Sooooo…It’s Election Day In The UK

Paul P. sent us a video of this cute birdeh, and remarked “This robin’s standing for election, I think.” The fact that it’s election day….and the bird is chirping on the fence at the PM’s house…must have some connection.

UPDATE JUST IN: OK, we got an update from Paul. “That door is #10 Downing Street, London– the British equivalent of the White House where the Prime Minister lives and holds his cabinet. While the general election is on, the press are waiting, and spend their time filming the local this fox.”

“There’s also Larry the famous Downing St cat.” I love the British media.

Right, play the clip.

When Danger Strikes..Call ShadowCat!!

IMG_0401Battling the bad guys is a 24/7 business. When duty calls, call on ShadowCat! Zira’s crime-fighting alter ego is shown here getting ready to respond to reports of Chihuahua’s in the front yard!!

Photo from Monica B.

Havin’ A Snack There, Wallace?

[Lemons and limes. Nothing like it. I get a bit of Pucker Face sometimes, though. Gotta wipe my wips off on their pants.]


20150426_204041From Submitter Diane B.: “Here’s my 11 month old Scottish Fold cat, Primrose. She enjoys playing with ping pong balls, sleeping 20 hours a day, and putting her paw on my cheek and slow blinking at me.” :)



You Can Put Those Fancy GoPro™ Cams Anywhere…

…but you might not always be able to get ’em back.

And Then Along Comes ZIGGY

image5“Meet Ziggy. He was pulled from a high-kill shelter by a rescue organization called “Pound To Posh.” See more of Ziggy on Instagram!” -Chelsea (and Ziggy.)

*Photo by Chelsea C.
*Creative direction by Ziggy the Wonder Dog.

(Say Like B. Fife:) Are U Trying To Bribe An Officer Of The Law?

Absolutely, Officer. Can I interest you in a Liv-a-Snap?

Dude! SERIOUSLY?????

Worst friend ever. But the look on the left is priceless.


♬ Oh Mickey You’re So Fine ♫

From Anna H.: “Here is my dog Mickey. We rescued him almost a year ago- someone dumped the poor guy onto the tough streets of LA with 2 tumors, deaf, cataracts, and malnourished. He is healthy now and sure happy to have found his fur- ever home!”

image (1)
“Photo credit his dad James- thanks for your consideration!”

[*Note: Good grief do I despise that song. -Ed.]

The Doors Of Perception

Sophie can’t decide whether she should break on through to the other side, or not.


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