Friday Haiku: Delicate

Hi butterfly friend
If want to land on my nose
That is fine by me


It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day!

If you brought your puppeh into work today, we’d love to see a photo and maybe use it right here! So pull out that smartphone with all those megapixels in it and then click here! We’re already getting photos in and are putting them together as we speak…they’re coming up soon! (Ferret Friday will return next Friday.)









Photos from 9 Gag by way of Andrew Y.

Flashback Friday: Where’s The Saddle?

Great-DaneGonna need a step stool for THIS doggeh. Photo details and year unknown, from Live Laugh Do, a Smedley find.

Trouble Sleeping? U Might Need A New Mattress Hoomin (Part II)

Yesterday we saw a big ol’ Great Dane who just could NOT get comfortable when he tried to pass out on top of his hoomin. Tonight, Buddha The McBulldoggerson has much the same issue with HIS hoomins.

Ladies & Gents, Please Welcome Chick #23!

Rockhopper Penguin Chick 1Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is happy (as are we) to welcome Chick #23 to the world! This little fellow/lady (won’t know for awhile) will be fully grown in two-three months.

Rockhopper Penguin Chick 2

Rockhopper Penguin Chick 4

Rockhopper Penguin Chick 5

Rockhopper Penguin Chick 6

Le Creditos:
Photos: © Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez.
Video: © Shedd Aquarium/Sam Cejtin.
Thanks to: Mike Q.

Ozzy (Bonus ResQte Of The Week)

ozzy[*Note: UPDATE 10:21pm PT for Tara who requested a Trading Card for Oz- can DO! -Ed.]

Really wanted to hold that feature photo for Halloween but couldn’t hold out. So folks, check out Ozzy, willya?

Get this: some CREEP owner took Ozzy to the groomer, and then LEFT her there. Bad for Ozzy, but good for E.J and Jennah Coughlin from Hollywood, who scooped her up STAT from Central Coast Pug Rescue in Pismo Beach.



Watch Out! Belly Flopper!!!

Bruiser The Bear, who lives the large life at the Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Florida, has had ENOUGH of the hot weather, and he’s diving IN.


ResQtes Of The Week (Thursday Sydney Edition)

tumblr_nqc76x6PEz1up2b4zo2_1280Australian photographer Patrick Jones has been kind enough to send C.O. some terrific shots (here and here.) He works for RSPCA NSW (an Australian not-for-profit animal welfare organization) as a graphic designer.

These guys are part of a litter of eight! Here is a story about their mom, Rainy.

Patrick’s site says Rainy was having some health issues but is much better now, and all her little guys have found homes!


Now THERE Is A Nose Boop Candidate!

6a010535647bf3970b01bb0846ad5d970d-800wiThe Taronga Zoo announced a new addition to their family- this Prosh Koala Joey!

This six month old Joey doesn’t have a name yet.

She is still in Mom Wanda’s pouch and will stay there for at least the next four months.





“I’ll Have A Chocolate Lab, Please.”

[Wait a minute. I AM a Chocolate Lab! OK, never mind- just a bowl of water.]

Meet Milo the 16 week old chocolate Labrador - Imgur
Milo, four months old and lookin’ for trouble, from Imgur.


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