People, U must meet Sprinkles. He’s the mascot of Engine 28/Ladder 11 in New York City’s East Village. Sprinkles is a a 7-foot Red-Tip Boa Constrictor. (Must be easy to get up and down that pole in the firehouse.) He’s been at the firehouse for three years, says DNAInfo New York.

Roger Rampart, Lori B.

Starts With The Nose, Ends With The Toes

[We gets lots of submissions, and we look at every one of them! Some of them are written just right, and they run AS IS. Rare..but it happens. Like this one. Ed]

“Here is a submission for ‘Nosevember’ that starts with The Nose and ends with The Toes. Gracie the Lab Puppy and the ‘infamous’ desk.” -Sue, Charleston, SC.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)
[Checking to find out why the desk is "infamous." -Ed] See comments!

Toesday: Life Is A Great Big Hang-Up

“These are photos I took of Spider-Man, a cute kitteh up for adoption at the SPCA of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. (His ID # is 191812 if anyone’s interested in adopting!) He was a little camera shy… but didn’t realize the paparazzi can see right through his hiding spot!” -Kristen F.



Just Back From The Dentist!

NO cavities, AS usual!

From Amanda @

An Australian Cheesehound? What?

“This is Addie, our sweet Australian Cheesehound (the only one!). She does EVERYTHING with her nose/snoot: burying her bone in the couch, grocery inspections, sticking it into her butt for warmth, and general ‘what is that??’ pokes. Here she is snoozing on the couch showing everyone her glorious nose-piece.”

That’s from Jooliah in Sacramento. We couldn’t let “Australian Cheesehound” go by without FURTHUR INQUIRY. Her response: “That is correct! She’s some sort of cattle dog hound mix who LOVES cheese. The sound of the cheese drawer, or baby bell wrapper, will wake her from a deep sleep!”

Who’d Trade Places With This Hoomin?

Anyone? Don’t be shy now.

From Yahoo Screen: “Uploader Sammy Petterson told Storyful: ‘The kitten was born not breathing and had to be revived by the vet. I hand reared her at the start as she was too weak as we didn’t know if she would survive. She slept next to my face every night once she was strong enough.’”

This Is What’s Called “In Your Face”

“This is my miniature dachshund Dokidokiyummychums. [Er, run that one by us again? -Ed]. Her nose (much like the rest of her) is gloriously long.” -Jessica G.


Guaranteed Cure For The McGrumpersons

Take one Eddie and call us tomorrow morning.

2012-08-14 01.47.31

2013-01-27 12.15.18

2013-06-30 18.44.55

2013-09-20 10.01.10
“This is Eddie, my 2 year old Yorkie! Hope you like it and that one of these photos is Nosevember worth! Keep up with this great webpage you have!” -Catarina P.

Now, WHO Needs A Towel?

Paw-tographer Sophie Gamand created this great photos of puppehs after a bath. Meanwhile, in the hovers, the puppehs themselves daydream about being ANYwhere else.

On My Modern Met, French photographer Gamand expressed surprise at the reaction some people had to the photos.

Some people thought the doggehs were being abused! [Good grief. It's a bath. -Ed]

The whole point of the photos was to show what lengths hoomins go to, to groom their pets.

The shoot was done in a groomer’s facility.

Says Gamand in the Met article, “I want others to see dogs for what they are: more than just animals. Our bond is so strong and unique that they really have a special place in the human lifestyle.”

Also: “I don’t try to attribute human qualities to dogs. I try to capture the ones that I believe are already there.”





Spotted by Cuteporter Marla C.

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Real Cats

We all know Simon’s Cat. But what about Simon’s real kittehs? Check eet out!