Is ‘Dis How Maru -N- Hana Does It?

[Must stuff her BACK into the box!!! If it fits, it ships!]


Maddie In The Big Apple

Maddie is obviously enjoying her visit to Brooklyn, NY! See more of Maddie at her website, Maddie On Things!


Be One With The Fence

LemurThis post has Nothing To Do With Abroath.

We Like Big Buns And We Cannot Lie

We’ve seen some Big Buns here on C.O. and this one might just be the biggest!

Says Tina S., “This is my baby, she is a Flemish Giant. She is aptly named “Bunny,” but is called many adorable pet names.”

“She was a stray that a friend of mine found, and I took in, and now she is spoiled rotten.”

“I took all of these photos, and I hope I see her on the website! I often go on there to cheer myself up on bad days.” -Tina S.


MY Porch, Do U Understand Me, Pal?

From Sunflower Farm (you remember, all the Jumping Goatsters) comes this clip of a goat who decides to LAY DOWN THE LAW.

HOW Much Do I Want A Morkie?

I must confess, I had not heard of Morkies until my wife and I met one recently at a local Wal*Mart. Yorkies, sure. But not Morkies. Eet was loff at foist sight.

Now they are my favorite thing in the entire world.

More than Graeter’s Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

More than Zachary’s Pizza in Berkeley.

More than In N Out.

Even more than a vintage 1963 Aston Martin DB5 in Silver Birch. And THAT’s saying a lot. Want to adopt from a shelter, and I also want a Morkster, gimme gimme gimme.

“Hi, I’d like to share with you guys pictures of our adorable little morkie puppy, Kya. She has such a serious face, my husband and I like to guess what she could possibly be thinking about. So she has her own photo blog now to share these thoughts with the world.” -Emily.

OK, That’s A Wrap For The USA In The WC

As the entire planet knows, the USA lost in The Big Soccer Thing over in Bra-zeel. Gave a great effort, didn’t happen, seeya in four. OK. These guys should try out for the USA squad next time they have tryouts, though. “Tofu, Gertie and Cristiano Ronaldo (well, two out of three) demonstrate soccer’s fiercest moves,” says Annie C.

Jonesy Meets The Cows

Jonesy the Boxer liked to give the local cows the business when he rode by in his hoomin’s car. So one day they decided Jonesy should meet The Cows face to face. Er, muzzle to, um, whatever.
[*Note: NSFW word at the :46 and 2:05 marks. -Ed.]

Brought to you by Smedley.

A Teeny Yorkie In A RED WAGON, RIGHT

And then you see Misa in her own Mini Cooper, and that just blows this video right up. Amazing.


Mom Taxi Assortment (#XXVII)

Came across these terrific images on As you can plainly see, you can hail a Taxi in just about ANY configuration you like!










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