Classic Upside Down Side-Eye ACTION

cuddles (dante and bea)[You thought I was asleep, but I'm not. I'm waiting for lunch.]

This is Bea (L) and Dante, who is MOS DEF throwin’ off some SERIOUS SIDE-EYE ACTION. From Bruna M.

ResQte Of The Week (Bonus Friday Edition!)

Cuteporter Morjana C. sent this in earlier today. “First, thank you again for your wonderful site. My daily ray of sunshine (winter,) cool breeze (summer,) and hearty guffaw.

Second, [More importantly. -Ed.]…it’s fire season again. So, there are injured critters. :( And the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center is doing their part again in caring for injured bear cubs.”

The LTWC is now caring for their 11th Bear Cub this season, the most they’ve ever had at one time. Wanna make a donation like Morjana did? Of course you do.

[Note: check out the LIVE WEBCAM ACTION. -Ed.] Photo from

Flashback Friday: Duncan Meets Fala

fdr“This is my Westie, Duncan, with FDR’s dog Fala. Duncan is “First Dog” in our hearts. We hope you will appreciate his Cuteness.” -Elise P.

FDR/Fala photo from Animal Processing via Google Picasa.

Friday Afternoon Redonk

So, it’s Friday afternoon, getting ready to shut ‘er down for the weekend right?

Maybe….do a little cooking this weekend? With your dog?

And this next one is Totally Apropos given the Pikachu Invasion hitting Japan.

First video from The Daily Dotster…second one spotted on VVV.

Friday Haiku Too: Christine Takes Her Shot

IMG_8244_CO“Tiny McSnailersons was almost baked into a red currant muffin the other day. Having escaped this fate, he acquiesced to posing for pictures, perfectly showing off Rule of Cuteness #14 in the process. I sense a Haiku just waiting to be composed here!” -Christine H.

So, we said to Christine, “Sounds great! Write it!” And here it is:

Tiny little snail
Your world gets picked for muffins
You bid farewell

When You’ve Got An Itch…

_h1080_w1920_m6_ofalse_lfalse…you scratch it!

(On a VW Polo in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa!) According to MSN: Big’ Ol’ Trunkster was rumblin’ along when he had a belleh itch, so he just used the roof of this VW, which happened to have two passengers in it. No one was hurt, but their car is gonna need some TLC. Photo by Armand Grobler, Barcroft Media.

TurboRoo UPDATE!

‘Member late last month, we told you ’bout TurboRoo, a teeny Wah Wah that was born without front legs…and a vet team in Indy hand built Little Roo a cart to get around in! According to TechCrunch, Mark Deadrick, president of 3dyn, saw the online call for a new set o’ wheels and used the miracle technology of 3D printing to make TR a new ride!



Snorgling Assembly Line

(Say like Foghorn Leghorn :) Never ah say ah SAY NEVAH in the history of Interspecies Snorgling has their EVAH been such a classic example! [Note- screaming banshee kid alert @ :24. -Ed.]


Mahalo, Kama!

Let’s head back to the surf with Kama, Oahu’s favorite Surfin’ Porkster. (P.S.- everyone in Hawaii, please stay safe!)

Friday Haiku: Flutterby

20140801_163513Fluttering to me
The little gray flutterby
Is a quiet sort

From Laura A: “I’ve been a huge fan of your website for years, and whenever I’m in a bad mood I just scroll to C.O. and I always feel better!”

“As much as I love animals, I’ve never had the time to own one myself as I travel a lot…”

“…but I was at the DC tennis tournament last week and this little guy came and landed on me and crawled all over my hand and then my Kindle.”

“I have no idea what kind of moth/butterfly he is, but the eyes are just magnificent and his little antennae are adorable.”

“Thought I’d share in hopes that you found him as cute as I do!”



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