Cuteporter Mariana P. spotted thees on the Y-Tubes.

Go AWAY I Am Trying To SLEEP, Dear

Gotta give the Little Man an “A” for Effort though.

THIS JUST IN: First Dog Barney is Barking at the Pearly Gates

What!? We scooped Scottish Terrier News.com!? Come on! THEY SHOULD BE ON THIS!!!

President George W. Bush’s First Dog Barney has passed away. Let’s go to The Dubya Facebooks for details:

“Laura and I are sad to announce that our Scottish Terrier, Barney, has passed away. The little fellow had been suffering from lymphoma and after twelve and a half years of life, his body could not fight off the illness.”

“At Camp David, his favorite activity was chasing golf balls on the chipping green.”

Using the power of the Cute Overload WAYBACK MACHINE we’ve looked into the past at what Lil’ Barnicles might have looked like as a puppulence:

Screen-shot-2011-11-13-at-12.00.46-PMScottish-Terrier-puppy-with-large-ears scottish_terrier_puppy_for_sale_19266979

Rest in peace Barney buddy. Baby Scottish Terrier pics via Scottish Terrier News. Because if it’s not Scottish Terrier News, IT’S CRAP!



Crank the offishe “NFL Music” and get your Heisman Ham Game Face On!

Under FORTY EIGHT HOURS ’til kickoff. Let’s do the pre-game checklist. Let’s see, lucky T-shirt? Check. Nachos? Check. Guacamole dip? Check. iPhone set to DND? Check. Logged OUT of Twitter? Check. WE’RE ALL SET! HUT HUT HUT

Cute Overload World Exclusive: Lambs (Wearing Jammies!)

Hot on the heels hooves of Ponies [Wearing Sweatahs] we’ve got LAMBS WEARING JAMMIES.

(Would that make it….”Lammies?”) Meredith T., what’s the story here?

“We have the cutest little lambs at our Orland, CA shelter the Web has ever seen! Two adorable little girls named Elizabeth and Zuri who were born just one week ago today.”

“Now, I know all lambs are cute, but have you ever seen one in pink pajamas? *swoon*”

“And the most miraculous part is that we rescued their mom Dolly (and her mom Polly!) from an extreme state of neglect in December after they were dumped at a high school in Santa Clara, CA.”

“Little did we know that Dolly was pregnant at the time!”

“These babies are truly a miracle and a testament to the strong maternal bonds that sheep possess when they are given the opportunity to stay with their babies (which is sadly a rarity in today’s modern farming world). Would you be interested in sharing their adorable photos on Cute Overload?” [Oh yeah. -Ed]

Photos by Farm Sanctuary.

Chinchillas! With! Cheerios!

Masumi T. and husband Chadsen K. just blew the roof off of CO. Gone.

Whaddawehavehere, Masumi? “White Chinchilla (Dad): Shifu. Black chinchilla (Mom): Boba. Gray Chinchilla (daughter): Mimi.”

“Plain Cheerios were recommended by their vet as a snack, so they’re safe to eat! :)”

“Shifu one day kept a Cheerio in his mouth for about a minute before deciding to eat it.”

“I probably squirm every day because of their immense cuteness!” [Imagine that. -Ed]

“If this is submitted you don’t have to use the description I gave at all to describe them, it was just so you get an idea of what was happening. :)” [Oh, we got it. -Ed]
UPDATE! We got another batch JUST IN!


THIS JUST IN: Scottie Pinwheel

[Scottish accent]

“Here’s to the heath, the hill and the heather, the bonnet, the plaid, the kilt and the feather!”


Sent in by bonny lass Molly B.

The Science Of Snorgling

We’ve all done it.

You see a cute puppeh or kitt-tayns or even an OMGPONIES!!!!1 and you must SNORGLE it, STAT!

NBC News.com says there’s a reason for that. (Thanks to Cuteporter Michele R. for the story tip.) In this article, they say “New research finds that seemingly strange aggressive responses to cuteness are actually the norm.” The story goes on to quote study researcher Rebecca Dyer, a graduate student in psychology at Yale. “We think it’s about high positive-affect, an approach orientation and almost a sense of lost control,” said Dyer. “You know, you can’t stand it, you can’t handle it, that kind of thing.”

Um, Duh.

Roxy the pup from Lincy A.

Ewok Alert!

We’ve seen this look before. Augie the 4-month-old shih-tzu sure has that Ewok thing going, Gail R.


Face Puddle

People, you must get a load of this puppulence and the completely redonk amount of facial chub:

Have a great weekend. Thanks Life with Dogs Facebooks stream. Thank you.


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