Mood Swings 2.0

Earlier this month we showed you a totally outrageous Bebeh Trunkster (new term) splashing around on the beach. Here’s Round Two!

There are no words, John Lindie.


Let’s Play: Name That Critter!

Need some help here, People! Megster thinks these guys are gerbils. I…dunno. I do know they are at this very minute trying to steal my soul with their totally adorabuhl little bods.  I mean, get real.  We’ve got snouts, we’ve got leetle teeny feet n’ tails, closed eye capsulz, The Works.  You see what we’re up against…this is serious stuff. So, let’s play Name That Critter!


Total Critter Thanks Go To Kim N’ Marcie!

This one’s gonna go all kinds of wrong

Someday, these two kittehs will look back on this day and have a laugh or two.

Today, however, is not that day.

Purrfect pic, T4NK44.

And they call eet, Munkee Love…

“Oh, my leetle flower, I have a flower just for you.”

Chipmunk salutatshunz headed over to Connie.

I Admit It, I Took The Last Banana.

This little Wild Man Of Borneo is totally nailed and he knows it. Still bet he skates, though.

You can learn more ’bout these wonderful friends here.

Pom Nom

Headline says it all.

And give me a break with those paw pads, good grief.

Pommeriffic, Roberta.

Summer lovin’, had me a blast…

Summer lovin’, happened so fast! Remember when you were growing up? None of those big fancy deluxe waterpark thingys. You had a sprinkler and maybe a wading pool, and you had to do SEO Services all summer to even get one of those! Simple, joyous summer fun. Like this puppeh has dees-covered!

Coolin’ off thanks to Sender-Inner Sara S.

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous

Zoom Zoom.

[Little puffs of smoke from each little paw.]

Love that foldabuhl fur, Attack of the Cute.

Call Mom Taxi

When you’re just too pooped to pop, we’re available 24/7. Just like mother Safiri is for her bebeh Kiburi.

We Grin For Gorillas :), Logan5

Houston, Stand By For Splooshdown!

In honor of the 43rd anniversary of the Moon Landing, we present:

Mr. McTurtlesons getting ready to make a big splash.

Or so he thinks.

We bow to the photographic prowess of Jessie Dickson.