Stumpy Legs…Big Ears…Bigger Heart!

Stumpy legs and big ears - ImgurWow, just look at those Ears! And the Little Paws. The Stubbular Butt, of course. This is what we at C.O. call “The Complete Package.” (Part of the headline, and image from Reddit.)

Caturday: Happy 13th Birthday, Shiro!

As you can tell, they’re celebrating with a REAL blowout, too.

Wanna Bottle Feed Some Kittehs?

11046667_934966733194451_8163439776306875046_nHere’s the thing- it’s in Stratford, CT. The Stratford Animal Control FB says they are looking for volunteers who can bottle feed orphaned kittehs. There will be a training class on Saturday March 28th at 3:30pm presented by the Connecticut Humane Society. Interested? Visit this website, please! Thanks to Karin B. for the info.

Caturday Morning: NYC. (We Think.)

Ever have this problem? You wake up, and you’re getting photobombed by your zoned-out kitteh. In this case, the kitteh is Olivia Benson. And the hoomin is…well, you know who.

“I woke up like thissssssss (With a cat on me)” from @taylorswift13. Spotted by Lady Gaga fan Trina E.

Four Reasons Why….

…Nikita is “the craziest cat in the world.” Well….Caturday is just the right place for THIS video!

From Krzysztof S. [*Note- After watching this video, he’s right. Nikita is bananas. -Ed.]

“Hey Honey? Did You Ever Sweep The Kitchen?”

“Oh, I’m working on it right now.”

Friday Evening Haiku

My, what could this be?
A Japanese Flying Sqwerl
Looks like a stuffy



Sloooowly you creep. Sloooowly….sloooowly. Inch by inch. Muscles tense…….ANDTHENYOUPOUNCE! Ah nuts. Well, welcome to another TGIF!

(Little Animal Gifs Tumblr.)


The “Frozen” money machine phenomenon has reached the farm. So Let It GOOOOOOAT!


OK, Now Everyone Hold Still!

8iVy7t6Dog bones for everyone if you just hold that pose! Is it a deal? OK…say cheeeeeeezburger………
“Saw this (on Huffington Post) and thought of Cute Overload immediately!” -Sara H. Photo origination: Barkhaus.


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