♫ “I Love You, U Love Me ♫….”

“…We’re a happy family!”

These guyz are Ed and Ghibli: follow their (mis) adventures here. As seen on Neatorama.

Time For Your Usual Boring Lunch?

[On the USA East Coast, anyway. -Ed.]

Forget the usual coffee and sandwich. It’s time to stuff some CUTE into that ho-hum/humdrum meal! Next stop…you guessed it…THE. BIG. J.










=And the usual HOW 2 video, thankuverymuch=

Andrew Y., U are definitely getting some RN24-news competish from Teri (“Bentos and Ready to serve kitties!! Not together….but yea =D”) C.

The Legend O’ Buksnort

Every puppeh name has SOME sort of history behind it. Take…Buksnort for example! Cuteporter Chelsea R. explains:

“He was named on a road trip when I was first told I could get a puppy and somewhere in Nebraska we passed a sign that said “Visit the Historical Pub Bucksnort.”

“His favorite activities include chewing on sticks, following other cute puppies on Instagram, chewing on boots and assisting his daddy in the photo studio.”

Photo May 07, 3 09 14 PM
Photos by Mommy and Daddy!

Eleanore The Sqwerl

These videos are C.O. Rated 100% Sqwerl-dorable!!

From VVV.

Taro Leaves ‘Em In A Cloud O’ Dust!

Ever seen a Chinchilla take a Dust Bath? Epic Cute. Take ‘er away, Taro!




C/o Scott from ChinTubeHD.

I’m NOT Gonna Slobber All Over U Like DOGS Do…

….I just want some loff!


From The Squid of Laughter.

There Are Great Names…And THEN There’s….

“Baron Ludwig von Schnorflehausen.”

(aka The TurtleBatPig.)

And he sent us this email, too.

“Wanted to share some of my derpy, walleyed, Kitty-Ninja Battle Antics. I’m just about to reach 4,500 followers on Instagram @turtlebatpig, and I bet U can help me reach 5,000. More importantly, I might just help your readers get a grin on. They might also enjoy following a gentlemanly, if slightly global domination-oriented Frenchie, as I gallivant across Europe this summer on a 2-month car trip.” -TBP.




Colleen K.-might- have helped with this email. Maybe.

FWIW: Ducks Can’t Read

…so what good is it putting up a sign that says “WET CEMENT”?

The C.O. Duck Onslaught continues: Juan C. sent this to us while having a Cheezburger for lunch.

CAUGHT ON FILM™: Amazing Kenya Bebeh Trunkster ResQte!

You won’t believe this.

Here are a bunch of Adult Trunksters, just kinda hanging out in Kenya crossing a river, which is, well, what Adult Trunksters do. Then a little Bebeh Trunkster floats off, and Mama has got to go reel him in!

Elephant Calf River Rescue, ©Sandy Gelderman : submitted by David P.

Not Sure Quite What To Make Of This…

…except to say that Bats Are Cute. Now, here are the Dancing Bat Brothers. Honestly.

From Laughing Squid.