Animals On Desserts 2.0

About a year ago, we did a post on Animals On Desserts! Well, a year later, guess what? Some of ‘em got GIFFY-fied and stuff. Is that a word? You know, an animated GIF is- never mind. Check these out, and more of the same at the Animals On Desserts Tumblr- great work from Loryn Brantz.









Rats, It’s (Memorial Day) Monday!

“This is a Wood Rat named Thumbelina at Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu. I don’t think I’ve submitted this before but when I saw your “Rats, It’s Monday post,” thought you might be interested!” -KB.

[Nope, did a soich, this is her foist appearance here on The C.O., and Cute Ratsos -always- interest us! -Ed.]


Memorial Day 2014

Let’s remember all the brave men and women who have served & died for our country. #Thankyou.

Let’s also take a look at these guys welcoming home their hoomins.

OK, so that’s a bad example. Let’s move on to Molly The Goldie, who greets her mom returning from Afghanistan.

This puppeh gets her BAROO on and lets the entire neighborhood know her hoomin is back.

This puppeh is named…ready? Emmitt Thunderpaws. Can’t say why. Nope.

Gracie turns into a wiggling SQUEAK MONSTER.

This German Shepherd is happy to see his hoomin….but you’re not gonna get that ball.

This puppeh just goes 100% FULL-TILT WACKO GONZO BANANAS.

Here’s one puppeh who loves her daddy for sure.

This U.S. Navy sailor gets plowed over by his three puppehs.


Bow down, Finches.

By Lauren I.

Oh, I’ll Have A Mocha, AND A Cappuccino (OMG Ponies !!1!1!!)

Breaking Nooz outta Corvallis, Oregon, where horse twins were just born! We got this info zoomin’ in earlier today via Cuteporter Autumn P:

“My sister just informed me of this news story in her hometown! Apparently, horse twins are very rare and these guys had a bit of a scare early on, but thanks to the students at the OSU Vet School, they’re both doing well and wibbly-wobbling around now like they own the place.”

Which they do.

Cody, What Do U Want To Do Now?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and bet it’s a game of “Peekaboo.”


From BuzzFeed.

Amazon Can Guarantee Delivery In Two Days..

..but what happens to it once it gets inside your house, well, that’s on you.


Dogs -N- Drones

Earlier today, we had Stella taking us on a walk with her GoPro camera. Now, we have a drone taking a dog for a walk.

That’s right, a drone.

Technology #FTW.

Walking Dogs With Drones from Jeff Myers on Vimeo.

As seen on Mashable.

Behold, The Bacon Realization Face

“This is my dog Lulu. We were at a cafe and she was eyeing what everybody had. This was taken as she realized my friend had bacon on her plate- Lulu did a double take and you can really see her wonky eye, which makes this even more adorable. I call this her Bacon Realization Face.” -Max.



Stella has decided to go for a walk on her farm, and she’d like you to join her. Have the Dramamine™ ready, and we’re off!

From The Daily Dot.