Friday Haiku: Bat Fox

This is not a bat
Though the ears are similar
It is Jiffy Pop

From Jessica A.

We’re Just Horsing Around!!

The Squad O’ McGoatersons are determined to scale the top of this Mountain, who happens to be named Mr. G.

Mr. G is getting his mellow on and can’t be bothered.


UPDATED! Sprock’s Friday Haiku

Clipboard01You may have seen me
In a Yellow Submarine.
Look! I’m Peter Max.

Sprock wins with the Beatles reference AND Peter Max. Two 1960s icons in one haiku? #Win. But Oakley was close. Image from @AmazingAnimals.

The Ribbons Are Just The Finishing Touch

WP_20130502_019(1)This is Sophie, from Cuteporter Hannah S. Look at those soulful eyes, wouldja’? What do U think is going on inside that PLN™ (Prosh Little Noggin) of hers? Comments encouraged.

Flashback Friday

+ Audrey Hepburn & lpAt the beginning of the year, we featured Audrey Hepburn and her Prosh Friend Pippin. There is no known reason why we can’t bring that pair back again. Oh, and as a bonus, we’ve got AH and another little guy…she was quite the animuhl lover.


Guremike, Couldn’t U Buy Them A Bed Instead?

p14061301Thing One and Thing Two love to sleep- what cat doesn’t- but instead of their bed, they chose a rather high-end piece of computing hardware. Reminder: Thing One (male gray,) and Thing Two (female calico.)








Perfect! Hold That Pose, Tiger!

image“This is my friend Ange’s cat Tiger, caught Mid-Baroo. Cutest kitty in all of Scotland! :)” -Nancy W., Norway. (Sendt fra min iPhone.)

Just WAIT For The Baroo At The End

HEY MON! Iss’ a JAMAICAN t’ing. Jus’ ease back and let the riddim of the islands FLOW through you. Noooooooooo worries.

OWLS ARE THE BEST. That is all. From T.O.

ResQte Of The Week 5: The FOUR Musketeers

NOVASCHEDULE UPDATED 7/2/14: SEE COMMENTS: Willya take a peek at these four little critters! They were rescued by Bay Area rescue group Companions in Waiting! Carina M. tells us, “They’re three months old, spayed/neutered and vaccinated. If people are interested they can write here, and we encourage them to come to an adoption fair- our next fairs are July 5th/6th in Half Moon Bay, and the weekend after that in Menlo Park. Anyway, we proudly present Zeus, Tippy, Poppet, and Nova (above) and we think they’re cute enough for Cute Overload!”

You got THAT right.




ResQte Of The Week 4: Puppy World Cup!

The USA lost their soccer match today, but still moves on in the World Cup competition.

Naturally, puppehs need to be involved in this news!

“In honor of the USA game today, we dressed up some puppies and gave them a soccer ball!” -Anna Y. of the Santa Fe NM Humane Society.

Puppy World Cup from Santa Fe Animal Shelter on Vimeo.


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