“You Made Me Love You”

This kitteh is pulling out ALL the stops to get the pupster’s attention!

“You Made Me Love You” by Helen Forrest.

Oh, You Want Your GoPro™ Back?

[Gonna cost you a bag of Planters Pea-WHOOPS!]


Make Today A Maru Monday!

I mean, why not? Check out this brand new video from the #1 and #1-A kittehs from Japan!


Don’t know what’s more outrageous about this video. The teeny bebeh peepers that aren’t open yet, the little grabby hands, or the needle nose with EXTEND-A-TONGUE FLEXIBLE FLEEKING ACTION®.

I want one. My birthday was yesterday, and I didn’t get one.

The Squid gets the nod heah.

Monday Morning, And You’re ALREADY Bored

Do like this kitteh does. Grab a sheet or two of paper out of the copier tray, then just zone out and count the hours….’til Friday.


The Perks Of The Office

5894704-3x2-940x627Sure, Air Force One ranks right up there. (Ya get a nice leather bomber jacket with your name stitched on- free!) Marine One, too- nice ride for short hops. Camp David, that’s a nice place for a weekend hang. And you can probably score the best table at any restaurant, worldwide. But when you get to snorgle koalas, well, that’s as good as it gets right there.

Bipartisan snorgling with Australian PM Tony Abbott and US President Barack Obama, from Claire M.

And That’s Gonna Wrap It Up For The Week

Time to hit the hay, and we leave you now (oh, just for a few hours, don’t stress) with Willow and her binky.


Bindi’s Mellow On A Bunday Evening

20141115_204940(Will you PUH-LEAZE check out those soulful blue eyes!) “Ms. Bindi asked me to send you an email, since she lacks the opposable thumbs to send one herself-’I love looking at Cute Overload with my mom!’ Thanks for the Nosevember consideration, love your site!” -Viny F.


10644190_729629670435978_6022939702245233046_o[Your pitiful Walther PPK is no match for me Meester Bund. I shall keel you and then drink your Bollinger RD champagne and drive your vintage Aston Martin DB5. I hope it’s an automatic.]

From The Featured Creature FB page.

Right- Flowers That Look Like MONKEYS

Spotted this one while zipping through The Facebookster. These are quite real!

They’re called “Masdevallia Orchids aka Monkey Orchids.”



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