Hvem Vil Ha Melis?

Or, “Who wants some powdered sugar?” Well, we’ve got some right here. “Her name is Melis (Norwegian for “powdered sugar,”) says Sender-Inner Eva M.

Yup, sweet as can be, too.





THIS JUST IN: Happy First Birthday, Hana!

Here’s a video celebrating the birthday of Maru’s playmate, the one and only Hana, who now gets her own tag. ハッピーバースデー、花!


THIS JUST IN: Maximum Slothy Squeakage!!!

Cuteporter Zarina M. writes: “How can Cute Overload resist this??”

Well…….we can’t. Turn up the speakers and prepare to pass out. Face, meet desktop.

Sloth Squeak! from Lucy Cooke on Vimeo.

I’m Gonna Sniff This While No One Is Watching

[Jus' gonna give this the ol' smell test here....]


“I was recently traveling in the Tambopata National Reserve in Peru and got these adorable squirrel monkey shots. No pet’s name, since this is a wild animal, but you can give the credit to me :) Thanks, Claire.”


Remember when you were growing up, walking to school? There was always one tough guy you wanted to avoid. You’d carefully walk over to the other side of the street. Just so you wouldn’t have to deal with…..


Bruiser 2
“Every time we take him to the vet the ladies ooooh and aaaaah over him and pass him around the entire office.” -Kassia R.

Cute, No Matter How U Say It

Everybody, meet Wifi. (Unknown how Sender-Inner Elda T. pronounces this, though. This says “Wye-Fye,” while this says “Wiffy.”) A 3 year old poodle mix + maltese Resqte from the SF Bay Area. And of course, Wifi has her own Instagram, too.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 22



Both of these critters seem fairly new to the world, but they’ve already got that friendship thing down paw pat.

Kaz The Small Hoomin + Oscar The Foster Kitteh, from Baranduyn N.

Presenting…Skwerl Cirque Du Soleil

(We’re using Courtney’s spelling of “Skwerl” to stay consistent with the video title.)

“Starring Mr. & Mrs. Nutty. Filmed on location in Portland, OR. For me, almost as great as the Skwerl Acrobatics is hearing the hearty laughter in the background from my Dad, Aunt & Uncle.” -Video by Courtney B.

Stella, Those Work Best With Water IN ‘Em

However, since there is no H20 to be found, Stella decides to beat the crap outta the pool instead.

“Here is a link to a video of our bulldog Stella throwing a fit when her pool is empty. She was featured on Cute Overload when she was a baby. The video was from this afternoon: Stella’s Daddy is on his way home with a new and sturdier one right now! The old one has been retired..it is just getting warm enough here for her to swim.” -Stacy M.

And HERE We Have……

An Agouti!

Last night we showed you a cute lil’ Coatimundi, the (almost) first-ever on C.O. Today- another first! This little goober is an Agouti! And we’ve never had an Agouti, either! Look at THAT LITTLE NOSE.



ImageProxy (1)

ImageProxy (2)

ImageProxy (3)
From ZooBorns dot com.