“Oh Man, Here He Comes Again.”

[Can’t I get ANY sleep around here? I work all day as a livestock/family guardian dog. All I want is a quick nap. But NO.]



IMG_5862K-Man’s hoomin Angela C. was kind enough to send us these shots of Kodie’s FIRST DATE. “Kodie had his first date ever..with a girl name Tinkerbelle. She is a dog model from New York. They were both shy to each other but Kodie was worse. I was pretty embarrassed but we managed to take some photos.”








Meet Nappa The Hammie

dfdfdfdfdfdfNappa hails from Yokohama (imagine that) and even has his own Twitter and Instagram accounts. #TotesAdorbs.



(From RN24.)

C.O. Cat Owl Café World Tour: Tokyo

Yesterday we visited a Cat Café in Northern Toyko- today, we stay in The Big T for a trip to an Owl Café; not our first rodeo when it comes to these, either. Our narrator today is Stu, and as you can tell, he’s just a bit geeked up to be there. It’s called “Forest Of Owl; Healing & Adventure With The Owl Of The Good Luck.”

Well, of course it is. After all: #TheFutureIsOwls. [P.S. The entire country of Japan has now been inducted into the C.O. Hall of Fame. All of it, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. They DOMINATE the QTE. FYI. -Ed.]


(Digg Video.)
[*Note: We know this place exists, but I swear I can’t find a thing about it online. Google, Bing, nothing. If you do, drop us a line! (Our When You Go™ box looks a bit lonely.)

UPDATE! We woke Stu up in Tokyo and got the info! Good grief do I love me some Twitter.

When You Go™

Addy: 4 Chome-5-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 101-0021, Japan. (Map.)

Cost: 500Y. Phone: 03 3254 6366.

Online: Website : Twitter.

Peter Pan, The Lamb From Down Undah

(*Thought about a Men At Work “Lamb from Down Undah” thing but couldn’t make it work, sorry.)

Ella sent us this FANTASTIC GIF she found on Imgur. “Just what you’d expect of a lamb – wobbly goodness.” Well, the hoomin looked familiar- that’s Pam Ahern of Edgar’s Mission. (Plus, you can see it on her cap.) So we rang up our mate Down Undah, Kyle B., and he told us that the Lambster in question was none other than Peter Pan. (Who we featured almost two years ago!)

uxfbjs0 - Imgur


Is there anything else we need to say about this? No.



Welcome To Wombat Wednesday

We’ve got a whole LOT of Wombat for ya today! Look at this massive furball mowing the lawn!

“Never Know What You’ll Find In The Cemetery..”

101_2955…writes Sharon L. Well, hmmm. Come to think of it, you usually DO know what you’ll find in a cemetery.


Anyway, she goes on to add, “This little guy is only about a week old and was seen in the Allegheny Cemetery here in Pittsburgh. The lashes!! The eyes!! So tiny. Please remind people that a fawn all alone more than likely isn’t abandoned. Leave it alone. Momma leaves them in a safe place and comes back to nurse. It’s fawn season!!!”

[*Note: People, we have a BIG Wombat Wednesday cued up for you. Kodie went on his first date! #REDONK. PLUS: Bebeh (REDACTED) Wearing (REDACTED)! And (hopefully)…a surprise from Japan. Waiting on the video. One word: Owls. -Ed.]

Looks Like SOMEone’s In Time-Out

unnamedFrom Spencer G.: “Valhalla Kitty and Ziggy Stardust. Photos shot by my wife, Christina G.”

[*Note: This is Cute Overload’s 18,000th published post! Woot!]

Mom Grandpa Taxi: Hang On, You Whippersnapper

potd-turtle_3317686kFrom The Telegraph: “Hugo the giant Galapagos tortoise gives a ride to an Indian star tortoise at the Australian Reptile Park, New South Wales, Australia. Picture: Rex Features.” Thanks to Arne, who added, “If not a ‘Headline This,’ then at least a ‘Mom Taxi.'” Good CALL, Arne!


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