Wake Up, Timo! It’s Caturday Morning!

[...and tell me again- why would I want to do that?]

Caturday: Imani Beans

unnamed“This is the lovely Imani who resides at the Cincinnati Zoo with her mate, John. She’s got some very impressive Toe Beans!” -Cathy O’ B.

Maymo And The Giant Zombie Hand

Most definitely a headline I never thought I would type.

Tennis Ball Rescue Pups In Action!

If for some reason your tennis ball lands in the pool- no problem! Just call the Tennis Ball Rescue Pups! Your Wilson 3 might be a little soggy (with some slobber) but at least you’ll get it back! They guarantee 100% results- call now!

From Boing Boing.

Our First Hedgie ‘Tocks Of The Month!

20141011_230445 (1)‘Tocktober 17th, and our first set of Hedgie ‘Tocks arrives in our mailbox. (Have some ‘Tocks to share? We’ve still got room- but hurry! Space is limited! Or it’s a limited time offer! One of those two things.) Who might this be, by the way? “This is Luna, she just turned 1 year old last month. We know she is comfortable when she spreads out and sleeps like this when we hold her at night. Love your site, I have been following the Cute for years now!” -Stephanie M.


Friday Haiku Too: BFFs

Deer and cat are pals
They like to hang together
Like friends often do

Laughing Squid.

Double Doxie Tox!

Walker Tocks 02As we roll into the second half of ‘Tocktober, we get this big helping of ‘Tocks & Beans, c/o Rebecca B. “Here are some Doxie ‘Tocks for ‘Tocktober! Walker the Dapple Dachshund is splayed on the carpet showing off his ‘Tocks, while Penny the black and tan gives us some Upside-Down ‘Tock Action. Walker is big, about 14 pounds, while Penny has not quite hit 8 pounds.”

UpsideDown Penny 02
(“P.S.- I’m trying to get some Side-By-Side Nose Action for Nosevember, but no go so far.”)

Friday Haiku: Give Me Liberty, Or…

image1If you cross your paws
That’s Rule of Cuteness Fifty-
A very good Rule

Liberty, from @Garrett_Barb, who says “When in doubt, order pizza.”

Flashback Friday: Belgian ‘Tocks!

photoOK, we’re cheating on this one. It’s not REALLY an old photo- it just looks that way ’cause Lisa P. did some iPhoto Voodoo on it with her Mac. “Here’s a random pup I snapped in Brussels this summer, just chillin’ in the doorway of his hoomin’s shop,” she says.

Updated! C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Copenhagen

[Earlier in the month, we visited a Cat Café in Yokohama, Japan. Our World Tour continues with a stop today in Copenhagen. Is there a Cat Café near you? We'd love to see it! (whispering:) I can tell you right now, though- our next stop on the World Tour will be Oakland on the 25th. Shhhhh. -Ed.] Cuteporter Julie V. fills us in, below: If You Go™ deets at the end of the post.

unnamed (2)
“Have you heard about the cat café in Copenhagen, Denmark? It’s called Cafe Miao. They’ve had a few months to get their paws feet wet, and they have been steadily keeping their followers updated with wonderful pictures of their cats. They now have six cats, up from the three that were there when I first discovered them.”

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)
“The pictures I’ve included are of Panter (Danish for ‘Panther;’ he’s the black kitteh) and Lego, pronounced lee-go, after those great Danish toy blocks. There was also Stoffer, who was a little shy when we were there. Now, they’ve added Ase, and brothers Peter and Guffe.”

unnamed (5)
“I hope this can make it on C.O. and that any Danish fans or visitors to that beautiful country will make a stop at this wonderful little café, with its Katte-Lattes and Miaoffins and help them become successful.”


If You Go™:

* Address, H. C. Andersens Boulevard 5A, 1553 København V, Denmark (Map.)
* Phone, +45 50 43 52 22.
* Hours, Mon – Sun: 10:00am – 8:00pm.

UPDATE! We also mentioned a cat café in Montreal about a month ago, and Cuteporter Susi H. has just checked in from The Great White North. “Hi Cute Overload! Just days before I visited Montreal, you had posted about their newest cat café. So of course I went. Here’s the proof :).



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