(UPDATED!) Rollin’ Down Undah With Leon Trotsky

[Name refers to a Soviet Dude from way back in the day -Ed.]

edWell, well. Chris P. Bacon, you have a new pal Down Undah! This be Leon Trotsky, and as the last name implies, he can still trot with the best of ‘em. What’s the story here, Kyle B. of Edgar’s Mission? Wait, let’s do the video first. Pigster Prosh.

Updated with Fresh Video!

OK, Kyle. G’hed, mate:

“We had a little piglet come to us last week that had been accidentally sat on by his mum..”

“..and broke his pelvis along with his leg.”


“While we wait for his bones to grow before he can have proper surgery..”

“…he has a little wheel cart that he uses to get around to keep pressure off his legs.”





The Wonderful World O’ Benjamin Hole

Sounds like a movie title, right? Not so.

This is real life across the pond. (In the veddy British location of “The Isle of Purbeck, England.”) “I don’t know if you’re aware of this British farmer on Instagram, but his whole photostream is amazing. Especially his tiny Jack Russell puppy Ochre. Please check him out!” -Gemma P.

OK, we shall!










Stand BY…For Butt Wiggle!

(Anything can happen in the next :53 seconds!)

We’ve seen some crazy kitteh launching here at C.O.- The Circle is a prime purveyor of this.

But watch THIS little guy go. Can U say…”Zoom Zoom?”

And of course, there’s the .GIF.


A “Hamster Sized Java Mouse-Deer?” Wait. What?

Just the very CONCEPT of such a thing is amazing.

YouTube says: “A baby Java mouse-deer, one of the smallest hoofed animals in the world, has been born at a zoo in southern Spain. The newborn deer is ‘no bigger than a hamster’ and weighs about 100 grams, according to staff at Bioparc Fuengirola, in Andalusia. Adult Java mouse-deer are rarely bigger than rabbits or weigh more than 2.2lb.”


“So, so cute! A newborn mouse deer, it’s so tiny!” -Jennifer S.

Dogs Annoying Cats With Their Friendship

Ever have that one certain friend that was…well…kinda annoying? But they were so nice, you didn’t want to…TOTALLY blow ‘em off?

Try whacking ‘em with your paw instead. They usually get the message.

As spotted on SFist.

Your Monitor Screen Needs Cleaning

pug-puppy-937-1920x1080This guy can help. Click here.
From Ray H.

féline: A New Fragrance For Cats, By ck

calvinkat2[Nothing comes between me and my Calvin fragrance, no? I haz good smells?]

“I took a photo of my photogenic cat, Peppercorn, and someone in my office said that the photo composition and her sultry glance looked like a Calvin Klein ad. Considering she’s a cat, so, underwear ad may not be appropriate, I made this CK perfume poster.” -Zarina K.

Can’t See Yet..Can’t Hear Yet Either…

…but I can DARN sure chow down! What IS this stuff? FAN-tastic!!

From Cuteporter Arrate C., who adds “She’s eating baby food for humans rich in proteins. Without tomato or any acid ingredient. Also some small seeds, like sesame.”

Hey Cat- I Have No Problem With Snuggling

..but could U at least get your hoomin to spring for a nice down pillow? A small one? Whadya say?

Happens more often than one might think, James H.

Doin’ The Hampton Wave

“So, this is Lady Hampton Of Lambertonshire , our office Hamster. I swear she gave us a wave when we were taping this!” -Paul P. of Trenton, NJ.