THIS JUST IN: We Have A Winner In The World’s Ugliest Cutest Dog Contest!

CIekBBLUcAElP5EThe World’s Ugliest Cutest Dog Contest was held earlier tonight at Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, in Petaluma.

The winner tonight: QUASI MODO.

Here’s a gallery of shots from the judging.

QM will be getting a full makeover c/o Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.


Feature photo by @WifeofaDairyman. Photo 1 and bottom video from Crista Jeremiason of the Press Democrat. Photo 2 and 3 by @Yovanna_Argus of the Petaluma Argus-Courier! Here’s a gallery from past years.

Rosie Says, “TGIF!

output_PJiwEL“Dear C.O., here is my sweet Rosie getting her morning massage. She loves her massages, meeting new people, and removing the stuffing from her toys. She also loves looking at Cute Overload with Mom. Love, Kibblenibble.”

[*We promised you Rosie would show up on TGIF, did we not? -Ed.]


[Anything you can do, I can do better?]

(As seen by Sue I. on FB.)

A Note To All Wildlife Photographers:

If you’re going out to do some potentially risky camera work- be careful. There are FIERCE giant small jungle cats kittehs that could have you for lunch sit on your noggin.

(A scene from “Wildlife Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago’s World Cats Travelogue,” from Stacy M.)

Speakers UP Alert!!

Turn this one WAY up. Everyone else around you in the office will go “What’s that?? It sounds SO cute!!!” Then they’ll come running over and you’ll meet people you never knew! Tell ’em, “THIS is CUTE OVERLOAD!”

I Passed My Driver’s Licence* Test!

[Parallel parking was the worst! You had to back in just so, then pull forward and even it out. And the Drivers Ed instructor- who was named Ed- imagine that- he had REALLY stinky breath. But I saw him leave after we finished- he had a beater Honda and I got this schweeeeet Rolls, so bottom line…I win.

[*Note: Barry is a British puppeh, so…British spelling, yo. He also loves his bike. )

YAY 4…Take Your Dog To Work Day!

unnamedYes it is! (Tank from Kerri D., above.) Individual credits for each photo are in the hovers. We’ll add photos in as we receive ’em! Here’s how to send ’em in.






ResQtes Of The Week (Friday Sydney Edition)

tumblr_nmadp8RH8o1up2b4zo1_1280Yesterday we featured some ResQte Photos from Aussie Patrick Jones– photos he takes for the RSPCA in NSW. In his email, he said he had some other posts recently, and to choose any that “struck our fancy.” All I can say is–THESE sure did! (But- no Quokkas or Wombats, sorry.) Comments on each photo (taken from his site) are in the hovers. That’s Billy The Kid up top.




Friday Haiku: Delicate

Hi butterfly friend
If want to land on my nose
That is fine by me


It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day!

If you brought your puppeh into work today, we’d love to see a photo and maybe use it right here! So pull out that smartphone with all those megapixels in it and then click here! We’re already getting photos in and are putting them together as we speak…they’re coming up soon! (Ferret Friday will return next Friday.)









Photos from 9 Gag by way of Andrew Y.


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