Friday Afternoon Haiku: Nine Lives

Mama always said
Clean your plate or no dessert
So this kitteh did

Yeah! Right There! Right In The Kisser! (Please)

Why bother going ALL…THE…WAY…into the kitchen to your water bowl, when your hoomin will be glad to blast ya in the face with a water gun?


Friday Haiku: Hip Hip Hooray

Small blorpy hippo
Looks like The Michelin Man
Stole that from Gawker.

Olivia is a newborn Swedish Pygmy Hippo, thus invoking DUAL RULES: Rule #07: “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always Cute.” Rule #45: “Any animal with the word ‘pygmy’ in it is cute.”


Underwater Puppehs

downloadWe first mentioned this a couple nights ago, and now we have some great photos as seen on Sploid. First there was Underwater Dogs, then the sequel Underwater Dogs, Kids Edition..and now, of course—Underwater Puppehs, due out on the 16th! This audio clip is an NPR interview with photographer Seth Casteel.









“Hey Honey? Where’s That Bag Of Plastic Toy Balls?”

“Ah, I thought I saw Charlie dragging it down the hallway- I have NO idea why.”

Maru, Mari, Cats, Dogs, Whatever

Time to take a Cute Inventory. First, we have Maru. THE Maru. But wait! There’s ANOTHER Maru- and this one is a Shiba Inu. But THAT’S NOT ALL, as they say on TV. We also have Marianother Shiba Inu!

And THIS critter takes NO prisoners.

From Andrew Y.

And here’s a video we featured earlier- but couldn’t locate in the search box.

I’ll Have A Cup O’ Mini-Me

6weeksGAAAAAAA! WANT! (Composes self.)

Bookmark this post, folks. There’s a Maxi-Me sequel coming up on October 31st. When you see it, you’ll know why. “I am submitting 2 pics of my adorable 2.5-year-old Kobe, a male British longhair cat. I hope you will consider Kobe for Cute Overload. You make my day every day!” -Iris W.

Flashback Friday: Got Meelk?

Interesting Old Photos of Cats (12)“A kitten is surrounded by milk bottles bigger than he is.” (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images, 1964.) From

Walkin’ A Thin Line There, Timo

Timo The Kitteh enjoys playing with some Little Rubber Duckies, and it looks like he doesn’t mind a tiny bit of water getting on his fur.

If he slips and lands in the sink, it’s an #IMPENDINGDOOM tag for sure.

Sammi In The Sun

Flickr-Image-1Absolute Rule Of Cuteness #40: “Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.”

“I have been a Cute Overload addict for many years. Recently my soul mate, my Sammi Girl, a cream colored, Deer Head Chihuahua passed away at home. :( Sammi Girl loved 3 things in life other than me: basking in the sun, burrowing under her blanket, and stealing wet wash clothes from the hamper.” -Faye.


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