ResQte Of The Week: Toy Dog

There are toy dogs, like Gund™ and Steiff™…and then, there’s THE Toy Dog. “I thought this might interest you. We found this little fellow while travelling in Vietnam. The owners thought he would not survive because he was so tiny and weak, but he made it….he’s still tiny though! Due to a birth defect, he’s got stiff legs and a funny walk. Hence the name ‘Toy Dog.'” -David M.

Let There Be KODIE

Kodie-shorthaircutAnd so there WAS Kodie.

And he is very VERY good.

When Ya SEE ‘Em…Ya SQUEE ‘Em

Desktop1Check out our new page (above,) The Best Of C.O. Sorta like our fave characters all in one handy dandy page. Have we left anyone out? Let us know! P.S- there’s also a new page called Shop where you can find all the deets on the new 2015 C.O. Calendar.

Lucy Finds A Home (And A Leash)

There’s nothing better than reading about a Little Furhead that finds a home. Cuteporter Shawn B. says that’s exactly what happened with Lucy, her new kitteh! She says, “Exactly 2 weeks ago we adopted our girl Lucy from the East Bay SPCA (Oakland). She is equal parts snuggly and adventurous, and she loves to follow us everywhere we go.”

“When I told my friends that I was going to try a leash they thought I was crazy (I realize that cats and leashes don’t typically mix,) but it turns out that she loves getting some fresh air with us–and as you can see she’s a big fan of the view! Oh, and I’m throwing in a picture of her sleeping on my lap because c’mon, she’s too Cute!”

[Think we've got Rule #50 there, too. -Ed.]

(Updated!) Caption THIS: Maybe She’s Born With It…Maybe It’s Meowbelline?

ragdoll-9234cf7f-ffc5-4723-a0ff-7d4b5cf3f60fGreat photo as spotted on the Mostly Cats, Mostly Tumblr. Give ‘er your best caption, and we’ll update at noon PT!

(Updated 12:51pm PT: Supernug #FTW!

How To Ruin KC’s Day

[ZZZZZZZZZ.....huh? What? (Sigh.) Daytime. OK. I can do this. Get up, stretch, alienate the cat, have breakfast.]

And then let’s go check the weather…….ah, rats.

Door Bigger
“Hi Cute Overload! Thank you for all the funny captions and storeez that make every day so much brighter. You see all the “leetle things” on days when everything seems so big…keep up the uplifting work! Here is my foster doggeh KC, who absolutely detests getting her paws wet.”

A Slice Of Colby Jack, Please

Aimee & Chris sent us these Pretty Prosh Pix of their new kitteh! “Here are some pictures of our 3.5 month old kitten Colby Jack sleeping (since that’s the only time he sits still enough to have his picture taken.)”

“His favorite activities include wrestling with his big brother (my 8 year old cat, Max…)”

“…ribbon dancing and playing with ice cubes.”


Someone’s A Little Nosey, Eh?

6a010535647bf3970b01a73dfeddaa970d-800wiThis Bebeh Tapir has a Perfectly Tapered Double-Barreled schnozzle! But how does he reload?


Wrap Up Rump Day With Mabel Le Bun

10542598964_cc022bb3b5_oIt’s FINALLY Rump Day. We’re over the hump Rump, now it’s a short, er, hop to the weekend.

[Note- Mabel's first C.O. appearance is here. Photos from Colleen P. -Ed.]

“You Bought Me A Kitteh!!!!”

[OMG ROFLMAO! This is the bestest thing ever!!!!]

Kip the Dog meets new family member Lizzie the Cat, as seen on DP&F.


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