One Week ‘Til Nosevember!

Hard to believe, but ‘Tocktober 2015 is in the home stretch! Didn’t we just start this? Nope, it’s been three weeks of steady ‘Tocks on your browser, and now we prepare to shift gears, er, Noses, for Nosevember! If you have some Noses we need to Nose about, let us Nose, OK?


Ferret Friday, With An Extra Playmate!

Playtime is always a lot more fun with an extra friend, right?

Want A Late Night Snack, Fellas?

OK here you go Rufus (Grey Rex) and Stanley (Brown Crested,) some nice grass for you. Now be good little Pigsters and eat it in Super Slo Mo, OK?

“Thanks very much for posting video on Rufus and Stanley eating. There’s another one on Rufus, this time eating in slomo. Everytime I watch the video, I just wanted to to remove the tiny hay hanging near his mouth. Appreciate all the joy you manage to give, simply by having Cute Overload online” -Su-May.

Guess We Can’t Call ‘Em “Doggles,” Now Can We?

“This is my kitty Nori. She has an infection on her chin. They made us all put on goggles before they used the laser on her chin. I think she’s the cutest little kitty burrito I’ve ever seen!
I hope you will post her picture!” -Abby K.

THIS JUST IN: Super Ultimate ResQte Of The Week Of All Time

***First of all, a note. This video is a bit scary at the beginning. Basically, a motorcylist comes to an Oklahoma stoplight (she has a cam on her helmet) and spots a kitteh IN THE INTERSECTION AND CARS ARE ZOOMING BY! And she swoops in to rescue him!

OK. There it is. Now……here’s the video.

The story gets better- here is the kitteh at home- now named “Skids,” for “Skidmark.”

Here are some additional deets, from the source video:

– Named him Skidmark.
– Keeping him for now.
– Have tried to contact person in red car, but she was unavailable. Either to find out if Skids is hers, or to make sure she knows strays are chilling in her undercarriage. She has my number, and a summary of the incident, have yet to hear from her.

(Story spotted on Mashable, Paul P. sent us the video link.)

ResQte Of The Week 2: Monty!

What would ResQte Of The Week Day be without a Prosh Snorgler from CHOTK? Harvie S. says “One of our foster moms has a cute kitten named Monty- still in foster care, growing big enough to be available.”


0  0  0  0  0  0 0  0 monty

We Held Off On Wombat Wednesday….

…because today happens to be World Wombat Day! This is Jazz, a resident of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo from @Tasmania Twitter.

Ever Get The Feeling…

…that you’re being watched? The first vid has a great BAROO, BTW. (Woulda done that “I always feel like somebody’s watching me” but we’ve used that already.)

(Paul P.)

Grumpy Cat Went Trick-Or-Treating Once…

…and it was awful. (Photo by Rick Scuteri/AP Images for Friskies/PetSmart Halloween Promotion as seen on

#Tocktober ResQte Of The Week: Toby Sinatra!

Easy candidate for Best Name Ever. “This is Toby Sinatra, showing us his ‘Tocks while cooling off at an adoption fair*. He’s staying with Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco while he waits for his forever home.” -Victoria R.

*Rule Of Cuteness #47: Splayed Haunch Action is Cute. : Rule of Cuteness #20: Showing your paw pads is cute.