So Who Do Ya Got Today, Georges?

Georges The Doggeh loves his tennis. And today’s a big day at the US Open in NYC- he’s obvy pulling for Serena Williams. [*Update: Who was just upset in the semifinals. Sorry Georges. -Ed.]


Somebody’s Got His Hands Paws Full!

Purin The Beagle has set the Guinness Book of World Records mark for most balls caught in one minute! (Fourteen.) Here we go…

“From The Big J. This Beagle SMASHES the world record for catching balls with dog paws. A record set by….the same dog, a few years ago. I didn’t know Guinness gave out records for dogs-catching-balls-with-their-paws.” -Anna S.

“What Happened To Ferret Friday?” -Shelly L.

Steve's curiousity“I can only imagine that few of my fellow Ferret Fans have sent in their photos and YouTube clips. [*Note: Correct. Can’t post what you don’t have. -Ed.] Come on, Weasel People! There are a million Ferrets just in the U.S.! I thank you for showing my Fuzzies previously, and obviously I am going to have to make a bigger effort to keep you in FuzzButt Photos. This is Steve BTW. I love what you do, Shelly.”

Flashback Friday…At The Pearly Gates?

Peter“I don’t know who this man is, but I call him Peter because I envision him being the welcoming committee at the Pearly Gates. ‘Hi. Welcome to Heaven. We have puppies!‘ From my own collection of photos of people I don’t know with their pets. Thank you for the Cute!” -ShaSha.

Last Blast Of The Summer

Atom The Pug decided to take the boat out for one last spin over Labor day weekend, and here’s how it all went down.

Better Watch What You Say Around Cats–

–you never know what’s gonna end up on Twitter. #TRENDING #LOOSELIPSSINKSHIPS #CATSONTWITTER

(Say Like Hervé Villechaize:) “The Tongue! The Tongue!”

Poncho the Chi formerly known as Cooper(It’s from Fantasy Island. You know, late 1970s-mid 1980s? Tattoo? Mr. Roarke? Same guy as the Fine Corinthian Leather and Wrath of Khan?” Never mind. Acknowledging ROC #48– Go ahead, Julie.

Last fall you featured my dog (then known as Cooper but now known as “Poncho”) as a “ResQte of the Week.” When I got him from the shelter, they estimated his age at 4 yrs old. Well, after getting his teeth cleaned, our Vet estimates his age at closer to 10 years! I think I’ve been Catfished!! Ha ha ha!”

WHO Wants Some Belleh Rubs? WHO Does???

IMG_2085[I do, sister. I’m currently at the “Cute as a button” stage as opposed to the “Have you for a snack” stage. So let’s get crackin’, OK?]

“That is me,” says Elizabeth F. “Visiting at the “Little Zoo That Could” – The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo! They have a Tiger Cub encounter where they socialize cubs. It is an amazing little zoo! My sister took the picture with her iPhone.”

Can’t A Guy Get Some Privacy?

20150910_104021(Say like Archie Bunker:) “I’m tryin’ to have a little lunch heah!!!!!”

“This little guy was a visitor at a Nursing Home today. He was a pet of someone visiting a Nursing home where I was working. That is a very yummy (apparently) turnip. I petted him and booped his belly. (That belly is as soft as it looks, just sayin.’) Thanks for always making my day.” -Lisa H.

This IS The Droid You’re Looking For (Part II)

In our continuing effort to beat this story to death provide coverage from all angles, we now present kittehs examining the new Star Wars BB-8 Droid toy. (Last week it was the puppehs.) Next week, heck, probably Quokkas, who knows? Vanity Fair, are you listening?



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