THIS JUST IN: Pope Francis Has Just Arrived In The US

RETRANSMISSION OF OSS102 TO PROVIDE DIFFERENT CROP - In this photo provided by the Vatican paper L'Osservatore Romano Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014, Pope Francis is placed a lamb around his neck as he visits a living nativity scene staged at the St. Alfonso Maria de' Liguori parish church, in the outskirts of Rome, Monday, Jan. 6, 2014. The Epiphany day, is a joyous day for Catholics in which they recall the journey of the Three Kings, or Magi, to pay homage to Baby Jesus. (AP Photo/Osservatore Romano, ho)Looks like he brought Teh QTE with him, too. Fantastic. #PopeInDC.

The Science Of Teh QTE

ScienceWe already knew all of this of course, but thanks to Daily Mail for the keen graphic. “As seen on Daily Mail, but C.O. knew all this already ;).Thanks for my daily cute fix, Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)”

Kaia: She’s He’s (STILL) Living Life….On The Edge

1Shannon P. of Little Elm Texas says, “Hi guys! You may remember dis kitteh from such episodes as “Kaia: Living Life….On The Edge” Well, a year and a half later, and he’s at it again. He got up here for the first time this morning during a mad attempt to murder a moth. Now, he’s up there recreationally, all Mufasa-like, with our kitten Grayson (see red box!) looking up with rapt attention:” “Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”


“And, on an interestingly relevant side note, you might have noticed that Kaia was a “she” in your prior post, yet I now refer to Kaia as a “he”. It was quite the shock for me, picking him up from the vet after getting her fixed, only to find out that…she was a he. It would seem that his wee narnads were a little tardy to the party. I’ll just leave that little tidbit right here.”




#CO10: T-Minus 4 Days And Counting…

4..until our #CO10 Tenth Anniversary 24 Hour Celebraysh! It starts Saturday morning at 12am PT! (Flickr.)

“Gee, That’s Kind Of Strange.”

Marie Davidek of Mount Morris Township in Michigan, found a tomato that’s better suited for the bathtub than the salad bowl! (Looks oddly familiar…hmmmm….)


Headline THIS!

LITTER[*UPDATE 1:10pm PT: April #FTW! Thanks everyone! -Ed.]

It’s already got the Impending Doom tag on there- now it needs a headline! You know what to do- write ‘er up and we’ll run our fave about 1pm PT! Good luck! “Mochi the Birman is watching,” remarks Bethany H.

C.O. Trading Cards #19

tfRibbit?? Ribbit!! Click for HERE for C.O. Super-Size™! More C.O. Trading Cards here! (And we’ve got a special BONUS NORBERT card tomorrow at this same time!)

“Bright Eyes” photo by Carolyn Collins as seen on The Guardian, sent in by Arne.

The Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster Is BACK

[OK…YOU GET OUTTA HERE. I’d better run away. Hmmm is he….gone? No he’s not. HEY WHAT DID I TELL YOU??? Uh-oh here comes ma.]

(Daily Mail. And did you know today is National Heffalump Appreciation Day? ‘Tis true! And look at these Prosh Heffalump Accessories.)

Toe Beans, Or…Coffee Beans?

image5It’s your choice, we got ’em both as we get rollin’ on a Toesday!


Photos by: MattKingTheSkater

[*Note: Coming up next; NEW video from The Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster. -Ed.]

Ultimate Nomming Sounds HERE!

Wait ’til you hear little Mr. SquirrelPants chomp away on this Cheerio™! Needless to say, those speakers gotta go UP! Munchmunchmunchmunchmunch.

“My name is Eric and you posted a few of my videos of Pickles and Hazel the squirrels. I’ve been lucky enough recently that I happened to have an apprenticeship under a licensed rehabber offered to me – a position that I took. I am taking care of two orphaned squirrels – a boy named Zatoichi, and his sister Agnes.”


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