YAY For #NationalPetDay

It’s a day to celebrate with the One You Loff! Here’s a list of ten ways you can do eet!

Caturday Battle With….ANTZ!

YAWN it’s Caturday Morning, you wander in to see what’s what and WHOA. You MUST get eet!


I have a feeling that the tag was created for this very video.

From Jennifer A.

Time To Raid The Fridge

It’s what Sqwerls do best, right? So it’s late, and Wally heads down to the kitchen to see what’s in the fridge- ahhhhhh, APPLESAUCE.

What Are You Guys Looking At?

Look at my socksies! - ImgurOh, we’re just gazing at YOUR LITTLE SOCKLETS!!

[*Note: Don’t think for one second this Yorkie didn’t know what he/she was doing. He/She knows FULL WELL that slipping socklets on and then tossing off a full-blown BAROO is gonna make us go nuts. -Ed.]


TGIF: Life In The Slow Lane

Did your week move at a Snail’s Pace? Well, it’s over now: TGIF!

From Nathan W.

Friday Afternoon Is BIKKE TIME

Bikke The Munk is (always) ready to relax. Check out the ONE PAW UP at :34- he then segues straight into FULL COMMANDO MODE.

Oh, and BTW, here’s another one JUST IN of Mr. McMuzzlepowsche.

Did YOU Take My Dog Chow, Big Guy?

[Time to fess up, pardner. You may be ’bout 100 times my size, but I can crank up a MIGHTY FIERCE when I need to. Now, start ‘splainin.’]


Can I Puh-LEAZE Have A Hallelujah!

PREACH it, Brotha Maymo!

Fist Bump Friday

unnamed“It’s Friday…and almost the weekend! Have a great one, folks!” –Penny The Yorkie.


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