

[Bird ‘mimic’ voice] Bak! snorgle some ‘tocks, snorgle some ‘tocks Baaaaak!

Lexi F., nice work… 😉

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Puppy Talks in Sleep, Hearts Captured

Well, that’s adorabuhls.

Via TeddyHilton.com

#TBT: 05/14/2007: Let Us Pray

Dear Lo’,

May buns everywhere always have access to enough bunliner, to keep their rock and roll look fresh.

Thank you [does air guitar riff]

-Alice the bun
[named after Alice Cooper]


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#TBT: 05/07/2006: The E.W. Must List!!!

Entertainmentweekly2Holy tiny beaks, People, this is so bigtime. Cute O is listed in the Entertainment Weekly ‘Must List’ this week. The ‘Must List’ is their list of ‘Things we Love This Week"—the Holy Grail of Pop Culture, People! Having been a subscriber for years, and a big admirer of their snarky writing and overall magazine design, I’m extra STHUPER STHOKED!

Thanks, EW 😉 and thanks to all who wrote in about it, especially Heidi F.M. for scanning the page.


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#TBT: 04/30/2007: Ahn. [Head Tilt]




By the way, the proper way to do the head tilt is: 1. Head tilted at approx 4 degrees left, and 2. Mouth slightly opened 3. Dazed look on face. Not bad, Sandy…

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#TBT: 04/23/2007: Um, This Picture Could Not Get ANY Fluffier

Um, are these labradoodles? I think they are…and could this sheep-skin-Labradoodle scene get any fluffier? The answer is none. None more fluffier.

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