ResQte Of The Week 2: Dateline, Spokane, WA.!

1443CE7A51830000F5500002-attachment-1-FullSizeRender (1)“Check out this bunch of cuties (L-R, Zeke, Paisley, Juniper and Lulu)” writes Glenna M. “They’re offspring of a ten year old cat that was surrendered to us when her owner was displaced from his home. The mom, Edie, wasn’t in great shape when she came to us, but her darling kittens were born at one of our wonderful foster homes, healthy and happy and are just about ready for adoption. Edie has been spayed, so no more unwanted litters for her and she is gaining weight and becoming healthy. Anyone in the Spokane area interested in one of these sweet babies can fill out an adoption application!”

Home Sweet Home:

Munk, Sweet Munk.

(Don W.)

Best. Job. On. The. Planet.

Grooming Bebeh Sea Otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Yeah, twist my arm. I’d do that gig.

Blocks it? Why would you ever want that?

“You get a mention (above) @ :22,” says Paul P.

ResQte Of The Week: Good Job, Sparks NV. Fire Station 2 (UPDATE!)

It’s been almost a year (September 2nd, 2014) since this little kitteh was rescued by the fine fellows of Sparks (NV.) Fire Station #2. (Below.) And we have an update from Annette L.!

“Last October you posted a picture of this tiny kitten being rescued by the Sparks NV. Fire Dept. I named her MysTery because, well, cuz where she came from is a mystery but it’s pronounced Miss Terry. Here she is today loving her forever home with her “sister” Shadow asleep behind her. Your site is my daily happiness. Thank you all the Cuteness!”


When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Just Like Ma

[Well, except for cleaning the litter box. And going to the grocery for all that boring shopping. And making dinner every single night. And doing the laundry. She can still do all that. Now…did I miss a spot?]


Brand New Bebeh Rock -N- Rollers

6a010535647bf3970b01bb0865c524970d-800wiThese guys are called “Rock Hyraxes.” They’ve just gone online at Chester Zoo in the UK and, well, they rock. Obvy.

(ZooBorns, spotted by Maureen P.)

Itty. Bitty. Purple. Googley-Eyes.

You’re cruising underwater in your zillion dollar custom made remotely operated vehicle (ROV,) minding your own business, and…HELLO, WHO IS THIS?

60 Minutes did a story on how Robert Ballard and the Nautilus are exploring the ocean floor and streaming it all live 24/7. They have some incredible hi-light videos on their website and this is one of them. I thought this little guy was just too cute not to share!! It helps that purple is my favorite color.” -Inge.

Have Some Lemonade

Didn’t KNOW about “Lemonade Day” until Edgar’s Mission founder Pam Ahern told us about it in this clip. Just watch- you won’t BELEEF EET. (And watch how she gets interrupted at the beginning. So sorry, NOT your turn, mate!)

“Hey Honey? I Left Some Tater Tots™ In The Kitchen For You”

“I’m in the kitchen. I don’t see any Tater Tots™. Wait a minute. Someone looks guilty. Hold on. Ralph? Get over here STAT.”

(From RantPets.)

Moofers Needs YOUR Help, People!!

Moofers Dirt FaceTHIS JUST IN: “First allow me to say that C.O. has been bringing me laughter and joy on a daily basis for years,” writes Sarah D.

“This is Baxter AKA The King of Narnia a.k.a. Moofer or Moofers (derived from the word MOOF – which is the sound of resigned indignation he makes because he is surrounded by inferior beings.)

He is gorgeous and perfect and handsome and majestic and he needs your help! He has been diagnosed with bone cancer :( and he has to have his right front leg amputated :( and then chemo. With treatment his prognosis is very good!!! I have started a Go.Fund.Me page for him and his mom. They need help to cover the costs of his much needed treatment! I have funded many fuzzies through such campaigns that I only knew of because you posted them on C.O.

[*Update: Click below for a MASSIVE MOOFERS BONUS C.O. TRADING CARD! Guaranteed to kill all of your toner! -Ed.]



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