Oh, Hey Mate- Just Kiddin’

[Doin’ a hang with Kate The Keeper here at Taronga Sydney, and- say….that camera looks tasty! Mind if I scoot in for a nom?]

THIS JUST IN: Maymo Finds True Love

With Koko The Grilla, it seems!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

[Who’s the handsomest Cat of all? Why, I am, natch.]

Who Wants Some Frog Pancakes?

It’s breakfast time after all, and- sorry, what? No, they’re not MADE OF Froggers! [Say like Homer Simpson: D’OH!] They LOOK like Froggers…and other Amphibians! Take a peek, and then break out the Mrs. Butterworth’s!

[*Note: Viral video star and pancake connoisseur Saipancakes just released this time-lapse video of his creation of four Amphibians exhibit-inspired pancakes for Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. -Ed.]

Caturday: Boomer, Meet Sand.

Sand, meet Boomer! This little kitteh is eleven weeks old and is hitting the sand for the first time. Looks like it might be fun to…DIG into it, right?


OK, One More For Tonight

Just because everyone likes to be goofy once in awhile, right?

Some Friday Night BUB LOVE

Turn your Speakers UP for some Top-Quality BUB Sounds. This is as good as purring GETS, People.

TGIF: We’re In A Pickle!

Actually, this IS “Pickle.” And she’s making an honored appearance on our weekly Friday late afternoon feature, TGIF! “I think she was looking for her treats,” writes Bonnie P.



JUST IN from Great White North reader Erin M.:I came across this on CBC and thought that it was possibly the most Cute Overload-appropriate news story ever. In Witless Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, a group of volunteers, known as the “Puffin Patrol” are helping misguided baby puffins (pufflings!) back to the wild. The birds are attracted to the lights on shore and are taken off course. The Puffin Patrol gathers them up and releases them back into the wild!”

[*Note: That CBC video (above) acted rather wonky for us, so we’re using another CBC clip instead. -Ed.]

[*Note #2: Also previously featured here. The Iceland video in the first clip is outstanding. -Ed.]


Mr. Marmot decides he’s gonna get all kinds of fierce on some hikers on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia. Clip from Mashable.

[*Note: Careful with the Speaker Volume on this one– he REALLY hits a high note. Like, say–Barry Gibb. No joke. Don’t use headphones. -Ed.]

THIS JUST IN: Oh, look. He did a duet with Taylor Swift. (Seen on The Squid.)

BONUS: Speaking of Marmots…can’t forget this guy.


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