Silly, Unsuspecting Human.

Deep in jungle bedroom…

Determined to pounce…

[Cue suspenseful music.]

Video by (CaLiSiC86 who we assume survived this assault.)


The first time we featured Seth Casteel’s Amazing Underwater Dogs, the response was tremendous. Seth just let us know that he is announcing a new book. Introducing Underwater Dogs–a compilation of his best photos. Dive in! Order now.

Oh, Brother

That kid better not mess with my kibble.

Popeye the Pug reacts to your his soon-to-be-borned younger brother. Mazel tov to Sender-Inners Dave and Pam A.


This weekend, we featured the Annual fantastic Tompkins Park Dog Parade.

Alert Cuteporter Cheryl L.was on the scene, and captured this ‘tocktacular footage despite laughing too much:

The End.

THIS JUST IN! World’s Smallest Pup Alert!

The Daily Mail is reporting there is a new S.D.I.T.W. (Smallest Dog In The World) People.
“Suni” the pup weighed only 0.1 pounds at birf:

…and is dwarfed by a mobile phone:


All photos by CEN/Europics. Read and see more over at The Daily Mail.

What’s your Howl-o-ween costume?

We have it on good authority that Tar-Jay is a good place for costumes.
OK, some of them stink.

I Have a Dream

[Triumphantly] That one day


Via Srsly Cute.

Mail Call: Baron versus Bubbles

Baron the cat PREYS on his mail. That Papa John’s pizza coupon is important stuff, and must be safely delivered: 

Then there’s Bubbles, who takes a more Hurricane Katrina delivery approach:

Baron by Tikigoth, and Bubbles by Pottybursar.

THIS JUST IN: Dogs and Cats Sleeping Together [Bill Murray voice]

Via Dlisted, natch.

How many times has this happened to you

You’re sitting in your cubikuhl and OMG CUTE OVERLOAD OVERDOSE™

Orige content by Vooza.


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