Just When We Thought We’d Seen It All…

..comes MISTER Crabby McCrabbersons with some EXTREME COLD NOODLE CARBO LOADING. (With BONUS EYE STALK ACTION at the start!) Andrew Y., we ask beg you- when will the madness END?

From Foodbeast.com, their first ever appearance on these pages.

Can I Set My ‘Tocks On Yer Nose?

This kitteh is TOTALLY using this OMGPony for his/her benefit. And the OMGPony seems totally OK with that.


We Haz Our Winners!

KneadLast Monday we asked U to send in an entry to win one of four copies of I Knead My Mommy by Francesco Marciuliano, a book of poems about the triumphs, trials, and daily discoveries of being a kitteh. And we have our four winners!

Sara M. of…somewhere. (Check yer email. You forgot your address.)
Ryan L. of Newburg, OR.
Aleta J. of Mojave, CA.
Andrea M. of Lancaster, PA.

Your info’s already been passed to the good folks at Chronicle Books, and you’ll see your free copy very soon! (Thanks to EVERYONE who entered!) BTW, a certain someone also has a new book coming out August 5th. We just might be doin’ something with that. (Click below to enlarge.)


NEW Maru & Hana: ♫ It’s A Grass Grass Grassssss….♬

The Portly Circle wants some of whatever Mugumogu is dishin’ out- but Hana will have none of it.

Header from Jagger/Richards.

These Puppehs Are Having A BALL

There’s still two months of summer to go! Let’s have a ball, guys!

Success! I Haz Defeated The Stick Thing!

[And now I shall drag it back to my private lair! The Stick Thing shall never defeat Timo!]

This Is Called “Pushing Your Luck”

Either this kitteh is the most patient soul on the planet, or the bird’s got some photos of him he doesn’t want to see on the cover of the National Cattler.

Twenty-Eight Pounds Is NOT A Problem

These masked banditos are DETERMINED to make off with the cat chow, at ANY cost.

Originally from Miss Cellania.Blogspot.com; remixed video includes “Pink Panther Theme” from Dave Koz.

Cooper & Daisy Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

(And we figured this was worth the Encore Presentaysh. This has been a tricky video clip. We post it, they take it down, we find another one, that goes down. I think this is #3.)

Thanks to Mark P. for the tip.

Bunday: Colorado Bun UPDATE!

unnamed (1)“Hello again! I sent some pics about a month ago of a litter of baby cottontails we fostered after they were dug up by a neighbor’s dog. We ended up taking them to a rescue because we were loving on them too much and they were getting too used to our cat. They were later released back into our neighborhood a few weeks later and have made themselves at home in our yard! I recently spotted one raiding carrots from one of my container gardens and thought you’d like to see! I’m also sending a photo of the whole litter during a nap just before we took them to the rescue. A fan from Colorado, Lynne H.”