Panda On Demand-a!

There is most definitely some Bebeh Panda Tongue Action going on here. Certified 100% ProshMax© by Inspector B.

And this one is simply PandaTockTaculer©. I know it’s not a word but it should be.


Holy Bat Babies, Batman!

With the new Batman movie opening all over Gotham City today, we thought it would be fun to check out these little maniacs.

The BuzzFeed Rises.
//UPDATE// Since we posted this at midnight last night, there was a senseless tragedy in Aurora, CO. We’re just sick about it, and send our condolences to families of the victims. – Meg //UPDATE//

Pure Joy: The Little Fur Creature

Now, see here. There’s this great kids book by Margaret Wise Brown called The Little Fur Family. And in there, there’s a little guy called the Littlest Fur Creature. I think thees ees heem.  Wouldn’t you like to hold heem in your hands and snorf heem up a little?

Chalk up another one for Carrie T.

Hedgie hangin’ with hoomin

(Sound effect of film projector in 6th Grade Science:) “Notice the feeding ritual of this bebeh Hedgie. Its leetle nozzle nose perches precariously above the saucer of meelk, then delicately snorfs eet up. The Hedgie’s hoomin looks on patiently.”

Super photo credit to Cath Schneider.

This beach is a total drag, man

Judging from the deep tire er, paw tracks in the sand, we’re guessing that Mr. McPuppersons is treating this trip to the beach like he would a trip to the vet. Or over to see the cat next door. And let’s just not forget those Prosh-To-The-Max Tocks©.

Forwarded our way from Mrs. Brinke.

Sarah, get me Juanita at the diner!

Now, you tell me this little feller doesn’t look a whole lot like Officer Barney Fife of the Mayberry PD!

Another prosh pup c/o Sandra in Jacksonville.

We’re on safari to stay…

So tell the teacher we’re surfin’

Surfin’ USA.

(Our instructor even looks like Brian Wilson.)

More deets on Pismo and Goatee over at SF Gate! PS: Cred to Mrs. Brinke for spotting the story foist.

Son, it’s time you learned about…girl puppehs

Daddy Corgeh is about to give Junior Corgeh THE TALK about Corgis and bees.

Or something.

Thanks for the Corgage, Ant!